How To Find Your Life’s Purpose (3 Simple Steps)

By: Joseph Simonds on November 17, 2019
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how to find life's purpose

Have you ever struggled with your purpose in life?

Ever wondered WHY you were put here on this Earth?

Ever had a tough time defining why you wake up in the morning and if your life really matters?

If so, you aren’t alone.

In fact, this BIG question of purpose is one that every human has asked himself or herself on countless occasions.

So we brought back fellow Salt Strong Insider member Pastor Johnny Kelly of Discover Family Church in Lakeland, Florida to answer these tough questions about purpose.

He even shares his THREE simple steps to defining purpose.

Definitely listen until the end (it gets really powerful).

How To Find More Purpose In Life [VIDEO]

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How To Find More Purpose In Life [PODCAST]?

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And if you live in the Lakeland, Florida area definitely go check out pastor Johnny at Discover Family Church.

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Jonathan Getz
7 months ago

Appreciate these messages Joe! Keep it going!

Wayne Geisler
7 months ago

THANK YOU JOE……..for the discussion about God and purpose! I am a Cancer patient right now and have great faith concerning my condition and cannot imagine not knowing God in a personal way. I asked Christ into my life 40 years ago,
and NOTHING compares to that decision I made then! Life works like it should in every way when you live your life under
God’s wisdom and direction, as I know my future is under His control and I know in the end I will be in Heaven as he has
promised by making that right decision! I love fishing , and being retired, I go as often as I can. Please keep doing these
inspiring video’s, and I pray many many folks will “get” your message, and consider how much God’s loves them and want’s
to be greatly involved in their life! God only want’s ONE thing from us……US! To all I say give yourself to him and see how
great life can be! Thank you!

Wayne G.

Jonathan Getz
7 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Geisler

Amen Wayne! Praying for you

Wayne Geisler
7 months ago
Reply to  Jonathan Getz

THANK YOU Jonathan!