Weekly Newsletter: 10-27-19

best trout tips

Happy Sunday Salt Strong Nation!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend…

Were you able to get out and catch some fish?

We’ve got some awesome tips for here in this week’s newsletter with some popping cork tips, boating tips, redfish tips and much more!

Plus, last week we finally revealed a secret project we’ve been working on these past few months…

It’s called Smart Fishing Tides and it allows you to check the weather, tides, wind, radar, sonar, satellite maps, and much more all in ONE place as you’re planning your next fishing trip!

Learn more about it here and check it out for yourself at SmartFishingTides.com.

Also, special shoutout to Insider member, Joe Lancaster, for the awesome trout shot pictured above that he posted in celebration of his two year anniversary of being an Insider!

And speaking of Insiders, we’ve got a big thank you and welcome to the new Insiders for this month below.

Alrighty, enjoy this week’s newsletter!

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SMART FISHING TIDES (New Tide Tool Predicts Best Fishing Times)

Are you sick of having to go to multiple apps or websites to plan your fishing trip? Would you love having everything in ONE place? Check this out.
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Simple Boat Navigation Hack (That Saves Money & The Environment)

You don't ever want to run your boat aground, and with simple hack, navigating through new waters has never been easier. All you have to do is...
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7 Tips For Rigging Blue Crabs For Bull Redfish (Plus Video Proof)

Have you used blue crabs for redfish before? It can be very effective and in this video we'll show you how to rig them, what to watch out for, and...
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Kishel’s Fish Scent: Does It Really Work? [Day 1 & 2 Results]

Have you used Kishel's Fish Scent? In this experiment I tested a lure with Kishel's Fish Scent vs. a lure with no scent. Want to see what happened?
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How To Rig Popping Corks With A Slit (Pro Tips & Top Mistakes)

Do you use the popping corks with slits in them? In thise video we'll reveal the top mistakes most anglers make when using these, plus share a few pro tips.
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3 Tips for Your First Kayak Tournament [Insider Report]

Here's 3 keys for success when fishing a kayak tournament. Whether it's your first tournament or you've got a few under your belt, this video's for you!
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Using “Trends” To Quickly Catch A Slam While Exploring New Waters

This insider report shows how important knowing the real-time trends can be... quick slam while exporing new areas even with Otis causing trouble:)
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3 Hacks To Using A Hobie Mirage Drive in Shallow Water

Do you fish really shallow water for redfish, snook and trout? If you're in a Hobie with the Mirage Drive, check out these shallow water hacks.
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Salt Strong UNCHURCHED EP 2: “Why Church?”

Have you ever struggled with church? Wondering how it applies into your life? We brought on pastor Johnny Kelly to discuss this topic.
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Andy Benedict

This Strong Angler of the Week put his boys on a shark bigger than them!! Andy is always fishing with others, making memories on the water, and...
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Seasonal Bait and Lure Selection Guide [PDF Cheat Sheet]

Knowing what types of bait are more prevalent during certain times of the year can definitely help your success on the water. Predator fish are...
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Healing Heroes Through Kayak Fishing (With Heroes On The Water)

What an awesome organization! These guys take veterans, first responders, active-duty military and their families out on the water and help them by...
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