The One Fish That Changed Bill Dance’s Life Forever…


The man…

The myth…

The legend…

We’ve got the one and only Bill Dance on the podcast today!

Bill is in his 54th year doing fishing TV shows and has an incredible story.

He’s seen it all, from the invention of trolling motors, to braided line, to fish finders, and has caught loads of fish with and without these breakthroughs in technology.

Not to date Bill, but he’s been catching fish for longer than most us have been alive!

In this episode, we get into some things many people don’t know about him (including how funny he is):

bill dance fishing selfie

In this exclusive interview, Bill Dance shares:

  • How one fish changed his life (and the lives of many other fishermen) forever
  • Some of his best fishing tips (like how fish hear and feel sound, and how to approach them if you don’t want to scare them off)
  • How he got started in TV (hint: it was not his idea) and all the ups and downs he’s experienced through it
  • His advice for up and coming anglers if they want to make a good career in fishing
  • And much more!

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Bill Dance On Fishing, Life & TV [PODCAST]

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bill dance interview
Bill Dance with a monster snook!

What a career!

And even after all the success that he’s had, he’s still an incredibly humble and kind man.

Definitely an inspiration to all of us anglers out there!

You can catch Bill Dance Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel and Bill Dance Saltwater on the Sportsman Channel.

Or, you can keep up with him at his website or social media at the links below:

What’s your favorite memory of watching Bill Dance?

Let me know in the comments below!

young bill dance fishing

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James Renforth
3 years ago

The “Bill Dance moment” that sticks in my mind is when the snake fell into the boat as Bill jumped out of the boat!!!

Bill Jenkins
3 years ago

Great Podcast. Fun to listen to Bill Dance

Scott Mares
3 years ago

I just got through listening the podcast with Bill dance and I have to say it was very enjoyable Bill mentioned that he was celebrating his 54th year and I just happen to be 54 years old and have been fishing since I was about seven years old as well.

Colin Campbell
3 years ago

They don’t make them like Bill any more!

Gary Robinson
3 years ago

A truly enjoyable guy to watch over many many years… of course my very favorite to watch are the out takes (bloopers) he has compiled over those years. I have seen him fall out of the boat, fall into the boat, and about everything else you can think of. Always my favorite “fishing guy”.

Brian Hoffstetter
3 years ago

I remember hittin the ‘Coast to Coast’ hardware store for my red and white Dare Devils for 25 cents each.

Brian Hoffstetter
3 years ago

I ran into Mr. Dance while he was waitin on Cpt’n Deeks at the boat ramp in Grant and had a nice short conversation with him where I told him he was my inspiration.

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago

The one and only! For many of us who didn’t have someone to teach us first-hand how to fish when we were growing up, Bill Dance was our first fishing coach! What an awesome podcast!

Dave Otte
3 years ago

That was an honor to hear the stories from a true fishing legend and pioneer! I grew up in Memphis watching Bill Dance Outdoors and even then as a child, I appreciated that he was ‘teaching’ us about fish and how to catch fish. And now that’s what Joe, Luke and Tony do – they are taking the heart of Bill Dance’s vision to the next level and the next generation. Thank you Joe for sharing this with us!


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