Salt Strong UNCHURCHED EP 2: “Why Church?”



Is it helpful?

Is it a waste of time?

Does it have to occur in a building with a steeple or is church really just about Godly people coming together (even over a beer or a softball game)?

These are some of the questions we heard from people after we published the first Unchurched episode, “Is God Real?” (see it here).

Quite honestly, I struggled with some of these church questions myself for a big chunk of my life.

So we brought back fellow Salt Strong Insider member Pastor Johnny Kelly of Discover Family Church in Lakeland, Florida to answer these tough questions about church.

Why Church? [VIDEO]

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Why Church [PODCAST]?

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I’d greatly appreciate any and all feedback by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post.

You have my word I will read every single message (although it might be tough for me to get all of them considering the tens of thousands of people will read and see this).

And if you live in the Lakeland, Florida area definitely go check out pastor Johnny at Discover Family Church.

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Rev. Capt. Jack Diehl
Rev. Capt. Jack Diehl
11 months ago

Thanks for this piece! I’m a retired Lutheran Pastor (now Pastor Emeritus at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Vero Beach) who got his captain’s license several years ago (6 pack). I send out a fishing report each time I fish and just about always end with “See you in church!” Good to see you speak to this. It’s Life giving to be connected with God and each other in this way. Thanks.

David Johnson
David Johnson
11 months ago

Another great episode! Thanks for sharing your faith through the platform God has blessed you with. I appreciate that you both are transparent with problems you have faced and the healing you have found. I am part of a fantastic church that is incredibly dedicated to doing God’s work and showing His love to others thru the various outreach ministries we have. To really understand church, you need to study community and its value as it was taught during Biblical times. One of the primary duties of communities is to take care of each other and that is what we are to do as God’s people coming together as his Church.

Guy Leveille
Guy Leveille
11 months ago

Great message Johnny and Joe! Especially the comments with about 10 minutes left where Pastor Johnny mentions that we don’t have to get “right” in order for God to love us! He loves us right where we are at (totally messed up, jacked up, broken up, dirty, grungy….whatever)! He can and will do any “fixing” of the things that are broken in our lives, from there on out. You could say He’s a Master at it! ????
Great points too about churches being no different than Salt Strong. A collection of people coming together for a common purpose. In the case of a church, it’s learning about our Creator.
Thanks for being willing to share your faith, Joe! And Pastor Johnny for taking the time to address these issues! My family and I attend Access Church in Lakeland (We meet at George Jenkins High School) with Pastor Jason Burns. Other than being a Cowboys fan, he’s a great guy! Haha
God bless and tight lines, men!


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