How To Set Up Your Kayak For Inshore Fishing (Tackle, Tools, & More)


Note: This very popular post on inshore kayak fishing was originally published on May 18, 2020. But since then, we’ve had TONS of very helpful info added to the comments, so be sure to read the comments section too. Enjoy!

Want to know what items you actually need to go inshore kayak fishing?

Some people have way too much stuff on their kayak that they don’t actually need that’s weighing them down or getting in the way…

But on the other hand, some people are making life more difficult for themselves by not having a few simple tools that make kayak fishing a lot easier.

Since people ask us all the time what they need to get started kayak fishing, I made this video to show you everything I have on my kayak for a day out on the water.

This includes:

  • the small amount of tackle that I use
  • an anchor system that allows me to quickly stop and position my kayak so I can catch more fish
  • the setup I use to get good pictures and videos
  • and much more

Also, I’m not sponsored by any of these companies — this is stuff I actually use on a daily basis.

If you do inshore fishing from your kayak, or are thinking about getting into it, check out the video below.

How To Set Up Your Kayak For Fishing [VIDEO]

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Here’s a list of everything I use on my kayak (including my actual kayak):


I fish from a 2019 Hobie Outback.

I love the pedals because they help me quickly get to where I’m going to be fishing, but most of the time they’re strapped down with a bungee cord in the rear tank well because I’m standing and fishing in one to one and a half feet of water.

Now, one modification I added to my kayak was a bungee cord setup in the front.

I use it to secure my paddle when I’m standing.

One end of the paddle goes under the bungee cord in the front of the kayak, and the other end goes in the paddle holster on my hip.

See how to make your own paddle holster here.


I recently started using the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net and I’m really enjoying it.

It folds in half for easy storage and has an arm cup, so it’s easier to use with one arm.

See my review of the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net here.


I keep things to a minimum as far as tackle goes.

Here’s why:

  1. There’s not that much room on a kayak
  2. I only use a few lures because I know they catch fish
  3. Using just a few lures saves me time by not having to tie on a new lure every five minutes

I have a Plano 3460 waterproof stowaway for terminal tackle, hard baits, hooks, etc., and I keep my Gulp baits in a Plano 3440 underneath my seat.

Center Compartment Storage

The Hobie Outback has a dry box for storage right in front of the seat.

Many kayaks have similar compartments, but you could also use a dry box strapped to your kayak for storage.

In this compartment, I keep things such as:

  • leader material
  • extra GoPro batteries
  • packs of Slam Shady
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • other tools
  • phone
  • wallet
  • keys

Rod Holders

I like to have two to three rod holders on my kayak.

I always have at least two rods because if one breaks, you still have a second option, and occasionally, I’ll bring a third rod.

One of the rod holders is upfront so I can quickly grab it in case I see a fish right in front of me, and the other one or two rod holders are in the back out of the way.

I use the YakAttack Zooka II Rod Holder and the Scotty Rodmaster II Rod Holder (note: if you use the Scott Rodmaster, you’ll need this gear head track adapter to mount it on your tracks).

Paddle Holder

I have paddle holders on the side of my kayak for quick access.

I use the Railblaza QuickGrip Paddle Mounts.

Anchor System

I have an anchor pin that is attached to an anchor trolley by a four or five-foot rope.

I use a roller-ball paddle holder to keep it in place on my yak when I’m not using it.

Camera Setup

I have a Ram Mount camera mount on the front of my kayak so that I can get good pictures and videos of the fish I catch.

I have a GoPro Hero 5 Black on that mount.

I also have a GoPro Hero 7 attached to my hat so that I can get a point of view angle for my videos.

Additional Tools

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, I always have these tools on me:

Safety Equipment & Water

Of course, I always have water on the boat because I live in Florida and it can get quite hot.

There’s a lot of safety equipment that I did not show in the video, as this was focused on just fishing gear and accessories, but you can see the safety gear and tips I recommend here.


how to catch redfish

If you’re inshore fishing from your kayak, the above items will help make your trip easy, safe and enjoyable.

Have any questions about any of this gear?

Is there anything I missed?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who fishes from a kayak, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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1 year ago

I liked the videos you are doing! Great insight and helping me set up my yak. One question I have is what hitch are you using on your truck? I’ve been looking for something like that when I take one yak out.

Todd Kislingbury
2 years ago

Any comments about the bote lono?

Todd Kislingbury
2 years ago

Have you ever fished out of a bote Lono ? Thinking about going that direction.

Wayne Hallock
2 years ago

On equipment list add sun screen, vhf radio( waterproof and floating) air horn, flag/light combo.

Steve Dixon
3 years ago

For someone that is right handed, do you feel that having the anchor trolley (pin anchor) on the left side and your main rod holder on the right is best?

3 years ago

What do you put your fish in?

John D Baque
3 years ago

Set-up video was great…will you please comment on the method you haul or trailer your kayak and transport to the water….beginner so all info is helpful….thanks

Johnny reddogg
3 years ago

I got rid of my Mark Twain years ago, too much hassle for me! Kayak looks like a perfect solution! And it also seems like you’ve given it a lot of thought and your experiences with this type of platform makes it all the more appealing to others. I’m really not so much of a fisherman anymore, but I’m thinking about using the kayak, especially one that can hold two people, for tooling around inshore and through tributaries! More fishing and hunting with a camera instead of a rod or rifle. I would definitely like a kayak with at least an 18 to 20 horsepower motor attached to the back. Or maybe a water jet propulsion system. With the water jet being able to operate in extremely shallow conditions.

Any thoughts?

Randy Lovoy
3 years ago
Reply to  Johnny reddogg

I fish from a Vibe Yellowfin130T. It is a tandem kayak that can be converted to a single simply by putting a seat in the middle. I just installed a Bixby J1 electric motor on the rudder that has been working perfectly in shallow water. So far I have been out in heavy current and strong wind with no problems. I love my new setup. It allows me to do the things that make kayaking fun, while at the same, allows me to cover more water faster and safer.

Keith Waltz
3 years ago

Great video. But where do you keep the fish you catch? I did not see a stringer or a cooler.

Brad Hetrick
3 years ago

Tony, great brief on your kayak…just ordered my NuCanoe Frontier 12 Bulldog. Cant wait to set it up. I also will use an anchor trolley but was gonna go with the grappling anchor vs. the pin since I am in mostly brackish rivers with aggressive currents. Any thoughts? Ever bring both out with you?

The NuCanoe also accommodates a 55V thrust transom trolling motor…debating this one. I could use the exercise.



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