Top 2 Lures For Redfish, Trout & Snook This Spring


The weather is heating up and so is the fishing!

When it comes to catching fish, here’s what really matters: finding them.

If there are no fish in the spot you’re fishing, you won’t catch anything.

But here’s what most anglers worry about: throwing the best lure.

They want to try a bunch of different lures in different colors and different sizes…

By doing that, they’re wasting tons of time tying on new lures, and not focusing about what’s really important.

The best thing most anglers can do is stick to just a few lures and spend most of their time and mental energy on focusing on finding fish.

We’ve tested hundred of lures over the years and instead of you trying to figure out which lures to use, you can just steal our favorites!

In the video below, we’ll show you our two favorite springtime lures so you can focus on finding fish.

You’ll also learn:

  • how to use these lures to get more strikes
  • the best times to use them
  • how to rig them
  • and much more

If you want to catch more fish this spring, check out the video below.

Top 2 Springtime Lures [VIDEO]

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In the spring, there are lots of small baitfish around, so white lures in the 3-4″ range work very well.

I like to use a two-pronged approach with a topwater lure as well as a subsurface lure.

Let’s get into these two lures a little more…

Using Topwater Lures For Spring Fishing

Redfish, snook, trout…

Anything will hit a topwater lure that’s erratically dancing across the surface.

These lures work best in low light conditions (dawn, dusk, or on cloudy days), and work really well with a walk the dog retrieve.

There are many topwater lures available, but I really like the Heddon Super Spook Jr.

Check out our review of it and how to use it here.

Now, one thing I was testing out when I caught the trout in the video above were these Savage Gear Savage Grip Trebles.

They’re essentially treble hooks with braided line eyes.

Check out my review of them here.

Using Paddletails For Spring Fishing

If you’re not getting any topwater strikes, getting short strikes, or the sun is coming up, then it’s best to switch to a soft plastic paddletail.

We like the Slam Shady because of the color (we talked about how white is a great springtime color) and action.

To rig these lures, and any other paddletail when you’re fishing the shallows, we recommend rigging them on a weighted swimbait hook like the 3/0 1/16 oz Owner TwistLock hook.

It’s weedless, so you can retrieve it through grass, over oyster beds, and near mangroves without worrying about getting hung up.

As for the retrieve, a steady retrieve just below the surface works great.

And to switch it up, you can also give it some twitches and pauses to entice fish to bite.


spring trout on topwater

If you want to catch more fish this spring and summer, throw a soft plastic lure, like the Slam Shady paddletail, and mix in a topwater lure at dawn and dusk.

What are your favorite springtime lures?

Have any questions about these lures?

Let me know in the comments below.

And of course, it’s not just about which types of lures you’re using…

If you’re not fishing in a spot where there are fish, you’re going to get skunked.

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Bill Zimmer
1 year ago

Great presentation Tony. Could you tell me where they sell the replacement treble hooks? I couldn’t find them on the Savage website.

Bill Zimmer
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks Tony, have some on the way.

Randal Jones
1 year ago

Thanks Tony. Great video, will have to break out the Zara. Super nice Trout! Way to go! Stay safe buddy.

Tom Widman
1 year ago

Great video, Tony. That might be the biggest trout I’ve ever seen. Nice job. What hook size was the Savage Gear Grip Treble hook? Thanks

Tom Widman
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Widman

Tony, never mind on the hook size of the Savage Gear treble. I first watched before you answered that question and now see you already answered the question. Stay well!!!

Dale Fluty
1 year ago

Hey Tony I am looking at cameras and drones. What do you use and what would you recommend for a boat and for ease of sharing with friends?

1 year ago

Fish this am Palma sola bay fl. Using slam shady. Caught 3 trout. But fish bite them in half. Fun. Could only use them once.

1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

That’s most likely due to pufferfish, which will bite through all types of soft plastic lures. The best thing to do when you find yourself in an area with lots of puffers is to either switch to a hard lure that they can’t ruin or move to a different spot.

Steven Free
1 year ago

So I guess you stopped using inline hooks? anywaysi have been having problems catching anything of value at millcove one of my awesome locations because of a lot of wind at at least 15mph or more just about everyday for the last few weeks! Yea not good the water has been a constant chocolate milk consistancy horrible conditions i would kill to have the conditions you just showed in your video calm mornings with reletively clear water to fish in but not lately but at least govenor desantis has opened up all state parks so this mon im going to faver dykes state park and my favorite lure for both reds and flounder both is the spinnerbait with either a paddletail like the slam shady or a gulp swimming mullet with a gold blade and a red quarter ounce jighead slow rolled by oyster bars and grasslands or pitched under docks deadly if of coarse they can see it thanks for all you do????

Brent Foucht
1 year ago

Hey Tony, if you haven’t already posted it somewhere before, I’d love to see your kayak setup (maybe do a walk through video) Maybe go over some “must have” features and how you have your gear and mounts organized etc. I love fishing off my kayak but find all my stuff often getting tangled etc and just curious how others keep things semi-organized etc. thanks!

Ron Pagano
1 year ago

Hey Tony
Hooked into a trout and a snook this weekend using the Slam Shady. Both fish bent the hook. I was using the 1/4 oz jig eye set up.
Would you try to bend the hook back in place or just replace the jig all together? I bent it back but then thought about compromising the the integrity of the jig. Your thoughts?

Ron Vahey
1 year ago

Another nice video Tony, thanks. Also excellent advise on where to get the other tackle since Salt Strong currently doesn’t have them available. As well as how it makes the lure a “better” lure! Thanks again and keep them coming. Learn something on each one of them.

Bill Trudell
5 months ago

I like the lure choices and I have them both, but I need my trusty gold spoon too 🙂


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