How To Rig & Retrieve The Alabama Leprechaun Lure


This page will show you how to catch the most fish possible while using your Alabama Leprechaun lures.

The great thing about soft plastic jerk baits is that they are so versatile and can be effectively used in so many different applications making them a lure type that can catch fish in pretty much all regions throughout the year.

But the bad thing about soft plastics is that they won’t work well at all if they aren’t rigged properly or if they aren’t retrieved in a way that generates strikes.

So the videos below will walk you through the essential details to make sure that you know the specifics for the following:

  • How to retrieve the Alabama Leprechaun like a pro
  • How to rig the Alabama Leprechaun to be your #1 lure of all time
  • Profile size control trick
  • How to decide which retrieve speed to use

Just click on the respective videos below to see the details:

Retrieving The Alabama Leprechaun

How To Rig The Alabama Leprechaun

Get these hooks here:

Profile Size Control Tricks

Deeper Water Retrieve Tips

Ideal Retrieve Speed

Ideal Equipment

Weighted Hooks

After testing a lot of weighted hooks over the years, my absolute favorite for the Alabama Leprechaun lures is the 3/0 weighted Hoss Helix hook with the 1/8th oz weight because its unique centering pin makes rigging very easy and it is the perfect size for this lure.

Click here to get the Hoss Helix Hooks


I highly recommend 7’6″ Fast Action blanks with Medium Heavy power (Medium for some brands like TFO). My favorite setup for overall value is the 7’6″ TFO Pro S (Medium) with a Daiwa Fuego 2500 reel rigged up with 10 lb braid…

Click here to get the entire package (rod, reel, lines, and lessons).


I highly recommend using 10 lb braid for maximizing your results when using the Alabama Leprechaun so that you can maximize your casting distance and feel of taps vs. thumps.

Click here to get the entire package (rod, reel, lines, and lessons).


In my opinion, the reel is not nearly as important as the rod and the line. I recommend 2000 to 3000 sized reels for inshore fishing with the Alabama Leprechaun lures because they hold plenty of line and have more than enough drag strength while they weigh much less than the larger reels.

Alabama Leprechaun Lures

These lures have proven to be excellent at catching the big fish in high pressured shallows due to their unique color pattern combined with their excellent action in the water when rigged and retrieved properly.

My favorite conditions for using them is when I’m fishing in the shallows with calm and/or clear water.

Get a pack of Alabama Leprechauns here


These Alabama Leprechaun lures will enable you to catch quality fish across all regions in areas where predator fish are feeding in the shallows even when other lures don’t seem to work.

The key is to practice the rigging and retrieve techniques shown in the videos above.

In a short amount of time, you’ll undoubtedly be catching more and bigger fish up in the shallows by using these unique Alabama Leprechaun lures.

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions… I am here to help!

P.S. If you want to get 20% off the Alabama Leprechaun lures and/or the weighted hooks to rig them with plus discounts on tons of other gear, click here to join the Insider Club.

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Robert Stewart
8 months ago

Enjoyed the videos, Luke. Excellent presentation. Thank you.

Judson Syrett
1 year ago

Been looking for a lure and technique for the fish I have been seeing shallow in clear water of late. Watched some of the videos and rigged up a 7’6″ w/a 3000 and will try it out tomorrow

james Hunt
1 year ago

are the Leprechauns and slam shadys good for bay fishing? Other than estuaries, or larger bays, not so many actual shallows here in my area. I have had good luck when there is some eel grass I can navigate through with a weedless rigging however. The water depth is usually 3 to 5 feet or maybe up to 8 ft in mid channel.. Then of course, there is always the surf.

Charles H
1 year ago

Does rod length and reel size matter when working plastic lures?

Bob Sherman
2 years ago

I watch these more than once and get a little something extra each time. Thanks for making them!

Brad Brumback
2 years ago

Luke, can you help me with how the wind driven current plays in to your retrieval suggestions? In areas with wind driven current casting with the wind (and therefore with the current) seems to be retrieving against the direction you would normally want to retrieve (in to the current rather than with it).

Gary Jarrett
2 years ago

You demonstrated how to make the plastic bait weedless using the Owner twist lock hook for shallow water. Would you suggest and should you rig the trout eye jig to make it weedless also for deeper water?

John C Crossley
2 years ago

How long does the scent last on the Alabama Leprechaun and how can the same scent be replenished?

Rich Pansa
2 years ago

I moved to Florida seven months ago from the north and consider myself a good (freshwater)fisherman until I move down here and had to take into account so much more ! I’m so glad I found Salt Strong !

Dom Roberts
2 years ago

Great article guys! loving your work I’ve learnt a lot, from the YouTube videos to the articles and the podcasts they are brilliant.
I will certainly feel better equipped with the knowledge when I hope to return for a holiday in the future.
Just wondering over here in the uk, we use breakaway mini clips for attaching lures quickly, meaning re rigging or lure swapping is done in seconds, also with the added movement to the lure like tying the loop knot.
Is there a reason you guys don’t use lure clips like that?
Thanks Dom

Dom Roberts
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks Luke for taking the time to reply 👍🏻
You guys over there do a lot more lure fishing and get afloat more than us here, the winds here keep us ashore often.
I used to attach lures with loop knots but to save time and an ever decreasing leader length now use clips all the time.
Would be interesting to do a side by side comparison in your waters to see if there’s a different reaction from the fish.
Really appreciate the reply tight lines
Cheers Dom


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