Kishel’s Fish Scent: Does It Really Work? [Day 1 & 2 Results]


It’s experiment time!

Today I’m testing out Kishel’s fish scent.

It was recommended to me by a friend so I figured I’d test it out to see if it actually works!

Here’s how the experiment was organized:

I rigged two nearly identical setups; same rod, same reel, same lure, same leader…

The only difference in the setups was the color of the braid so that I could tell which lure had the fish scent and which lure didn’t.

I would cast out each lure three times and then switch to the other setup.

Want to see how the lure with Kishel’s fish scent did compared to the exact same lure with no scent?

Watch the videos below!

Kishel’s Fish Scent Experiment: Day 1

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Equipment Used

Kishel’s Fish Scent Experiment: Day 2

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Equipment Used


kishel fish scent snook

So there you have it, the results of days 1 & 2 of the Kishel’s Fish Scent experiment are in.

And the preliminary conclusion so far is that this Kishel Fish Scent has not yet proved to be able to help you catch more fish per hour of fishing.

It did slightly better on day 1 with 3 snook on the scented lure vs. just 2 snook on the unscented lure.

But it significantly lost on day 2 with 7+ snook caught on the unscented with just 1 redfish caught on the scented lure.

Both trips were under 1.5 hours of fishing, so we’ll need more time on the water to conclusively prove one way or the other… just wanted to keep you up-to-date on what the status is so far.

Did the results of this experiment surprise you?

You can get their fish scent from their website here:

Day three will be coming soon!

Have you used this scent before?

Do you like it?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who uses this scent, or has been considering it, TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Jonathan Getz
11 months ago

Hey Luke, I’m curious about Bio Baits. Perhaps you could do a review? Supposedly similar to Gulp but more durable.

Joseph Sherer
1 year ago

Hey Luke, just curious have you tried this test in dark or stained water? I’m wondering if the scent might have a greater effect on the results where visibility is an issue?

Ferdinand Alsina
1 year ago

I notice that in the video your rod is a Toadfish but you listed the TFO Pro 7’6″ Medium Fast Action. I think this two are different type of rods. Or did TFO changed their logo or branding? I’m asking because I do like the way that Toadfish rod looks like, but not so much the TFO Pro 7’6″ Medium Fast Action. Thanks

Gary Rankel
1 year ago

I’m not surprised. I know some of the “experts” swear by the smelly stuff, but I always wonder if they’re just pitching their sponsor. I have to acknowledge, however, as you noted in a previous reply, that the Gulp folks seem to have figured how to infuse their products with the right odor. I understand it’s a water based scent, not an oil based one as pro cure and some of the other scents are.

I still wonder if some of the scent products might actually be a turn off to some fish under some conditions. I think the jury is still out.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Never heard of it but as far as scent goes I use procure and defiantly believe it works I have noticed at times when after Appling it to a topwater bait that if the fish don’t seem to connect as well that after so many casts to reapply and a lot of times they hit it hard right away never leave the dock without it I do believe it gives me an edge maybe not so where your at because your water is a lot clearer then where I fish just like the 3 b’s work to find fish I believe in sad scent sound and flash a bait that smells real and sounds real and flashes like a real baitfish here where I live is better then one with none of those qualities so all I can say is works for me????

Jim Skoczylas
1 year ago

I have been using Kishels scents for many years. Kevin the owner of Kishels Scents has been in the scent industry for over 40 years. He makes scent and lures for trapping, hunting and fishing. The Fish Scent is my favorite product Kevin makes. I am a Walleye Charter captain on Lake Erie on the Buffalo end of the lake. We have run experiments similar to yours, trolling one side with the fish scent and one side without the fish scent. The scent side always out fishes the non scented side. We will run it on live bait presentation and artificial bait presentations. I never leave the dock with out a bottle of Fish Scent. Kishels also makes a product called sludge hammer, it’s a granulated chum. We use it when we are anchored up perch fishing or ice fishing. Kishels also has an extensive line of hunting and trapping products.

Michael McDowell
1 year ago

I became aware of this product watching Luke in a video, a couple weeks ago. I immediately ordered two bottles thinking they would sell out. First time trying it was an accident. Sunset sitting on the end of our pier, bail open dropped a slam shady on trout eyed jig in the water while I was distracted doing something else. Before it hit the bottom a Jack swallowed it deep. Same night caught a Red, small Snook and a couple Lady fish. Certainly not scientific and I have been skunked since but The Kishel’s Scent has seemed to attract better than another product that is more of a gel. Not sure how long it stays on soft plastics compared to gel product. More will be revealed I guess.

Dan Kelly
1 year ago

Luke: Would it be safe to say that for most of your product/method tests, that what works down there for snook and redfish would probably work up in the northeast for similar fish (striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, etc)?

1 year ago

Where are you fishing in this video Luke? Also what rig are you using? z_man slim shady?

Thom Ray
1 year ago

Cool report. I was just thinking the other day “we need to see some of Luke’s product tests like the ol’ days!” We’ll done. Do some more !!

Roger Meyer
1 year ago

Love your tests. People are speaking of more kinds of knots and versions of knots as the best recently.

Ken Thayer
1 year ago

What model toadfish rod are you using? How do you like it?

1 year ago

Luke, how often do you find that you need to reapply this or any other scent to your artificials?

Delbert Young
1 year ago

I enjoyed the test. We’re always looking for an edge. The last test you did with scent seems it was a tie, and I don’t think I’ve used scent since… LOL. However now, I might have to get me some Kishel’s and give it a try.

Tom Marks
1 year ago

I like the test of scented vs unscented. Obviously fish use their sense of smell but how it is used is the kicker. Do they use smell to find prey or is it to identify good prey. Each species of fish may use smell differently. Sharks it appears use it to home in on prey. Snook I don’t know but I suspect they use smell as a way to know prey is in the vicinity and it may trigger a feeing behavior. It is my feeling that the scent doesn’t attract a fish to your lure but just lets them think food is present and it’s time to feed. Science it is applied to the lure it probably adds to the taste response causing the fish to hold the lure longer… in my opinion…. one more thing, I happen to know John Kishel. For years we both gave seminars at the same sportsmens banquet.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Marks

In my experiences some fish will follow a lure until triggered into striking. A change in action or using sent are my top two cures for turning a following fish into a biting fish.


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