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We’ve been seeing tons of big fish pics come in and I hope you were able to get in on the action!

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  • The best leader material for topwater lures
  • Super Spook Jr. vs. LIVETARGET Mullet Test
  • How to balance your spinning rod (and why it helps you catch more fish)
  • How to catch bull redfish on artificial lures (now is the season for them!!)
  • An easy way to catch tons of trout while drift fishing
  • And much more

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Topwater Lure Test: Super Spook Jr. vs LIVETARGET Mullet (Round 1)

Which topwater lure catches more fish — the Super Spook Jr. or the LIVETARGET Mullet? See the surprising results in this head to head test.
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Saltwater vs. Freshwater Rods: Can You Use A Freshwater Rod In The Salt?

Can you use your freshwater rods in the salt? See what the difference between these two types of rods are and how to make them last longer.
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How To Drift Grass Flats For Speckled Trout

Want to see an easy way to get a ton of tight lines? Watch this live video and learn how to drift grass flats, (even if you don't have a...
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How To Catch Bull Redfish On Artificial Lures (3 Tips)

Want to learn how to catch big bull redfish on artificials? Since they're so pressured it can be tough, but I used these 3 tips to land a...
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Best Leader Line For Topwater Lures (Mono vs. Fluoro)

Learn what factors to consider when selecting the leader line for fishing with topwater lures... mono vs. fluoro & strength selection tips.
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Using Contour Maps to Find Spots [Spot Dissection – South Carolina Example]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing how to use contour maps (Navionics) to locate ideal areas to fish. This sonar feature is available...
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How To Balance Your Spinning Gear (And Why It Helps You Catch Fish)

Want to make fishing EASIER? Then you need to have a balanced rod and reel. See how to balance out your setup here, plus learn why...
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Here’s Why You’re Missing Strikes With Inline Hooks (And How To Fix It)

Want to know why you're missing fish with single inline hooks on your topwater lures? Check out these 6 reasons why and how to fix it!
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For The Weekend [Sept 19th – 21st]

See the best time to fish as well as the ideal types of spots to target for inshore slams if you can make it out on the water this weekend.
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How To Safely Revive Big Redfish (And The 1 Mistake Most People Make)

So you caught a big redfish — that's great! Now your next mission is to get them swimming away strong and healthy. All you need to do is...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [9-17-20]

We had another great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Conversation Log: 00.45- Alabama Leprechaun Using in Murky Water...
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How To Find Launch Spots For Your Kayak Or Paddleboard The Easy Way

Want to easily find areas close to your fishing spot to launch your kayak? These two resources will let you find kayak launches by just...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Jeremy & Stella Nawyn

A tropical depression couldn't stop this father daughter duo from catching an inshore slam! Hear the full story of the trip plus see how...
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YAK TRIBE – The National Kayak Fishing Community

You've got to hear this amazing story! Yak Tribe is on a mission to connect kayak anglers and share fishing with others and they even...
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The Happiness Illusion… Why So Many Americans Never Feel Fulfilled

Ever felt like true happiness is always fleeting? That you just can't seem to find happiness that lasts. Here's why...
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