Strike King KVD Wake Bait Review

The Strike King Wake Bait has become one of my favorite lures for inshore saltwater fishing!

Traditionally, this lure has been mostly used for freshwater bass.

But lately, it has proved to be a secret weapon for me in saltwater.

Take a look!

Strike King Wake Bait [VIDEO]

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As I mentioned above, the Strike King KVD Wake Bait is most commonly used in freshwater for bass fishing applications.

The lure itself is a shallow-running crankbait style lure with a vertical bill in front.

The vertical bill or lip of the lure allows it to sit right beneath the surface.

Some other types of wake baits will either swim too close to the surface or too low in the water column.

You could reel it in slightly faster to make it dive deeper but that is not the intention of this lure and could create an unnatural presentation that can turn fish away.

I have found Strike King to be the best option out there because other lures don’t have the same action, the same rattle, or even quite the same hook-up ratio.

In my opinion, Strike King KVD Wake Baits perform the best for inshore saltwater fishing.

I personally have fished with just about every other type of wake bait out there and nothing has come close to the consistency of this wake bait from Strike King.


Strike King’s Wake Bait runs no more than a foot or less beneath the surface.

Which makes it more of a TRUE wake bait.

This lure leaves a clear wake on top of the water’s surface as it glides in the water.

Moreover, compared to other types of wake baits, Strike King’s is ideal for inshore fishing.

The variety of lure profiles goes on and on but the Strike King KVD Wake Bait resembles inshore saltwater baitfish and appears natural in saltwater.

There are a plethora of ways to retrieve this lure.

From a straight slow crank to a topwater style retrieve, or as intended, this lure is versatile.

Also, these lures have the perfect rattles in them.

As the lure swims just below the surface and wiggles, it creates that rattling noise to attract predatory fish over to investigate.

As a result, these lures are super productive on windy days when you need to call fish in with some added noise.


While I am a huge fan of the lure itself and the advantages it has over other lures of its kind, the treble hooks that come on the lure in the packaging are not very good.

These hooks are the right size for inshore treble hooks but they are not built to last.

On more than one occasion, fish straightened out the treble hooks on these lures out of the package.

I recommend changing out both the split rings and the treble hooks for single inline hooks.

The split rings that come equipped on this lure are not a saltwater grade.

Personally, I prefer to use Owner split rings and single inline hooks as replacements on the Wake Bait.

Single inline hooks also do not pick up as much floating grass and debris as treble hooks do.

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paddletail tricks to catch more fish

Strike King Wake Baits have helped me land tournament-winning fish and are a great addition to your tackle box during the warmer months.

I recommend adding this lure to your tackle arsenal to beef up your approach this summer and dial in on those larger fish lurking in the shallows.

Be sure to head over to our shop and grab Wake Bait lures today!

➡Get the Strike King Wake Bait

➡Check out Replacement Single Inline Hooks

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Danny McCart
6 months ago

What size single hook do you use to replace the treble hooks on the KVD 2.5 Wake Bait? Thanks

Jeff Gould
6 months ago
Reply to  Danny McCart


Judson Syrett
9 months ago

Great article!

Justin Williams
1 year ago

What are rod and reel specs you prefer for these wake baits?

Jeff Gould
6 months ago

TFO Pro 7’6” Med because the rods run stiffer.

Marvin Monk
1 year ago

I’ve had good luck catching trout at dawn or dusk with these. And anytime I can avoid treble hooks in a kayak is a good thing. Based on this excellent report, I’m going to keep a rod rigged with one and try it during daylight. Thanks!

Ron Mcelheney
1 year ago

Do you change out the nose split ring too

1 year ago

Hey Matt what color do you recommend for clear water conditions

Chuck Shaw
1 year ago

Great info on the Strike King! I noticed in the photo, the lure was silvery. I assume that is the “Shizzle” I also saw a “natural Shad”. Which color do you recommend????


John Papachriston
1 year ago

Great video. I will have to try it out.

Heath Meeder
1 year ago

Enjoyed both videos (review & replacing hooks) Thank you for sharing your success and tips. For inland fresh water (bass or other) is it better to stay with the OE treble hooks?

Justin Ritchey
1 year ago

Killer review, my dude!


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