The Truth About Topwater Lure Colors (And Whether Or Not Color Matters)


Does the color of your topwater lure really matter?

There’s a lot of debate about this subject, and in this video, I’m going to share with you the truth.

We’ll take into consideration time of day, where on the lure color matters most, and more.

Let’s dive in!

The Truth About Topwater Lure Colors [VIDEO]

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Here’s what matters most when it comes to catching fish with topwaters:

Action and time of day.

If you’re working it across the surface in low light conditions in a feeding zone, then you’ve got a good chance at hooking up.

Color matters, just not as much.

Topwater lures are obviously fished on the surface so fish won’t be able to see most of the lure, just the underside.

And since most fish have white bellies, topwater lures with white bellies are typically the best choice.

Now that being said, there is a time when you might want to go with a darker lure: when the water is dark or it’s dark outside.

If I had to choose one lure, it’d be a Super Spook Jr. in bone color, and if I had a second choice, I’d choose the same lure in a darker color pattern.

Does Lure Confidence Matter?

Although it might not seem like it, confidence in a lure matters, too.

If you’re confident in a lure, you’ll be working it correctly and focusing on what really matters: finding feeding fish.

If you’re not confident in a lure, you’ll probably be switching lures often, even if the real problem is that you’re not in a feeding zone.


fishing around storms

Lure color doesn’t matter as much as many people think.

In clear water and light conditions, go with a lure that’s light in color.

If the water is very murky or you’re fishing before or after the sun is up, then go with a lure that’s darker in color.

My favorite topwater is the Super Spook Jr. in bone color, and you can get it from our shop here.

Have any questions about topwater lures?

What’s your favorite color?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who’s always changing topwater lure colors, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Harry Estright
26 days ago

I have to agree the color is secondary to presentation movement and speed are vital lighter color has always worked better for me luminescent at night is fun as HELL

1 year ago

☆ Chrome Dome
(Heddon Super Spook)

Charlie Timberlake
1 year ago

The 2 lures in particular, hot lures for eastern NC , once temp over 65.

Jim Lovell
2 years ago

MirroLure MR84 Top Dog Jr. C-Eyes. Speckled trout color.

Justin Harves
2 years ago

I fish the Sabine pass, Texas/Galveston Area. Our water is dirty , like chocolate milk sometimes and when it is I find the dark lure – dark water/day concept works. Clean/sandy water – light/bright lure. So now that you have been over the color selection what about other factors.
-pitch of the lure, as in a height pitch she dog vs the low pitch top dog
-size, super spook vs one knocker vs jr, all have a place and time for use super -choppy water, one knocker is my all around conditions top, and jr is used in calm conditions.

Would be cool to see a video putting the other factors in play.

I’ve tested the pitch aspect myself and it is very interesting. Same color lure same size same everything but 2 pitches and one got more action than the other on that particular day.

Very interesting

Landon Gordon
2 years ago

Changing the subject from lures. I would like to know where I can buy the shirts that I see you and Wyatt wearing? Haven’t seen any on the site? Thanks man.

Jim Lovell
2 years ago
Reply to  Landon Gordon


Landon Gordon
2 years ago

Change of subject here. Where can I buy the shirts that I see you and Wyatt wearing?? They don’t seem to be on the shopping pages?
Thanks in advance.
Landon Gordon.

Justin Altman
2 years ago

Hey Tony,

I’ve found that the white or bone works well in the morning and chrome works well in the sun. My favorite is the IMA little stick.

Mark Jenkin
2 years ago

I agree with you on a light color being best. Fishing in Long Island Sound and the CT river the water isn’t very clear. If you can see 3 feet down you’re doing good. Because of that I prefer a topwater that has a fairly natural pattern to it. A light belly and a dark top with some flash in the middle for when the bait rolls on its side or submerges under the waves for a few feet. It gives a more natural look to the bait for the fish to key in on. That being said a solid white or bone color would be my next choice.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark Jenkin
Rob S
2 years ago

Topwater covers many lures at least as classified by most online tackle stores, including those that go subsurface depending on retrieve. In those cases, color of the entire lure may be somewhat more important since fish see more than just the bottom half of the lure. The action of the lure in some situations is more important than color. Especially when nearshore or offshore fishing, splash and sound can help fish zero in on a perceived prey more than color. On the other hand, in shallow water when fish are acting shy/spooky, a more subtle presentation may be more helpful. As you’ve said, observing the surrounding action as to what is attracting fish strikes, is a good clue how to present. A light color underside is my first choice, and silver provides some flash which is usually a plus. Tony, you always provide helpful tips.


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