YAK TRIBE – The National Kayak Fishing Community


Imagine you’d never been fishing before (sad, I know, but just bear with me)…

What if someone let you borrow everything (for free!) and then showed you how to use it…. doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

That’s exactly what Heath and Shannan Panganiban are doing with Yak Tribe.

I keep hearing their name pop up everywhere so I knew I had to get Heath on the show.

In this episode, you’ll hear the full story of how Yak Tribe was founded and how they’re giving back to the community.

Their mission of sharing kayaking and fishing with others is inspiring and the work they’re doing is exciting, so I know you’ll love this episode!

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The Yak Tribe Story [VIDEO]

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The Yak Tribe Story [PODCAST]

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Yak Tribe On ABC [VIDEO]

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The Yak Tribe Story

After Heath weaseled his way into ICAST, he knew he wanted to start up a national community for kayak anglers.

They started on Instagram introducing kayak anglers to each other and then they eventually grew their tribe to what it is today — a band of kayakers sharing their love for kayaking and fishing.

The motto on their website is “Real people. Real stories. Real connections.” and they’ve leveraged their platform to not only introduce people to the sport of kayak fishing, but also to come together and help people out financially with things like funeral costs or chemo payments.

And now, Heath runs the “kayak library” out of his own home where he lends people a full suite of kayak gear for free to get them started on the water.

Isn’t that awesome?!

How To Catch More Fish On A Kayak

Of course, this episode couldn’t be complete without some fishing tips, so here they are:

Tip #1: Comb an area

The advantage of being in a kayak is that you can be stealthy.

Fish are much less likely to know you’re there than if you were in a boat with a loud motor and a lot of hull slap, so comb an area thoroughly once you get there.

Tip #2: Stand up

Standing up lets you see so much more fish than if you were to stay seated.

You’ll also be able to see other signs that fish are in the area, such as fleeing mullet or mud boils.

Tip #3: Troll

When you’re going from area to area try tossing out a paddletail and trolling it behind you.

It doesn’t cost you any extra time and you’d be surprised at the number of fish you can catch when trolling!

How To Keep In Touch With & Support Yak Tribe

If you want to keep up with Heath and Yak Tribe you can do so at the links below:

And if you want to support them you can buy swag from their website or even donate.

Donations go directly to support Yak Tribe and the kayak library (which isn’t cheap!).

Finally, you can become a member of Yak Tribe and get plugged in with other kayak anglers.


yak tribe sheepshead

Everyone we’ve met who’s repping the Yak Tribe brand is so nice and it’s definitely a reflection of Heath and Shannan’s selflessness and love for kayaking and fishing.

I’m excited to be featuring them here and hope they can continue on sharing fishing with others!

Have any questions about Yak Tribe?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Caden Kaufman
2 years ago

How are they handling the pandemic


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