Tips for Summer Fishing

Check out these tips on where, when, and how to successfully find and catch fish during the summer season!

Exploration Trip Ended Up With A Possible Personal Best [Insider Report]

I got to a new area and after I got settled in I decided to hit the water to do some exploring and good thing...
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How You Can Choose Lure Color Based On The Tide Cycle

Believe it or not, you can choose your lure color based on the tide!! We are constantly asked about lure colors and when you should use...
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Dodging Rainstorms & Chasing Inshore Fish With Insider Members [Fishing Report]

Dodging rain and chasing fish!!! As most of you already know, we get a TON of rain during the summers down in Florida...
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Pulling Overslot Snook Out From Underneath Docks [Fishing Report]

On a trip not too long ago, Joe and I pulled out some GIANT overslot snook underneath docks and around pilings! The Power Prawn U.S.A...
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Beach Fishing For Snook (One Lure Destroyed Everything Else!)

If you ever run out of ideas, go beach fishing for snook!! In the early hours of the morning, snook are cruising up and down the beach...
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Finding Nearshore Kingfish Using Smart Fishing Spots [Fishing Report]

On a kayak fishing trip last week, I set out to find nearshore kingfish!! I launched off of the beach to take a nearshore-guided kayak...
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THIS Is The Best Soft Plastic Lure For Summer Trout

What could be the best soft plastic lure for summer trout?? My summer game plan usually centers around early morning flats fishing for...
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Hot Summer Topwater Trout Bite [Insider Report]

On this trip, I went to re-visit a spot I fished in the Spring time to see if it was still producing some quality trout....
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This Is How I Caught The Biggest Redfish Of My Life

Last month, I caught the biggest redfish of my life in the Mosquito Lagoon. And, I was only using artificial lures on this trip. If you...
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Locating Fish In The Heat Of Summer [Finding Fish Lesson]

In this Finding Fish Lesson (aka Spot Dissection), we are going to talk about where you should target fish in the heat of summer time...
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Insane Juvenile Tarpon Bite!! [Fishing Report]

Last week, I got into an INSANE juvenile tarpon bite!! They were crushing lures within inches of my kayak. I chose to fish a backwater...
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Strike King KVD Wake Bait Review

The Strike King Wake Bait has become one of my favorite lures for inshore saltwater fishing! Traditionally, this lure has been mostly used...
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How We Caught TWO Inshore Slams Using ONE Lure [Matt-In-A-Boat Report]

I'm in a boat for this trip catching inshore slams using ONE lure! Last week, I went out on a fishing trip with my buddy, also named Matt...
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The Big Fish Recipe: Paddletail Tricks To Catch Bigger Fish

You've got to use these THREE paddletail tricks to catch bigger fish this summer! Paddletails are the most versatile lure you can use to...
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Super Sneaky Flounder Lure That Has Been Crushing It

Catch more flounder this summer using this super sneaky flounder lure! Flounder are a popular target for lots of anglers, especially...
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