This Is How To Catch More Fish On Topwater This Spring


It’s topwater time!

We’ve waited patiently all winter and finally, the fish are fired up and ready for topwater action.

But don’t let using this lure intimidate you…

In this video, you’ll learn the best way to use topwaters to catch more fish and see the best spots to use them in the spring.

Check it out below!

Spring Topwater Tips [VIDEO]

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Here are some of my favorite topwater lures that are working right now:

Where To Use Topwater Lures

Knowing where topwater lures are most productive is just as important as which lure you choose and how you use it.

There are tons of different environments out there to fish but there are two main areas that to focus on to increase your strikes with a topwater in spring:

  1. Open Grass Flats
  2. Marsh Systems

If you’re on a grass flat around the edges of small barrier islands, make sure you are working lures over potholes and around the points.

In the marsh, look for the creek systems that have a lot of smaller baitfish activity.

I usually throw my lure at the points and the mouths of those creeks.

Check out the drone footage in the video to see the specific areas that I am targeting!

How To Use A Topwater

My favorite way to work a topwater is doing a constant walk the dog retrieve with small taps to create short darting movement.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish this side-to-side motion with one of the lures I mentioned.

If you’re going for numbers of fish that are in slot size, I highly recommend these two topwater lures:


spring topwater redfish

Springtime brings hungry fish that may be a little more aggressive as we start to move into the warmer months.

Using a topwater lure during this time is both fun and very effective when targeting specific areas.

These two lures have been tested and are proven to work really well:

Do you have any specific topwaters that you’d like to see us test out?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who can’t wait to get on the topwater bite this Spring, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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2 days ago

Are u fishing around Ingleside in the video??

Jonathan Fortune
9 days ago

Another great video thanks. My question is could you use the slam shady paddle tails like the top water plugs? In other words could you retrieve the paddle tail faster so it stays on the top? Thanks.

William Hawkins
11 days ago

Great information and good video Wyatt! The Super Spook Jr. casts further than any other lure I use. (Sub surface included.) I like to keep one handy. I throw them at feeding Jacks, Blue fish and Spanish when fishing the jetties in Jacksonville. It can get ridiculously fun!


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