How To Catch GATOR TROUT In The Fall & Winter


He’s back!

If you love catching big speckled trout, you’re going to love this podcast.

We had Chris Bush from the Speckled Truth on a few months ago to talk about catching gator trout, and because we got so much good feedback from that episode, we’ve brought him back today to talk specifically about catching big trout in the fall and winter.

Here’s the quick backstory…

Chris Bush started, a blog dedicated to catching speckled trout, which has started a movement in the gator trout scene.

Through this, he started the Dirty 30 Citation Program and the State Trophy Trout Citation Program.

dirty 30 speckled trout
Gator trout with 14″ redfish in its mouth

These two programs are not only fun clubs for people who’ve caught monster trout, but also valuable data collection programs.

He has hundreds of recorded 30″ trout and trophy trout catches, and he’s been cross-referencing all of those catches with the time of year, moon phase, weather, tide, and other factors.

Through all of this data, he’s noticed trends that can help you stack the odds in your favor if you want to catch monster trout.

In this episode, he’s sharing some of that data, plus:

  • His favorite types of lures to catch 30″ trout
  • How to keep catching fish when the bite “slows down”
  • His favorite types of spots to find big trout
  • Where you can find gator trout in the winter (you won’t find small trout here)
  • The best conditions to look for if you really want to catch a 30″ trout
  • Why big trout hang around little trout in the winter but not the summer (this is pretty savage)

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Catching Gator Trout In The Fall & Winter [PODCAST]

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This guy is an absolute gold mine when it comes to getting info about gator trout!


speckled truth gator trout

I love what Chris has done with the Speckled Truth and its citation programs.

All of this data has helped anglers catch more gator trout and make memories out on the water.

Plus, he also records whether the fish was released or not, and he’s finding that the majority of them are, which is great for the future of our fisheries.

Chris recently started a podcast, so if you want to keep up with him you can listen to it on Spotify here, or keep up with him at the links below:

Have any questions about catching gator trout this fall and winter?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Thomas Campbell
4 years ago

Great podcast! I’ve been fallowing Chris and what he does for awhile now and I looking for my first gator now lol I like how he said that big trout can be swimming with the dinks because I have always heard different, so now I feel a little better. I took a buddy to big lagoon to show him a new area and I caught a bunch of dinks. He goes the next day without me and catches a 27 inch gator lol. Keep these podcasts coming joe I love them.

4 years ago

Thanks for listening and following us Thomas!

Gary Rankel
4 years ago

Methinks I’ll have to get over to the east side of the state to have a chance at one of those gators. The biggest one I’ve got up here (Citrus County) in 14 years is 24 inches, and I can count the number of 20+ inchers on both hands.

Great shot of that gator with a red in its mouth (are you sure you didn’t put that red down its throat)?

4 years ago
Reply to  Gary Rankel

Hey Gary, there are a good number of 6-8 pounders around Crystal River. Try using some impossibly large baits to catch gator trout.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hope you’re right. 15 years of fishing Citrus County inshore waters and have yet to get one approaching that size. Will keep looking.


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