Tackle Tuesday (LIVE Q&A Topwater Lure Edition)


Happy Tackle Tuesday!

We’ve got the Salt Strong Team back today for an incredible roundtable discussion about all things tackle, including a big focus on topwater lures, the best rods for throwing them, and a sneak peak into Luke’s upcoming lure experiment, the Skitterwalk vs. the Super Spook Jr.

We’re also covering topics such as:

  • the best (and weirdest) tackle boxes
  • hacks to keep hooks organized (that may get you a lot of questioning looks)
  • the most common questions anglers ask in tackle stores
  • the future of fishing rods and reels
  • and much more

We were trying to go live on Facebook for this, but we had some technical difficulties so this is the first time this video is being released!

You can tune into this Tackle Tuesday by watching the video below, listening to the audio below that, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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Tackle Tuesday (Topwater Lure Edition) [VIDEO]

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Tackle Tuesday (Topwater Lure Edition) [PODCAST]

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Now, we promise our listeners that there is no math or big words, but since Mark is new to the podcast, he clearly did not remember the rules.

As mentioned in the video, here’s the definition of lineal:

Lineal (adj): composed of, or being arranged in lines


snook on topwater

Hope you enjoyed that Tackle Tuesday!

With all of this topwater talk, I can’t wait to get out on the water tomorrow!

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Roland Courtois
4 years ago

Great podcast, interesting from start to finish. I do have a request : perhaps Mark, with his industry background, can find a way for insiders from Canada to buy tackle on the Salt Strong site. For the time being, we can’t even register a home address if it’s in Canada. Thanks.

Brett Laws Laws
4 years ago

I used to use tooth pick containers in my bass days

Ryan Jacobs
4 years ago

YES…Skitterwalk’s the best!!! Also, look into the Cranka Crab Lure for sheepshead. They have foam claws with tiny trebles that float up into the defensive position. They are also an Australian company. Have to mail order the lure.

Ryan Jacobs
4 years ago

Haha…I have done the pill bottle thing for probably 20 years. I thought I was the only one that looked like a drug addict out there.


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