Spinnerbaits: Rigging Tips, When (And When NOT) To Use Them & More

By: Joseph Simonds on May 19, 2020
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spinner bait

It’s spinnerbait time!

Do you fish in dark, murky water?

When fish can’t see well, they have to rely on other senses, such as their ability to feel vibrations in the water with their lateral line, to find food.

In these situations, a lure that gives off a lot of vibration works really well, which is why spinnerbaits are so popular in areas like Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and north Florida.

In today’s Tackle Tuesday episode, we’ve got the Salt Strong Team breaking down everything you need to know about bladed lures.

You’ll learn:

  • why tournament anglers love spinnerbaits
  • when NOT to use spinnerbaits
  • whether or not you should use a leader when using them
  • the best knots for using them
  • and much more

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Spinnerbaits & Bladed Jigs [VIDEO]

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Spinnerbaits & Bladed Jigs [PODCAST]

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catching snook with spinner bait

I hope you learned as much about spinnerbaits as I did in that episode!

The experience that Mark and Luke bring to the show, plus Wyatt’s knowledge of Mid Atlantic fishing is super helpful.

Have any questions about spinnerbaits?

Do you use them?

Let me know in the comments below!

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James Andersen
17 hours ago

Spinner baits–Does the color of the blade make any difference., gold, silver, or other? Thanks, James

5 days ago

I can’t believe you guys can’t cut your own hair. I’ve never had a guard come off Mark. Just even that out. Hair grows back quick. I only cut my own hair. Using a #3 guard and then just cleaning up the edges with no guard.
Anyway, great vid. Tight lines.

Sam Craparo
5 days ago
Reply to  Gary

Been cutting my own hair for over 25 years. Had fight with barber because he wanted cut like he wanted. Saves money for more tackle. I even cut my grand dogs hair. Like trying knots it takes practice.

Luke Simonds
5 days ago
Reply to  Gary

Haha! I’ve decided to try and go haircut-free for all of 2020, so I won’t have to worry about learning to cut my own for a while longer:)

Michael "Rico" Ortiz
Michael "Rico" Ortiz
5 days ago

Im still having trouble fishing for nice trout. I usually fish the docs of river road in rockledge wading. Ive seen tons of snook, some reds but thats about it. Never schooling just snook here and there under docks. Anyway my question is how can i catch more trout. I usually go around 8 a.m try some topwater then ill switch up to the shady but im not producing fish like i would like. Im landlocked which sucks. Any tips for me guys??

Luke Simonds
5 days ago

I used to fish the Indian & Banana Rivers, and my absolute best way to catch trout was using a soft plastic jerk bait up in the shallow flats where mullet schools were hanging around.

The key will be finding flats that are accessible by foot though. Otherwise, there should be a good amount of smaller trout along the causeways. But with that deeper water (more than 2 ft), I’d go with a paddletail soft plastic rigged on a jig head to bounce it along the bottom.

Pablo Diaz
5 days ago

Great insight on spinnerbaits from the Salt Strong team – can’t wait to see you test them on the water

Marc Wisniewski
Marc Wisniewski
5 days ago

Great discussion. I’d really like you guys to get Dr Kageyama on a pod cast. I bought and read that book 20 years ago and have always been fascinated with the subject. It would be great to hear some of the high points explained directly by the Dr.

Steven Free
5 days ago

I like to make my own I have used submerged for years here in northeast do where the water is 90 percent murky and the other 10percent it’s wintertime I use a #5 Colorado gold blade with a strikeking quarter ounce red highest with usually a paddletail or sometimes a gulp swimming mullet fished slow sometimes bumping the bottom by grasslines and oysters and pitched under docks slay the reds and flounder with it i always carry my favorite spinnerbait rod rigged with one i normally dont use a double bladed spinnerbait mostly single spin Colorado blade but sometimes if its a little clearer i will go to a willowleaf blade but always use gold silver is better in clearer water and willow leaf is better if your fishing deep Colorado blades are better for shallower water because of the lift they present but here in northeast fl usually shallow water I fish mainly unless in the middle of the day then I may fish deeper but usually then I concentrate on docks and I have found that all docks are never to deep for spinnerbait and I sometimes do use a slam shady on my spinnerbait but when I do I always dye the tail chartreuse I always use chartreuse on my tails on all my baits whether paddletail or twister style grub spinnerbait are always great here because of there vibration flash and i always tip it with a piece of fishbites and put some procure inshore fish scents for scent vibration scent and the visibility of the chartreuse tail make it a great spring summer and fall bait here in northeast do works for me😁

Matthew McClain
5 days ago

Insider here…

Would love to see the Storm 360GT Shrimp on either hook or jig be tested/compared to other shrimp soft baits. I recently purchased the 360GT Shrimp Hook to test out in my waters but would be curious to see what you think (about this lure, as well as, others from Storm as the 360GT Searchbait Paddle tail in Marilyn has been my most consistent soft plastic I currently use)

Steven Free
5 days ago

I gotta bait that will blow that one away a little more expensive but hundreds of fish can be caught with one shrimp the chasebaits flick prawn in jelly color is a dead ringer for the pink or white shrimp here in Florida the realistic look is incredible as well as the action it’s also weedless can be thrown into any snag without worry and it has a rattle put a dab of procure shrimp scent and its deadly on all saltwater species try it chasebaitsusa.com made in Australia but has a warehouse in ft pierce do shipping is fast about 3 days at 10 bucks a shrimp it’s well worth it works for me😁

Jonathan Clark
6 days ago

I had a report Saturday with a 28 inch red caught on a 2.0 on a spinner I use a spinner every time out here in Alabama at least once it works

Sam Craparo
6 days ago

Have recently purchased gold diesel Minnow chatterbait and caught trout and flounder. Zman has a spinner on a small rod that you can impale into the plastic but have not purchased one.

Anthony Bishop
6 days ago

Does Otis count as another species caught? Also would you ever consider making the Alabama Leprechaun in the Slam Shady color?