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By: Joseph Simonds on May 17, 2020
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Do you want to know what happens when a company publicly declares they are Christian?

Let me take you back to Oct 13th, 2019…

It was 9 am.

I was sweating bullets.

We were about to hit “SEND” on an email about God to our entire email list (almost 70,000 fishermen).

Was this going to be the end of our company?

Would this destroy everything we had worked so hard to build?

Would people leave our Insider fishing club in droves?

Would people think less of us?

Would God protect us?

Fear was starting to set in.

I’ll share what happened in a second…

First, let me tell you how we got here.

Just a few months earlier we had added the following mission statement on our website:

  • To Unite Friends & Families
  • To Serve Fishermen
  • To Honor God & Jesus Christ In Everything We Do

The biggest change to our public mission statement was the name, “Jesus Christ.”

We had never mentioned that on our site before.

But I had been challenged by one of my C12 Group Members to do make this bold declaration if I really believed it (thank you Darryl Lanker for the encouragement).

So we did it…

Can you guess what happened?

The next morning our entire site was shut down.

100% down!

As in every single page of our website was nowhere to be found online.

It was the first time in the history of our company where I couldn’t even log-in to our back end admin panel.

After some investigation, it turns out there are numerous groups that have spiders and WordPress plugins that are constantly scanning the web for the mention of Jesus, Christianity, etc.

And when they detect Christian based content, they do anything they can to hack in and shut it down…

It was a clear sign that there are forces trying to attack and slow down the spread of Christianity…

It was also a clear sign that we were doing the right thing… someone was scared for us to spread this message…

So fast forward to Sunday, October 13th:

Luke and I felt we had been called to start a series called Salt Strong Unchurched (you can see all of the past episodes here).

Not to become pastors, but to share the love of God and to help answer the same questions that we struggled with for many years (and still continue to struggle with some days).

We wanted to cover hard-hitting questions like:

  • Is God real?
  • If there really is a God, why does he let bad things happen to good people?
  • How can the Bible be correct if there if the Theory of Evolution is correct?

The goal was to have an open discussion about faith, God, love, and how all it plays a role in our lives.

And we were about to email episode #1 of UNCHURCHED to our entire audience…

The email started with this quote:

“One of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace.” ~ Billy Graham

It then went on to share my journey of giving up on the Church along with how everything changed when I found out I had cancer along with an amazing story from my friend (and fellow Salt Strong Insider Pastor Johnny Kelly – you can see my email and the first episode of Unchurched here).

As I mentioned, the email went out to almost 70,000 people.

To say it was a scary moment would be an understatement…

Speaking candidly, our biggest fear was that revenues would drop and that it would cause pain to us and to our employees.

Within an hour of sending out the email, I received replies such as this:

“Way to ruin your entire brand. Mark my word, you’ll be out of business in 6 months from now…”

“This email is a bull*** move on your part, and says a lot about what kind of people you are. Take your religious zealotry right the f*** out of my inbox…”

But I also received some of the nicest, most uplifting, and powerful messages that have ever made it into my inbox.

I’d say out of the countless emails I received back, 90% were positive and proud to be part of a fishing community that stood for something.

10% were negative and some out-right evil replies.

But even with the few people who were angry with our decision to share our faith, I knew instantly that we did the right thing.

And even though we’ve certainly had some mud thrown at us (including some nasty emails, people we’ve never met or done business with trying to trash us as Christians on social media, and even a few threats), the doors that have opened, the blessings we’ve received, and the people we’ve been able to impact has been miraculous.

Thank you, God!!!

Here are just a few things that we’ve seen in our business since we launched Salt Strong UNCHURCHED in October…

  • We’ve gone from 8,000 Insider Club members to almost 14,000 members (in 7 months)
  • Our monthly revenue has DOUBLED (so take that to the dude who predicted we’d be out of business in 6 months)!
  • The amount of fishing tackle (Slam Shady lures, rods, reels, etc) that we sell each month has DOUBLED
  • The number of people downloading our Podcast has SKYROCKETED!
  • Our monthly YouTube views have gone up 40% (we’re now getting 1,600,000 views per month)
  • April 2020 was our best month in the 5-year history of our company (in the middle of a global pandemic)!
  • May 2020 is one pace to beat April by 15%
  • Most importantly, we’ve been able to reach and impact more people and more families

Does God protect those who boldly proclaim HIS name?

You decide.

We’re seeing the writing all over the walls on how GOD IS FLOODING US WITH HIS FAVOR and helping us reach more people to spread his LOVE ever since we proudly started sharing HIS name.

But let me be very clear, this isn’t all about doubling our revenue… (recall that we were nervous this move would slash our revenue, not grow it).

And this certainly isn’t about gaining more YouTube views (or any other vanity metric).

It’s much bigger than that.

The reason we publicly declared that we are CHRISTIAN is that we BELIEVE we were called to share God’s word using our platform.

We believe that we were called to be Fishermen… and Fishers Of Men.

We believe that if God is our father in church on Sunday, then why would we be afraid to share our beliefs the other six days of the week?

We believe that it’s time for businesses to stop hiding behind their faith and treating it like it’s something to be ashamed of.

Do you?

Before you listen to the candid episode below, let me cover a few misconceptions about Christian companies:

Biggest Misconceptions About Christian Companies

Ever since we opened up about being a Christian-based company, we’ve heard all kinds of crazy things from people on social media…

Here are a few of the biggest myths and misconceptions about Christian-based companies:

  • Just because a company is “Christian” doesn’t mean that they discriminate or have only Christian customers. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Real Christians LOVE and ACCEPT everyone… regardless of race, beliefs, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. We’ve actually heard from numerous non-Christian Salt Strong Insider members who said they joined simply because of how positive, uplifting, and non-judgmental we are. It was the same reason my wife and I enrolled our daughter in a Jewish school back when we lived in Tampa. It was the best school in the area and they loved on and embraced our blonde-haired little girl just as much as they did their Jewish students. Do you think Chick-fil-A only has Christian customers? Of course not.
  • Just because a company is “Christian” doesn’t mean the company (or its leadership team) is a bunch of Bible Beaters who claim to be perfect and don’t make mistakes. We’re all imperfect people. We all have flaws and battles we are fighting. We’re all sinners just trying to be the best versions of what God created us to be. If we ever allude to being perfect, slap us upside the head with a fish!
  • Just because a company is Christian doesn’t mean that they want to push religion on them – and it certainly doesn’t mean they expect every person to agree with them. Just like any post you see in your social media feed, if you don’t agree, then skip it and move on.
  • Just because a company is Christian doesn’t mean they look down upon or think differently about non-Christians. Here at Salt Strong, we love everyone (except for saltwater catfish… we still have issues embracing them).

Large Christian Companies We All Know

Here are just some of the Christian-based companies in America:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Marriott
  • Forever 21
  • Tyson Chicken
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • Interstate Batteries
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Merry Maids
  • Terminix
  • Mary Kay
  • HEB Grocery

Well-Known Christian Fishermen

If you’re a fisherman and a Christian, you aren’t alone…

Here are just a few well-known anglers who are public about their Christian faith:

  • Bill Dance
  • Roland Martin
  • Jimmy Houston
  • Hank Parker
  • Shaw Grigsby
  • Josh Jorgensen (BlacktipH – YouTube celebrity)
  • Robert Arrington (Deer Meat For Dinner – YouTube celebrity)
  • Tyler Anderson (Tyler’s  Reel Fishing – YouTube celebrity)
  • The Linder Brothers
  • Darrell Lowrance (founder of Lowrance)
  • Forrest Wood (founder of Ranger boats)
  • Capt. Peter Deeks (multiple world-record holder)
  • Capt. Mike Anderson (Reel Animals TV Show)
  • Randy Howell (Pro Bass Angler)
  • Edwin Evers (Pro Bass Angler)
  • Kevin VanDam (Pro Bass Angler)
  • Jesus

Are you ready to hear the episode?

In this episode below, I break down all of the amazing things (and the scary things) that have happened here at Salt Strong since we declared we are Christians.

I hope you enjoy.

What Really Happens When A Company Declares Christianity [PODCAST]


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Thoughts on companies declaring their faith and what they stand for?

Have you felt called to do the same but just scared to pull the trigger?

I’d greatly appreciate any and all feedback by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post.

You have my word I will read every single message (although it might be tough for me to get all of them considering the tens of thousands of people will read and see this).

Finally, I’d really appreciate if you’d take a second to SHARE this with your friends and family.

And if you feel called to share your love of God within your company, let me know.

Thank you for being part of the Salt Strong family and don’t ever hesitate to reach out if we can help you or better serve you in any way.

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Robert Borger
Robert Borger
8 hours ago

Congratulations! May God Bless and Protect you and your (OUR) Families! Keep up the good work and also helping to spread the word of God and Jesus Christ.

Tim Broeseker
15 hours ago

I admire your willingness to use your business as a platform to acknowledge your relationship with God as the centerpiece of your business philosophy.You have offered the option to members to explore this further for themselves in a way that is very respectful of those who choose not to. Keep up the great work, remembering that a very important part of your witness is excellence in what you do and how you do it, and you are demonstrating that. FYI the Regulator boat company has “doing what is right before God” or something similar in their values statement.

Don Johnson
20 hours ago

Love the last dude on your “Well-Known Christian Fishermen” list. Keep it up guys and thank you.

Tom Watts
21 hours ago

Joe and Luke, Wonderful articles and comments. You both are very genuine and inspiring. Thank you, Tom Watts, Naples, Fl.

David Johnson
21 hours ago

Joe and Luke,

I am a lifetime believer and raised by involved Christian parents. I joined in early summer last year and really liked what I saw. However, when you stood up for our God to profess your faith last October you stood 10 feet tall to me. I was even more glad that I joined and I have shared what you did with other people and prayed for your continued success. Thanks for using the platform God has provided for you. You will never know the “seeds” that you plant in other people for them to later develop their faith. You took a big risk and God has continued to take care of you and your company.

Additionally, I feel that you really give people their money’s worth with everything that you constantly provide to members. That is another way you demonstrate you faith put into action. Thanks much!

I want to encourage you with the same words God told Joshua when he was given the job to lead the people “BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS”

Press on, brothers !

22 hours ago

Any coincidence that all but one post is in your support. Why ask for people’s opinions only to censor out only the ones that you approve. A true “hypocritical” Christian. Jesus frowns on you and your like. I know that this comment will be deleted by you. Pathetic.

1 day ago

Joe My comment made perfect sense. As expected you purposely evaded the point that it is not the proper place to mention religion. Period. Let’s say Z Man or Daiwa, etc.. decided to impose their beliefs on Satan worship, Rastafarianism, etc.. there is no doubt that you would not feel the same way. That is hypocritical. Please do not delete this comment or you would be doing some of your readers/buyers a disservice buy only posting selected comments. P.S. I like you guys!

Daniel Rodrigue
1 day ago

This is a great article and you are running a great service. I am grateful I found Salt Strong and will always be a member. After seeing this post and your unchurched podcast I told my wife no fishing gear is to be purchased anywhere but here. Thank you for trusting in God and being honest about your faith.

1 day ago

Keep anything about religion out of your dialogue. That is a totally personal issue that no one else needs to be subjected to. The only people that pander to this is like minded Jesus believers. It is uncalled for and also unprofessional for a business to be doing so. Using your advertising forum to spout your personal views is absolutely wrong. You will need to mention all of the other religions (including atheism) if you plan to be fair to all of the readers and subscribers. There is no debate about that, otherwise you are assuming that everyone is or should have your same beliefs. If you feel anyone should know about your faith than put it on your personal Facebook page. I can not imagine that any other reasonable and fair person would agree that doing it on Salt Strong is inappropriate and possibly insulting trying to impose your beliefs that way. By the way, I was raised a Catholic and could care less who or what someone worships. That is not the issue!

Daniel Rodrigue
23 hours ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

In the same manner a business owner can choose to refuse service for any reason or post signs with opinions, those rights also extend to any thoughts or opinion of belief. Never has anyone from Salt Strong sought to impose their beliefs on anyone. We have lost our understanding of freedom in this politically correct world. The same freedom of expression you have to comment is the same freedom of expression they have to share their belief. It’s not pandering to a group, it’s being honest and there is nothing wrong with it. And yes I will support them more so because they have this stance, and others can choose not to support them, that’s a freedom of choice. As to fishing, I’m glad to see we both (you and I) love tight lines and all the beauty of nature that comes along with it. Have a great Memorial Day!

Paul Bandola
1 day ago

Thanks for standing up for your (and my) beliefs. God will take care of us.

Billy Barrow
1 day ago

Awesome job taking a stand for your beliefs. As you discovered, standing up armed proclaiming your faith is a difficult choice but the rewards, the spiritual rewards, are tremendous. In my experience, the most vocal critics will sometimes become some of your strongest allies. Keep fighting the good fight. JCIR!

Ken A Callon
1 day ago

Great Pod Cast Joe with a Greater Message. What a fitting Quote for these times.( Replace Fear with Faith) I have not been an Insider for very long. What a great Community of Fishermen . Thanks for Sharing Your Faith. During these trying times GOD IS IN CONTROL not man.
I am hoping to locate some Texas Saltwater Fishermen.

Robert Combs
1 day ago

Awesome article and podcast! I now know why I was being led to join Salt Strong Insider. I’m a Christian as well and follower of Jesus Christ. I’m 62 now and retired. Faith is the key brother. I get nervous sometimes too when I share my faith on Facebook with friends. But, we’re called to tell others about Christ’s love and in today’s world people need Christ whether they believe it or not. Jesus said if you deny me before men I’ll deny you before my heavenly father. After what Jesus did for me on the cross, I certainly will not deny Him. I’ve certainly have had trials over the years, mainly pertaining to my health. I was diagnosed with several types of skin cancer to include melanoma and had two episodes with blood clots in my left leg. I mention this, not looking for sympathy, but as a testimony of how great God is. He brought me through it all and, even though I have to wear a compression stocking and take blood thinners, God blessed me with a nice bay boat and the ability to continue to get out on the water because He knows that fishing is a compassion of mine. He’s number one of course! Well, God bless you, Luke, your employees, and your business! It’s a honor to be part of the Salt Strong family!

John Noble
1 day ago

Failure to take a stand for Jesus Christ is either because of ignorance, a weak faith, or truth suppression. Romans 1:18 to the end of the chapter is a list of manifestations that occur when truth is suppressed long enough. Look at the list of mental disorders that result from repeatedly saying “No” to truth. Rational thinking disappears and a reprobate mind takes over_ in other words, weird & twisted thinking. Truth is exchanged for the lie. Those who arrogantly reject Christ need to read the list and identify their particular brand of weirdness and detachment from reality. It might be a wake-up call.

Brett Cox / Bubba Love

What a great podcast. What a great message. What a great subject! I struggled with my faith for many years. I was raised by a grandmother who devoted her life as a “Born Again” Christian at age 16. She died at a young age of 78 years old. That’s when I lost my faith. I just couldn’t understand how God could take away one of his greatest assets. It took me many years and many readings and services to figure it all out and come back strong with my faith. I understand more now, but still have so many questions. That’s where forums and podcast and things like that come in handy for me. Church isn’t always the best place to get help and be informed. There’s so many other avenues. From a guy who still struggles, thank you for being upfront. I love this company. I love its message. I love its morals. And I love its faith!!

Tony Prescott
7 days ago

I love this post brother!! I’m a little disappointed I didn’t make the list though!!! 😁God bless you and your business!’ Salt Strong!! 💪

Joe Chamberlain
8 days ago

Joe and Luke, from the earliest days of SaltStrongs development it was evident that its leadership had integrity. Truth in advertising is a bit rare these days. But it was your clear intent from the beginning to be truthful, transparent, humble and fair. That is what drew me in to be an early member. And that is was draws others to Christians who have chosen a path unlike the rest of the world. Can you have integrity and truth in advertising without being a Christian? Yes, of course. But it’s rare. Some will ask what motivates your approach to business and to life? Your answer is given without judgement or pride or shame. You have chosen to follow the way of Jesus. It comes as no surprise to me.
Billy Graham said the next area of Evangelism will happen in the work place. Well here we go.
Thank you for your leadership.

Ga boy
Ga boy
8 days ago

Fishermen spend countless hours outdoors, breath taking sunrises, perfect sunsets, and just an all around in tune vibe of the natural world.
I therefore think it’s a good community to find fellow believers in God, his Son, and creation. The bible even comments on this in Romans 1:20 his invisible qualitys are clearly seen from the creation of the earth.
As my Australian friend would say good on ya mate for sharing your beliefs

Mark Williams
8 days ago

I consider myself what would be called a “non religious person” and I very much respect and admire your stance in voicing your Christian belief. As a company you don’t push your religious belief on to people, yet you acknowledge it is what brings meaning to you and the people around you. That is a very positive thing, regardless of what anyone’s belief system may be. Thank you for what you do. Salt Strong has been a very good thing for me and it’s very much appreciated.

Frank Santana
8 days ago

I’m not perfect, but I believe in an Almighty God who is. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have not been visiting any churches even before the pandemic but I believe even more now, with what is going on in the world today, that we all need to stay in fellowship with other believers as well. Stay Strong my brothers, on the water as well as the Word !!!

Jeff Jamison
8 days ago

Fantastic. Thank you. I’m a PK and still struggle. Thank you for your message.

John Kaplan
8 days ago

Courageous, respected and appreciated. Press on brothers.

Stephen Meyer
8 days ago

Joe, you and your brother are to be admired. Many people hide their Christianity because they don’t want to take the blowback from non-Christians. You guys led the charge, people received it positively and your numbers in all areas have grown. I am not only glad to be a member but proud to be a member.

8 days ago

Amen Luke 9:23