Best Saltwater Fishing Song Ever “Fishing In Our Soul” (Music Video)


The best saltwater fishing song (and video) of all time?

We think so.

Here’s the backstory on the hit song, Fishing In Our Soul.

Back in 2015 when Salt Strong first started, my dear friend Sara Michaels from 97 Country sent me a text saying she found our theme song.

A Tampa Bay fishing Captain (Capt. John Gunter) had written a hard-hitting fishing song about his dad and Sara got goosebumps the first time she heard it.

She believed with a few small changes, it could be the perfect song for Salt Strong.

The song was originally about bass fishing, but with the help of Hunter Smith and his band, Jill’s Cashbox, we licensed the song from Capt. Gunter, slightly changed the lyrics to make it more of a saltwater fishing song, and set out to film an epic music video.

We decided to film the video around Boca Grande, and not only did we get perfect weather for the 2-day video shoot, but we caught a monster “20-pound snook” while filming. It was EPIC!

Enjoy the official music video below and let us know what you thing by leaving a COMMENT below.

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What did you think of this song and music video?

Let us know by leaving a COMMENT below.

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Michael Keister
9 months ago

This song sends a very strong message in a good way. It has changed me in a way to be a better father to my 2 kids. Thank you Salt Strong! What an awesome song yous have!

Kendall Gay
10 months ago

First time hearing it. Love it! Stuck in my soul now.

Todd FIx
11 months ago

Great song! Great video! Thanks guys!!

Sotirios Kolofotias
11 months ago

This song is beautiful !!! Brought tears of joy watching the video. Merry Christmas to all my salt strong brothers.

terry hinton
11 months ago

Awesome song and video makes me want to go fishing every day !!!

Juan Beltran
11 months ago

Goosebumps all the way, very well done…. tight lines for 2023 here i come

Michael A Carollo
11 months ago

I really enjoyed it! Well done!!

Timothy Williford
11 months ago

Good vibes guys! Really like the music and words!

salvatore berto
11 months ago

Wow it really is a fantastic song and sets the mood for good family fun fishing. Well done

Randy Reid
11 months ago

Awesome video and song.


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