Best Leader Line For Topwater Lures (Mono vs. Fluoro)


In this post, you’ll learn how to select the best leader line for topwater lures.

It’s tough to beat the thrill of a big fish striking a topwater plug!

Now that we’re approaching the first day of fall, we’re about to be in the best season for catching big fish with topwater lures.

The topwater bite has been great the past couple weeks, and a question that has been asked many times lately is what leader line to use.

So I made this new video to explain the following:

  • What type of line I’ve found to work best (mono vs. fluoro vs. braid)
  • What strength line to used based on the fish you’re targeting

Check it out below.

The Best Leader Line For Topwater Lures

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Lure Details:

Here are the details on the topwater lure shown in this video… it has outperformed that others that I’ve tested it against so far:

topwater lure for redfish

Why Single Hooks?

I started testing single replacement hooks last year thinking that I was going to prove that they missed a lot of fish.

But I was shocked to see that the strike to catch ratio was not different except for when really small fish are trying to strike the lure.

Plus, they are much better in areas with seagrass because they snag much less grass that’s floating on the surface.

Here are the ones that I like best along with some size selection charts:


Fishing with topwater plugs is one of my favorite things to do in the fall given how effective they are and how thrilling it is when a fish strikes a lure at the surface.

And the bonus for fall is that there are many big fish that will aggressively strike a topwater lure making for some amazing moments out on the water.

The worst thing that can possibly happen when fishing with topwater lures is the fish breaking off, so it’s very smart to make sure the line you’re using is strong enough to handle the abrasion it could get from a big fish that eats the lure.

And based on the abrasion resistance testing that I’ve done so far, I highly recommend using traditional monofilament when using topwater lures.

If you have any questions or if you’ve found different results when testing leader lines for topwater lures, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below… we’d love to hear from you.

Tight Lines!

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Joe Urbanek
7 months ago

Nice video. I’ve bought a number of the Andes leader material from your site. Have you ever tied a trailer hook to the back of your SPJ? I learned this from a guide a while back. Tie a lighter leader say 15 lb max to the back hook about 12 inched long with a bare hook. Then use a plastic as a trailer, like a slam shady. Works great, and I’ve had about 60% hook up with the trailer hook and 40% with the top water. the light leader with the bare hook does not impact the action of the SPJ very much at all. Down here is Texas, this set up is in line with the Mansfield Mauler rig as it’s called, but more effective. Thanks for all your video’s, the courses, and yes… the discounts on the gear.

Stan Mitchell
7 months ago

Thanks Luke, I’ve used Ande for years whether it’s for grouper or snapper fishing or inshore fishing you can’t beat it. Especially for the price and it’s good stuff 🎣✌️

George Layton
7 months ago

Been using Ande mono leader for a long time & NO issues. Also fished Ande mono line decades ago when fishing for Trout in rocky areas because it took the abuse so well. Great tutorial Luke, thanks !

Max Jones
7 months ago

Hey Luke – 

I’ve been looking for a front casting platform like you have on your flats boat. I’ve been unable to find anything here in South Carolina. Do you have any suggestions or perhaps the shops contact info that made yours ? Thanks for any insight. 

    Max Jones. 

James Woodmansee
7 months ago

Hey Luke, thanks for the info. I noticed in the video you are holding up Ande Leader line, not plain fishing line. Wondering what the difference is; physically and pricewise.

Dan Reffett
6 months ago

Thanks for the money saving tip!

Jeff Kritzman
6 months ago

I have two questions about swapping out single hooks as a replacement for treble hooks. I hope that it’s okay to ask that here.

  1. Some of the treble hooks I’m taking off are bright silver. Does it make a difference that I’m replacing them with dark colored Owner replacements that I’m buying in the Salt Strong store?
  2. Instead of taking off the trebles, if I cut off 2 of the3 hooks that make up the treble do I end up with the same result? Or does cutting off 2 of the hooks weaken the hook, etc?

Great video. I’m going to order more replacement hooks and Andre line.


Jamie Brinck
3 months ago

Is there a difference between mono or floro fishing line and the line marketed as leader line?

Jamie Brinck
3 months ago
Reply to  Jamie Brinck

Nevermind…repeat question.

Richard Fiorentino
1 month ago

Do you see ant noticeable difference in hit rate between 20 and 30 pound leader? Thanks

Ronald H Mattson
6 days ago

Thank You Luke for the video. If You ever fish Striped Bass be prepared for a shock as they consistently attack from the front and almost always are hooked on the front hook of a topwater lure.


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