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Is there an All-In-One spinning reel for inshore anglers?

What is the importance of planning routes on inshore fishing trips?

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  • How To Use Smart Fishing Spots To Plan A Trip
  • Strike King KVD Wake Bait Review
  • 40 Boats VS. ONE Kayak (Shocking Tournament Results!!)
  • Native Fishing Apps VS. Progressive Fishing Apps

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Strike King KVD Wake Bait Review

The Strike King Wake Bait has become one of my favorite lures for inshore saltwater fishing! Traditionally, this lure has been mostly used...
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I Won A Boat Fishing Tournament On A Kayak. Here’s How…

I won a boat fishing tournament on a kayak. A true Cinderella story!!In a field of 40 boats, I was the lone kayak fisherman....
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DOA Shrimp VS. Power Prawn USA Jr. [Round 1 & 2 Experiments]

Today's Battle: DOA Shrimp vs Power Prawn USA Jr. In this video, we are testing out the DOA and the Power Prawn U.S.A. Shrimp lures to see...
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Tricking Redfish In A Textbook Summertime Spot [Insider Report]

In this week’s Insider Report, I’m going to be showcasing a trip to a classic summertime spot, with my sights set on catching some redfish!...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [July 15th to 17th]

See the best game plan to use this weekend for catching inshore slams based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather.
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Using Routes To Plan A Successful Inshore Trip [Insider Report]

Most people think of offshore fishing when planning out a route, but it can be very useful when fishing inshore so you can mark spots...
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Why You Should Use Smart Fishing Spots To Plan Your Next Trip

Why should you use Smart Fishing Spots to plan your next fishing trip? If you missed the news, Smart Fishing Spots is our brand new...
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Is There An All-In-One Spinning Reel For Inshore Anglers?

Is there an all-in-one spinning reel for inshore anglers? Can ONE reel tackle all of the inshore fishing scenarios we may find ourselves...
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The Importance Of Planning Routes On Inshore Fishing Trips

Are you planning routes on inshore fishing trips? Why is pre-planning a route important to inshore fishing? Planning a route while...
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Moody Point Exploration Trip Report [Oyster Layer Feature Success]

This insider report shows an example of the new oyster layer in Smart Fishing Spots helping us get into some fun fish catching.
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40 Boats VS. 1 Kayak Fisherman (Shocking Fishing Tournament Results!)

Can you believe these shocking fishing tournament results?!?! Our very own Fishing Coach Matt Lanier won a fishing tournament last week...
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I Went Back To Catch A Fish I Missed Earlier In The Day [Fishing Report]

I just had to go back and catch a fish I missed earlier in the day. Super early in the morning, I was working the Moonwalker around a...
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How To Find Fish In Murky Water After A Storm [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I believed there would be fish based on recent trends. The concept behind this...
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Insane Juvenile Tarpon Bite!! [Fishing Report]

Last week, I got into an INSANE juvenile tarpon bite!! They were crushing lures within inches of my kayak. I chose to fish a backwater...
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When Plan B Turns Out Better Than Plan A [Fishing Report]

Sometimes, but not super often, Plan B turns out better than Plan A does. On this fishing trip, that certainly was the case. I originally...
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