Insane Juvenile Tarpon Bite!! [Fishing Report]


Last week, I got into an INSANE juvenile tarpon bite!!

They were crushing lures within inches of my kayak.

I chose to fish a backwater creek that is usually home to tons of small tarpon and snook.

Take a look at this WILD catch footage below!

Insane Juvenile Tarpon Bite [VIDEO]

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I’ve always seen tarpon rolling on the surface in this backwater spot.

You won’t catch big ones back at this spot but you will catch A LOT of small fish.

My goal is to hook into juvenile tarpon back here.

For this type of fishing, my go-to lure setup is the Slam Shady 2.0 rigged on a weedless hook with the tail pinched off to create the Nub Rig.

I’ve noticed that the juvenile tarpon don’t take too kindly to paddletail lures back in this spot.

They prefer to strike them with the tails removed.

Usually, when I am tarpon fishing, I’m looking to see them roll on the surface and typically I’ll make a cast right where I saw them roll.

After I hooked into a tarpon and had my drag locked down too tight, I lost that lure and tied on a fresh Slam Shady rigged on a Z-Man Mag ShroomZ Jighead.

When starting juvenile tarpon in this setting, you have to be focused and dialed into your reaction response to a fish striking your lure.

They do not give you the same chance as a redfish, trout, or snook to bury the hook in their mouths.

Juvenile tarpon can also be particular about colors and sometimes I will switch back and forth between the Slam Shady and Gold Digger Paddletails to see what works that day.

Something else I picked up on when juvenile tarpon fishing is they don’t like a lot of twitching and pausing during your retrieve.

All you need to do is straight retrieve this lure.

Additionally, storms and rain really fire tarpon, of any size, up.

They respond to the change in humidity and weather.

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➡Get Z-Man Mag ShroomZ Jigheads


Juvenile tarpon are flat out FUN!!!

If you’re having a slow day, it can sometimes be worthwhile to check out backwater creeks for smaller snook or juvenile tarpon.

Although they are smaller, still can catch them cast after cast and feel a tight line!

Do you have any questions or thoughts about this insane juvenile tarpon bite?

Let me know if you have anything to add down below!!

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15 days ago

So my question is, how can you spot a juvenile tarpon rolling? How can you tell if it’s rolling or if it’s just some bait fish making little puddles on the surface? And how should I set the hook differently than when I’m going for snook or reds?

Howard Kulp
10 months ago

If you want some real fun, get your fly rod out!

thomas maggio
10 months ago

Thanks for posting Pat and sharing those tarpon tips. Looked like a great time!

Luke Simonds
10 months ago

Great work Pat!

David Wolf
10 months ago

That would be so much fun…

Pablo Diaz
10 months ago

Nice on the water action !!! Great video Pat


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