Z-Man Weedless Jig Head Review (Top Pros & Cons)


Do you hate getting snagged on structure?

You have to wrestle with whatever’s got you snagged, then take the time to retie, not to mention all the noise you’re making that’s probably scaring off the fish and the couple bucks wasted from the lost lure.

One solution to get snagged less is to use a weedless jig head.

In this video, I’m breaking down the pros and cons to this Z-Man weedless jig head, plus sharing when I like to use the weedless version vs. a regular jig head.

Let’s dive in!

Z-Man Weedless Jig Head Review [VIDEO]

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Predator fish love hanging around structure because baitfish and crustaceans hang around there, and it provides shelter for them to hide from predators like dolphin or bigger fish.

So if you want to catch more fish, it’s best to fish around structure.

However, branches, pilings, docks, rocks and other bottom debris make it easy for you to get snagged.

A good way to combat this is to use a weedless jig head.

Below are some of the pros and cons I’ve found when using this Z-Man weedless jig heads.

Pros Of Weedless Jig Heads

luke snook weedless jig head

Obviously the big pro for using weedless jig heads is that you get snagged less.

You can fish closer to structure, which can help you catch more fish.

It also helps you save time from retying and money from not having to replace as many lures, lost leaders or jig heads.

Plus, since it just has a small weed guard, you’re able to use it just like any other jig head.

Cons Of Weedless Jig Heads

The big con with weedless jig heads is that it can decrease your hookup ratio.

I have noticed that I get more hits that don’t turn into hookups with these jig heads.

However, I’ve also caught lots of big fish with them, and I think that decreased hookup ratio is worth the time, money, and frustration saved from getting snagged too often.

Another con is that these Z-Man weedless jig heads are hard to find.

Since they’re my favorite weedless jig heads, we’ve ordered them in bulk and now have them available on our shop page for you to get here.


luke redfish weedless jig head

If you’re fishing in areas of heavy structure, like docks, I’d definitely recommend using a weedless jig head.

Yes, your hookup ratio may decrease, but I think it’s worth it given that you’ll get snagged less.

Plus, I’ve caught lots of big fish with these jig heads, so they’re proven to work.

On the other hand, if you’re fishing in grass flats, open water, or muddy areas where there’s nothing to get snagged on, I’d recommend a regular jig head.

If you want to get these weedless jig heads you can get them from our store by clicking here.

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Have any questions about weedless jig heads?

Have you experienced the same things I have with them?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Philip Kempf
3 years ago

Thanks for all the great info! What size do you reccomend? (This may have been mentioned in the video I just hadn’t gotten to watch it yet.) Shop has 1/4 3/8 and 3/16 I believe.

Philip Kempf
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Awesome, thanks!

Philip Kempf
3 years ago

Which size do you reccomend? (You may have mentioned it in the video. I just hadn’t got the chance to watch it yet.)

John Day
3 years ago

I bought these and there is no ring to tie the line to. i see the ones you show are the same. i don’t see where to tie them. very hard to rig with a zman minnow oddly enough, help?

John Day
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

never mind, i’m apparently blind. i just couldn’t get my mono in the area around the guard wire.

John Day
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I had the wife look and she could see that my eye was open just around the weed guard. I’m very sorry for the comment It’s all good, except i need to learn how to tie knots, before i lose another lure.

3 years ago

Have you tried to Z-man Texas Eye jig heads?

Chris Pircher
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I just ordered a few packs of the Texas eye, in my opinion the weight is placed in a better location then the standard weighted weed less hooks, and it doesn’t have the metal guard that can cause you to loose strikes.

What’s your opinion on that and what is it that makes you say they don’t work as well with non z-man plastics?

I’m just losing my love for the owner twist lock, they are to light to get the lure to dive down in a lot cases for me (huge current push in my area). And super hard to get z-man plastics to lock into the twist lock

Robert Glassen
3 years ago

I’ve used them quite a bit including a week in the Louisiana Delta fishing for reds where there were a lot of fish around to test them on. I think that you may miss some small fish, but the bigger ones – the ones you want — have no trouble getting hooked. Missing some of the small trout may be an advantage.

Gary Seiverling
3 years ago

I live in Pa.Iam intrested in joining your club will it help me on the upper Chesapeake and the side Rivers. I fish for stripper up here.Will the club help me do better?

Tom Bittner
3 years ago

Aren’t these the same jig heads as eyestrike fishing. I love the weedless jig head have caught reds to 50lb+ tarpon on them but you do miss some hookups and zman plastics can be a little tough to rig on them too. But I have been using the Texas eye jigs which are perfect for zman plastics, can be rigged weedless and great hookup ratio.

Robert Glassen
3 years ago
Reply to  Tom Bittner

yes. Eyestrike makes them for Z ManJoin the discussion…

Scott Schraff
3 years ago

Hi Luke, thanks much for another great report.

I use a lot of weedless hooks up here in Ohio, bass fishing in very weedy ponds. The hooks and jig heads I use have a dual parallel spring wire guard, similar to that Z-man version you were demonstrating.

After missing several solid largemouth hits one day, I looked closely at that weed guard, as it seemed like it was simply locked in place when I missed those very solid hits, in a way that was unusual. I discovered that that style of weed guard can bind and jam on the hook point, when the parallel wires are too closely spaced. When the two wires are too tight to each other, a diagonal bite pressure can bind one of those thin wires on top of the hook point, and that effectively locks the guard on the hook point.

I solved the problem by separating the wires to be at least 1/8″ apart, and this stopped the the binding. An easy way to do this separation is to use your needle nose pliers to gently push into the crotch of the v-shaped cradle bend in the wire guard, right where the hook point engages it. Pushing this cradle bend open spaces out the wires from each other, and keeps them farther away from the hook point, preventing that binding action. That solved that problem for good.

So give that a try and see if it helps.

Thanks again for all your great tips!

Elton Reid
3 years ago

I have been using the zman weedless since you brought them on board at SS the first time around and almost use them exclusively. The key is to inspect them often for alignment and proper placement of the wire on the hook. Can’t say I really feel that I have lost many fish to miss hits , but I have not lost a single weedless to snagging except to a fish, with Tarpon being the biggest sore mouth thief.

Steven Free
3 years ago

Yea Luke I have been using this jighead since zman first made them last year I have both the quarter ounce and eighth ounce sizes I have not really noticed my catch ratio going down though with them but I can tell you they are not 100 percent weedless oysters do catch them from time to time but of coarse not as much as a non weedless one as far as cons the only one thing I don’t like is I use a lot of spinnerbaits for reds and flounder in the spring and summer but because the eyelet of these jigs are horizontal instead of verticle like all others are they can’t be used with a safety pin style spinner that I like to use and yes the only place I have found them locally available here in Jacksonville fl is strike zone fishing otherwise maybe west marine might now have them when I first bought some I bought about 2 dozen so I have not shopped in a while for them anyways thanks for the video and of coarse all you do????


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