Why do scientists have such a hard time believing in God?

Does science increasingly prove that God and Christianity are real?

Can God and Science both be right?

What’s up with the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory (and where does God fit in)?

These are some of the questions we heard from people after we published the first Unchurched episode, “Is God Real?” (see it here).

Quite honestly, I struggled with some of these “GOD vs SCIENCE” questions myself for a big chunk of my life (including where the dinosaurs fit in with Adam, Eve, and you and me).

So we brought back fellow Salt Strong Insider member Pastor Johnny Kelly of Discover Family Church in Lakeland, Florida to answer these tough questions about God and Christianity.

God vs Evolution vs Science [VIDEO]

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God vs Science [PODCAST]?

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You have my word I will read every single message (although it might be tough for me to get all of them considering the tens of thousands of people will read and see this).

And if you live in the Lakeland, Florida area definitely go check out pastor Johnny at Discover Family Church.

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4 months ago

I enjoy these podcasts with the Pastor and you Christian views. Please keep on with ” the good fight”. I get notified every time on my email when there is a new Salt Strong post but not these Christian podcasts. I wonder why.

Tommy Smith
11 months ago

Thanks for your Unchurched series!
Y’all’s messages are excellent.

After listening to all of them so far, I would recommend that they be reduced in time to less than 30 minutes each.
I am always thinking about my son, Jason, age 43. He is married with two children. I want to forward your unchurched messages to him but am concerned that I may be sending him too much information?

Please keep up the good work.



Dennis Bills
11 months ago

Hey Joe, I appreciate so much your willingness to obey the Lord and use the vehicle and platform that he provided you through Salt Strong. It is regrettable, that for so many it seems, there exists such an unnecessary divide between Science and Religion. The ultra religious rejecting science, (many times outright and without cause) and those ultra atheists that would use science as a tool , at times declaring theory as actual fact, to discredit God and promote their agenda. It is all so unfortunate. I once taught on this , for five weeks, many years ago at a church my wife and were at in N.J. long before we moved to S.C. I wanted so much to avoid just preaching, as they say, to the choir, by simply providing all of the one sided “facts” to promote something that everyone already believed anyway. I mean let’s face it, no one was there. So rather than presenting God vs Evolution/Science, instead I placed God /Evolution on the same side of the equation and pitted them both against Science. That way instead of singularly attempting to prove one or the other, I simply presented each one in how they stand up to actual science. I discussed everything from, something as heady as the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics, to the Scientific Method, Scientific and Statistical Probability, to known Laws of Mutation, all way to something as simple, and an evolutionary nightmare, as a little bug called the Bombardier Beetle. BTW, I am not an educated guy and this took months of research. The simple conclusion was, that there is no actual science to support evolution as fact. In fact, based on nothing but science, the logical absurdity of it is staggering. Truth is, the same holds true for absolutely proving creation, like I said we weren’t there, but the scientific evidences absolutely show it as certainly more supported. That is why within the upper echelons of science, that evolution has drastically declined in favor, for at least the last few decades. Truth is, I would believe in Evolution, but I simply do not enough faith. If I had the kind of faith in God that it would take to accept Evolution, there would not be a sick person for miles. Even if suddenly there were to be discovered that Evolution is indeed correct, it would not change one bit of all that Jesus has done for me. If would not affect the new life and love and joy, He has graciously given to me over and over. Nor would if change the tangible presence of His Spirit within me. God Bless Brother. Keep it up.

Marlene W Chang
11 months ago

God bless you and your family ????❤????

Marlene Chang
11 months ago

Love it God bless you and your family.

1 year ago

You know what i find interesting? I can’t think of a single living creature on earth other than humans who ponder such deep questions as why are we here?, where are we going?, and why do bad things happen to good people? The closest nexus below humankind is so distant that it is difficult to contemplate human life as being the result of small mutative changes over time. This gives me pause when i consider the possibility of life by chance without the benefit of a caring creator. Science must answer things in tangible ways and since creation and spiritual things are not tangible a disconnect is inevitable. As was discussed in your podcast, the Bible is not a science textbook. However, whenever it touches on matters of proven science it is always accurate. The Bible even speaks of scientific matters before they were known by man. Consider the water cycle, the earth being a round sphere hanging in space, the concept of dealing with human waste and quarantine just to name a few. Science and the Bible truly compliment one another. The precarious theory of evolutionary chance notwithstanding. Anyway, just my take on an interesting subject. By the way, a few points: the Bible is full of chronology and it is possible to navigate its chronology to determine when Adam and Eve, Noah, and others lived; science can’t but the Bible can provide satisfying answers to our contemplations as mentioned at the outset; dinosaurs were likely just another part of Gods creative work when he made all creatures ‘according to their kinds’ and they simply went extinct for whatever reason. (mostly anyways, the pelican and alligator may wish to fight the extinction word)
Thanks for listening, J.

Mike Teague
1 year ago

Heya Joe, I couldn’t be happier that you (or anybody else for that matter) found what you feel is your purpose via a religious outlet. I am personally an atheist, I feel morality and love preceded religion of any kind. I also feel I am a moral, loving, caring human being without the need of a god. I am judged by people claiming to be more moral than i based solely of their religious views. I feel that ALL people pick and choose their morals. Nobody (I have found) follows all the doctrines of the bible. They also pick and choose the moralities the bible teaches that aline with their personal morality. I respect anyone’s right to believe whatever they they choose. As the old saying goes I have no problem with someone saying ” I can’t do that because my religion says I can’t. ” my major problem lies when they say “YOU can’t do that because my religion say I can’t. ”
I couldn’t agree more that more love for our fellow humans is what is lacking on this planet, but I also feel like religion is the biggest reason for that divisiveness.
Thank you for allowing (even encouraging) any and all points of view on the subject.
Love and respect, Mike

Michael Schulze
11 months ago
Reply to  Mike Teague

Good morning Michael. It is good to see that people can have different views and still be respectful. Today it seems that if you don’t agree with someone you must hate them. Have a great day!


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