Weekly Newsletter: 11-24-19

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And so it begins…

We’re starting to publish the first few cold front fishing reports and tips!

When Luke and I were growing up we always thought fishing after a cold front was useless…

Now we know that the fish don’t stop eating, they just move.

The key to catching fish at any time in any season is to know the trends (which is why we created the Insider Club…to share the trends with you).

So that being said, I’m looking forward to a winter full of catching fish with you!

We’ve got some awesome tips in this week’s newsletter, including whether or not snook are attracted to scent, the best spots to find sheepshead, and a crazy setup where Tony replaced a popping cork with a topwater lure and caught loads of trout.

Also, huge shoutout to Insider member Austin Campbell for the photogenic snook pictured above. Good job Austin!

Now, onto the newsletter!

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Topwater Lure As A Popping Cork? You’ve Got To See This!!!

Have you ever used a topwater lure as a popping cork? It's awesome! Instead of having fish hit the popping cork with nothing to show for it, now you can...
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Are Snook Attracted To Scent? (Shocking Lure Experiment Results)

Does adding scent to a lure cause you to catch more snook? In this video I'll share with you the surprising results of this experiment, plus...
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How To Choose The Right Size Circle Hook (For Live vs Dead vs Cut Bait)

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right size circle hook? In this video you'll learn which size circle hook to use with different types of bait.
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Kishel’s Fish Scent: Does It Really Work? [Day 1 & 2 Results]

Have you used Kishel's Fish Scent? In this experiment I tested a lure with Kishel's Fish Scent vs. a lure with no scent. Want to see what happened?
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Cold Weather Tactics to Catch Quality Fish [On the Water Report + Map Analysis]

Cold weather patterns are starting to settle in and in this report I will be discussing the strategy I used to catch some quality fish....
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Black Pelican Custom Spinning Rod Review [Top Pros & Cons]

Looking to get a custom fishing rod? In this video I'll break down the pros and cons of my Black Pelican Custom Rod, and custom rods in general.
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Where and How to Target Sheepshead [Spot/Map Dissection + Tactics]

In this Spot Dissection, we will be discussing locations and tactics to target sheepshead. Always keep in mind that these spot dissections can apply to...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Dave Otte

Check out this inspiring story of an angler who wanted to quit because he wasn't catching anything, but is now the one putting his friends on fish!
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The One Fish That Changed Bill Dance’s Life Forever…

The legendary Bill Dance shares his story on the podcast! He talks about the fish that changed his life forever, making a career in fishing, and much more.
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How To Find Your Life’s Purpose (3 Simple Steps)

Have you struggled with finding purpose in your life? Don't worry, you aren't alone... we all have. In this video we uncover some awesome tips for your life
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Catching 7 Species In 2 Days With 1 Lure (Pre & Post Cold Front Tips)

Want to catch more fish this fall and winter? Learn how in this video, plus see some awesome fish catching action. Before and after cold fronts are...
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“Catching LUNKERS In People’s Faces” With Lunkerdog Jeff Maggio

Have you seen this guy's videos? Lunkerdog is a riot and he did not disappoint in this episode. We talking fishing events, beards, and much more.
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