Tarpon Tips

How To Pick The Ultimate Tarpon Rod (To Catch Monster Tarpon)

If you're thinking about targeting tarpon, you'll need to have the right rod to get the job done! Tarpon are tough fighters and you need...
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The Secret To Catching Tarpon On Butterflied Mullet

Did you know that fresh cut mullet is one of the best baits for big fish? You can catch a variety of monster fish if you do this...
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How To Catch Big Tarpon On Cut Bait (LIVE Tarpon Fight)

Did you know that one of the best ways to catch tarpon is by using cut bait? If you plan to chase tarpon, you better have this one...
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Tarpon Tactics: Where, When, & How To Catch The Silver King

Have you always wanted to catch a tarpon but aren't sure where to start? These fish are often very hard to catch but if you have...
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How To Fish Nearshore Reefs For BIG Snook & Tarpon

Want to catch big snook & tarpon? Check out these nearshore reef tips and see what the best baits to use are, how to get fish to bite, and...
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8 Tips To Fight Tarpon (And Land Them Quickly & Safely)

Want to learn how to bring tarpon to the boat quickly? By landing them fast, it's much safer for the fish, plus you can go catch more. Check out these...
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How To Rig Blue Crabs (When Drifting For Tarpon)

Want to catch more tarpon this summer? See the best way to rig blue crabs here. You'll learn the best equipment and knots, plus how to pick out the best...
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The Best Lure To Catch Backcountry Juvenile Tarpon

Want to catch more juvenile tarpon? See the best lure to catch them here. You'll also learn how to rig them and why color matters so much.
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What To Do If The Fish Aren’t Biting (Before Changing Your Lure)

What do you do when the fish aren't biting? Switch lures? Move spots? Try this next time to catch more fish (and save your precious time on the water).
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How To Catch Monster Snook, Redfish & Tarpon On Foot

Do you want to catch huge redfish, snook and tarpon from shore? Draggrunningjunkie is sharing tons of tips and secrets to help you land a new personal best.
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Nonstop Snook & Tarpon Action In The Backcountry [VIDEO]

Do you love catching boat loads of tarpon and snook? Then you'll love this type of fishing. We went way back in the backwater creeks and had nonstop action.
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How To Target Snook & Tarpon In Backcountry Creeks [Mini-Course]

This mini-course shows a great strategy for catching tarpon and snook after periods lots of rainfall that is often overlooked by most anglers.
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This One Lure Finally Got These Canal Tarpon To Strike…

Canal tarpon can be super fun, but they can also be picky eaters. I've been having a tough time catching them until I started using this lure...
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What’s The Best Tarpon Fly For Backcountry Tarpon? [Input Needed]

What are the best tarpon flies? Check out this video to see me jump several backcountry tarpon, plus the fly I was using.
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Tarpon Fishing Secrets From One Of The Best Tarpon Experts In The World

Want to catch massive tarpon this summer? Then you need to check out these secrets on catching tarpon from one of the world's best tarpon experts.
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