Weekly Newsletter: 5-24-20

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Salt Strong Nation!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who gave it all while serving our country, as well as their families.

It’s because of them that we’re free to live in this country and fish, and we’re incredibly thankful for them.

Now, hopefully you get some time to get out and fish tomorrow and we’ve got some great tips in this week’s newsletter to help you catch some big ones.

You’ll learn:

  • How to catch fish in calm shallow water (even if they’re spooky)
  • How to set up a kayak for inshore fishing
  • How mangrove snapper and sheepshead actually act feed (we’ve got some amazing underwater footage)
  • And much more

Also, big shoutout to Marcos and his wife for those nice reds pictured above!

Alright, now onto the newsletter!

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How To Set Up Your Kayak For Inshore Fishing (Tackle, Tools, & More)

Want to see everything you need for inshore kayak fishing? Check out this video to learn what you need, and what you don't...
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Here’s What Happens When A Company Declares They’re Christian…

Want to see exactly what happens when a company boldy tells the public they are "Christian?" Then check out this amazing story...
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Incredible Underwater Mangrove Snapper Strikes – How They Really Feed

Want to see how snapper actually feed on shrimp? This underwater footage shows the difference between snapper vs pinfish and how you can catch more snapper.
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New Redfish Lure Designed For Getting Strikes In Calm, Shallow Flats

Do you think you can only catch spooky fish on live or cut bait? If so, check out this new lure and learn how to catch fish in calm, clear water with it.
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Spinnerbaits: Rigging Tips, When (And When NOT) To Use Them & More

Want to learn more about spinner baits? In this video, we're covering everything you need to know about them, including when and where to use them, how...
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Sight Fishing For Seatrout On The Flats [Insider Report – Map Analysis + On The Water Footage]

On this trip you will see some tips and on-the-water tactics for sight fishing big trout in the shallows. Quick Details: Craft: Hobie Outback Pedal...
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How To Sight Fish Big Trout From A Kayak Or Paddleboard

Want to catch more fish while sight fishing? Check out this video and see these three tips for sight fishing trout, redfish, and snook.
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Got-Cha Plug Review: Pros, Cons, And How To Rig & Retrieve Them

Got-Cha plugs are some of the most popular lures for beach and pier fishing and in this review, we'll break down the pros & cons, how to rig them and more.
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Do Rod Sleeves Actually Protect Your Fishing Rods? (Rod Jacket Review)

Want to know if you should get rod jackets for your fishing rods? In this video, you'll learn the pros and cons of them, and whether or not they actually...
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Finding and Analyzing Shore Based Fishing Spots [Spot Dissection – Crystal River, FL]

This Spot Dissection will be discussing tips on what to look for when searching for spots to fish from shore or wade. We will be...
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For This Weekend [May 22 -24]

See the game plan that you can use to catch some great fish this weekend based on the recent trends and the upcoming weather & Memorial Day weekend traffic.
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Top 3 Lures For Fishing Coastal Marshes (For Redfish, Trout, & Flounder)

Want to know what the best lures for fishing coastal marshes are? See them here, as well as how to rig them and how to use them to catch more fish.
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How To Tie The Redfish Zonker Fly (A 1-Piece Fly)

Want to learn how to tie the redfish zonker fly? This is an incredibly easy fly to tie, plus redfish love it. Learn how to tie it here.
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From Skunked Newbie To Inshore Slams In 6 Months!!!

Want to learn how to catch inshore slams in new spots fast? Check out this angler's system for finding spots and catching fish. This system took him from...
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Reaction Innovations Paddletail Review (Skinny Dipper & Little Dipper)

Thinking about getting the Skinny Dipper or the Little Dipper by Reaction Innovations? See how to rig them, where to use them, and more here.
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