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Where To Find Huge Tarpon in Summer [Tarpon Mastery Course]

Want to catch a HUGE tarpon in summer? I'm sure we'd all say YES! We teamed up with Captain Peter Miller a few years back to put...
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THIS Is The Most Exciting Inshore Fish To Catch

In your opinion, what's the most EXCITING inshore fish to catch? For me, it doesn't get much better than this. Don't miss the action...
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Where To Target Juvenile Tarpon From Shore [Spot Dissection Lesson]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! Spot dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from...
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Massive Mystery Fish VS Kayak (I Was NOT Expecting This…)

Who wins in the battle of a MASSIVE Mystery Fish VS Kayak? I was out filming an Insider Report for Insider Members when I paused and saw...
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How To Catch BIG FISH On The Beach (INSANE Snook & Tarpon Fishing)

Do you know how EASY it is to catch BIG fish on the beach??? I can't remember a day like this in a long time. Snook and tarpon were...
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This Lure Retrieve Works Extremely Well For Tarpon [Fishing Report]

This lure retrieve for tarpon proved to work great once again by getting a new record amount of strikes with some cool jumps captured on film.
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This Is My New Favorite Lure For Juvenile Tarpon

On a trip just last week, I found my NEW favorite lure for juvenile tarpon! Juvenile tarpon are insanely fun to target because they strike...
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Insane Juvenile Tarpon Bite!! [Fishing Report]

Last week, I got into an INSANE juvenile tarpon bite!! They were crushing lures within inches of my kayak. I chose to fish a backwater...
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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Heavy Duty Spinning Reel

What must you absolutely know before buying a heavy duty spinning reel for big game fish? Are there specific features that a reel needs to...
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The Secret To Catching Tarpon On Butterflied Mullet

Did you know that fresh cut mullet is one of the best baits for big fish? You can catch a variety of monster fish if you do this...
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Finding Ideal Juvenile Tarpon Spots in the Summer [Spot Dissection]

In this Finding Fish Lesson (aka Spot Dissection), we are going to dig into finding the best places to target juvenile tarpon in the summer....
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Why You Should Bail On The Pre-Plan If Conditions Aren’t Ideal

What should you do if you pre-planned a fishing trip but weather or other outside factors interfere with your objectives? How can you make an...
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The Hunt For Juvenile Tarpon (Everything You Need To Know)

Where can you find juvenile tarpon? And once you've found them, how do you catch them? Tarpon are a tricky fish to trigger strikes from but...
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Amazing Strike From 100+ lb Fish In Just 1 Ft of Water!

Do you want to see the wildest ending to a shock giant tarpon strike in less than 2 feet of water? Become an Insider member to access...
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Fall Redfish Trends + Massive Tarpon on the Flats [Insider Report]

Fall is approaching and the fish are hungry! In this trip report you will see some tips and tactics I used for early fall fishing!...
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