Hard Body Lures

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with hard-body lures!

There are 3 main styles of hard body baits; topwater, suspending, and spoons. Explore each to earn more about how to maximize your results with different styles!

Will Frog Lures Work Inshore? [Z-Man Goat ToadZ Review]

Will Z-Man Goat ToadZ work inshore? I don't think anyone out there can get enough of topwater action. Getting those fish fired up...
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EPIC Topwater Redfish Bite Fuels Inshore Tournament Victory!

While fishing with Insiders, we ran into an EPIC topwater redfish bite that fueled a tournament victory! We found huge schools of tailing...
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Topwater Lure Experiment: Rattles VS. No Rattles [What Gets More Bites?]

We're BACK with another Topwater Lure Experiment. Rattles VS. No Rattles...what triggers more strikes? Most topwater lures have...
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Topwater Lures VS. Paddletails (When To Make The Switch)

Topwater Lures VS. Paddletails. When should you make the switch from one to the other? I was out fishing super early in the morning...
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#1 Most Common Mistake When Fishing With Spoons

THIS is the #1 mistake when fishing with spoons I commonly see out on the water. I myself made this same mistake for a long time until...
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Testing A New Lure While Finding Spots With Oyster Locator Tool

I had the chance to test out a new lure while finding spots with our oyster locator tool! One of our very own Salt Strong Insider Members...
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How To Trigger Topwater Strikes On Terrible Days

These are the easiest methods to trigger topwater strikes on terrible days. Topwater eats are just downright AWESOME!!...
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Topwater Lures VS. Subsurface Plugs (When Should You Use Them?)

Topwater lures VS. subsurface plugs - when should you use one over the other? Both of these lures can be effective under similar...
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The 3 Main Ways To Retrieve The Skinny Lipper

What are the main ways to retrieve the Skinny Lipper lure? Should you work it like a walk-the-dog topwater lure or a traditional...
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NEW Lure Proves To Be Deadly In The Shallows For Redfish & Trout

Our NEW lure proves to be deadly in the shallows for redfish, seatrout, snook, and more!!! Since it hit the shop last week...
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Reeling In An Inshore Slam On Our New Lure During Insider Meetup

During a recent Insider Meetup on the East Coast of Florida, I reeled in an inshore slam on our NEW LURE!!! If you missed the announcement...
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How To Retrieve The Skinny Lipper [3 Retrieve Styles]

This video lesson shows the retrieve styles to use for the Skinny Lipper to consistently catch redfish, seatrout, and snook in shallow water.
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Introducing The Skinny Lipper: Perfect Blend Of Topwater & Jerk Bait

We are SO EXCITED to introduce the NEW Skinny Lipper lure! This is the perfect blend between a topwater lure and a jerk bait...
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Topwater Diver Lure? This Thing Is Sick!

It's like a combination of a topwater diver lure, a subsurface lure, and a twitch bait... and so far, the redfish, trout, and snook have...
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It’s Topwater Time! (#1 Lure For Spring Topwater Action)

Spring is here and it's topwater time so here's the best lure for spring topwater action!! The weather is slowly heating up and fish are...
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