Why This Topwater Lure Is A Must Have In Your Spring Tackle Box


Why do we keep talking about the Moonwalker Topwater Lure?

Because it keeps catching MONSTER fish!!!

Learn more about the Moonwalker topwater lure here!

Moonwalker Topwater Plug

massive snook steals THIS lure

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As we get closer and closer to spring, that itch to throw topwater plugs grows stronger!

It’s tough to beat a topwater bite and few fish can resist striking the Salt Strong Moonwalker topwater lure.

The Moonwalker creates a walk-the-dog action on the surface of the water that attracts predatory fish to strike.

The main advantage the Moonwalker has over other topwater lures is it comes pre-rigged with single inline hooks.

Single inline hooks help eliminate trash or small fish from taking your bait to make way for those hungry giant fish to come through.

This is actually a positive aspect of the Moonwalker because small fish will pop the lure out of the water and create further commotion to attract the big fish we are after.

Small fish trying to eat and popping the Moonwalker out of the water will spark competition in larger fish and cause them to aggressively hunt your lure.

Additionally, treble hooks get caught on EVERYTHING!

Single inline hooks will keep your line from getting tangled and wrapped around a hook.

This is very common amongst topwater lures with treble hooks and it ruins the overall presentation that can cost you the fish you’ve been searching for.

However, not an issue with the Moonwalker.

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Moonwalker Topwater Plug [VIDEO]

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It’s hard to beat topwater action!

As the weather gets warmer and spring comes into full bloom, the topwater bite will heat up and fish will get active enough to strike lures swimming on the surface.

If you want to check out the Moonwalker topwater lure, click HERE to go to our online tackle store!!

➡Click here to get the Moonwalker

Do you have any questions about using topwater lures in spring?

Let me know down in the comments!

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1 year ago

what size hook is on the moonwalker?

Ira Cohen
2 years ago

Can the moonwalk be used in saltwater?

5 months ago
Reply to  Ira Cohen


Lyle Crafton
2 years ago

Topwaters blasted out of the water will really get the blood pumping.

Steven Free
2 years ago

Yea I decided to purchase the new ones in your bogo deal you had( by the way absolutely incredible shipping in less then a day it was not only shipped but delivered and I live on the other side of Florida Jacksonville to be exact) but anyway the one thing I did notice was both hooks are the same size when using topwaters I found that switching the front hook out with the next size smaller keeps that hook from wrapping around the top of the bait I asked Tony about that about a year or so ago and that’s what he recommended but I’ll try the moonwalker with the hooks provided and if it does wrap around it I’ll switch it out like the rest of my topwaters anyways hopefully the new ones are better then the originals because I was not impressed with them but I trust you guys and you obviously have the videos to prove it thanks for all you guru inshore saltwater anglers do your the best 😉👍

Bill Saunders
2 years ago

Luke, I just watched Wyatt’s description of the PAUL BROWN FAT BOY PRO lure. Unlike the Moonwalker it has treble hooks. In the video he had inline hooks on one of his fat boys. Can you tell me what size inline single hook would fit that particular lure?

Dwight Gary
2 years ago

Got the bogo Moon Walker, love it. Seems a tad lighter than the spook jr. But that’s most likely in my head. Again, I’m extremely happy with the moon wslker

Jo Radulski
2 years ago

Any plans to make a larger one? I often opt for the super spook due to size and casting distance. When I have one long shot, it is the lure that flys the farthest! Especially when it is really shallow grass and a spoon or larger gig head is questionable. I’ve had a lot of sight fishing opportunities over the years that were only a possibility because that lure was tied up!

Matt Pfeiffer
2 years ago

Cool slo-mo footage! I had 3 different tarpon in my canal attempt to get the Moonwalker just before sunset last night. One kept following it and tried 3 times, but unfortunately, no hook-ups. Nonetheless, it was still exciting to see and feel the attacks, pops and topwater explosions from our silver king friends!

Boris Minkov
2 years ago

Hey guys, will this work for SC waters and does it matter what time of the day or what tide its used? Thanks

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Boris Minkov

Yes, this lure can certainly work in SC waters too. Topwater in general is best during low-light conditions, so it’s generally best as the sun is rising or setting. But it works great for night fishing and for some daylight fishing times too.

Ron Baran
2 years ago

Great topwater action, nothing beats it. Just got my bogo Moon Walker. This will be the first time fishing in line hooks. Can’t wait!!!

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Ron Baran

Thanks for trying out these moonwalker lures! We can’t wait to see what you catch with them.

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Hey Luke what’s your favorite rod and reel for working topwater lures?


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