Savage Gear Savage Grip Treble Hook Review [Pros, Cons & Specs]


If you use a lot of hard baits like topwater lures, plugs, or twitch baits, you’re going to love this review.

Obviously, most hard plastic lures come with treble hooks attached to the lures with a metal split ring.

But Savage Gear offers a different solution.

Following a trend in the bass fishing world, they’ve created the Savage Grip Treble, which is a treble hook with what is essentially eyes made of braided line.

The braided line eyes allow for more freedom of movement for the hooks and in this video, I’ll share with you why that’s important, as well as the top pros and cons of these hooks.

Watch the video below for the full review!

Savage Gear Savage Grip Treble Review [VIDEO]

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The problem with regular metal eyes and split rings is that they cannot freely spin.

For example, if you’re fighting a fish and the fish spins, the hook will likely lock up against the split ring and not be able to spin anymore.

This is a problem because fish could then use that locked up hook as leverage and pop the hook out.

Also, if they change direction and the hook is locked up, that could cause the hook to pop out as well.

With the Savage Grip Treble eyes made of braided line, the hooks have much more freedom to spin and not get locked up.

Of course, these hooks aren’t perfect, so let’s run through the pros and cons of this lure, as well as some more details about them.


  • the braided line eye gives the hooks more freedom to spin and not get locked up
  • hooks have a wide gap bend, which helps hook fish better than standard hooks
  • these hooks are stronger than most standard hooks you’ll get with your hard baits


  • price (more expensive than most treble hooks)
  • likely won’t last as long as metal eyes
  • since they are made of braided line, toothy fish, like sharks, mackerel, or barracuda could tear them off

Details about the hooks:

  • come in a 4-pack
  • four different sizes available: #4, #2, #1, 1/0 (I have found that the #4 lures work very well for topwater lures like the Heddon Super Spook Jr.)
  • About $10 per pack


savage gear savage grip

If you want to try to give yourself a better shot at landing inshore fish like snook, redfish, and trout on hard baits, you might want to consider trying out these Savage Gear Savage Grip Treble hooks.

However, if you’re on a budget, or you might hook toothy fish, like mackerel or barracuda, you might want to stick with traditional treble hooks with metal eyes.

Have you used these hooks?

Have any questions about them?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Redell Thompson
3 years ago

great idea of braided line instead of split rings. will without fail do this to some of my striper lures! thanks loads.

Troy Hill
3 years ago

Great video Tony, that answered my question and am gonna try single hooks in morning for first time up here in NC.

Rob S
4 years ago

A while back, replacing trebles with a single hook like shown on the greenback lure in your video was suggested (possibly by Luke). Do you prefer trebles over the single hook, and why? Thanks.

Isaac Lee
4 years ago

Nice hooks, but I dont see why you can’t just use a small ball bearing swivel so the toothy fish can’t tear them off

Gary Rankel
4 years ago

Good stuff, Tony……..I’ve caught a few trout, reds and snook on them over the last couple of weeks, and I like them. As you suggest, I will keep monitoring wear on the braid over the course of a season.

Jerry Craft
4 years ago

Interesting concept, like to see also how they last over a season. Also look forward for to see how to tie some. Although I don’t have 300 lb braid. ????

4 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks, I’ll check it out

Jerry Craft
4 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks I’ll check it out


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