GATOR TROUT: Catching Big Specks With The Speckled Truth


Have you seen this guy’s Instagram?

Talk about big trout!

We’ve got Chris Bush on the podcast today to talk about two of our favorite things: gator trout and conservation.

Chris started, a blog dedicated to catching speckled trout, which has started a movement in the gator trout scene.

In this episode he talks about:

  • The Dirty 30, an exclusive gator trout club
  • An amazing story about fishing with his dad that reminds us of the real reason why we fish
  • When the best time to catch gator trout is and on what lures
  • How he’s using his influence to promote trout conservation
  • How he’s gathering data to get more information about gator trout

Listen to the podcast here by clicking the play button below, or check it out on iTunes or Stitcher, and don’t forget to subscribe!


Note: want to catch your personal best trophy trout? Check out the Speckled Trout Blueprint here.

Gator Trout With The Speckled Truth [Podcast]

fish strong podcast

stitcher fish strong podcast

Note: want to catch your personal best trophy trout? Check out the Speckled Trout Blueprint here.


speckled truth dirty 30

How cool is the Dirty 30 program and all the data they’re collecting?

If you want more of the Speckled Truth, be sure to follow them on Instagram or Facebook, or at check out their website below:

Also, be sure to check out the Empty Stringers Catch and Release program, too:

Have a question about gator trout?

Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Want to catch your personal best trophy trout? Check out the Speckled Trout Blueprint here.

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Delbert Young
5 years ago

Great podcast. It is very interesting about the moon phases, i.e. new and full. I’ve avoided the full moon, but now see I will need to change my strategy. I’d enjoy a video tutorial on how you fish the Paul Brown’s Fat Boy. BTW – I ordered all 5 you listed. Thanks for the link and specifics.

Joe Chamberlain
5 years ago

This is the best program by far you have presented. The Speckled Truth speaks my language. Love it I too have put together a data base using data from the IGFA and tracking moon phases, time of year as well as reading scientific papers on the life cycle and habits of Spotted Seatrout in coastal regions of the south. In addition I collect my own data and those who fish with me I tag released Fish and really enjoy studying the data. I’m hooking up with the Speckled Truth for sure BUT it’s Salt Strong that I thank for making this resource available. Thanks Joe and Luke for staying true to your mission.

Darrell Smith
5 years ago

Interesting podcast. Enjoyed it. By the way, did he suggest a favorite go to color of the joe browns fat boy?

Christopher Bush
5 years ago
Reply to  Darrell Smith

Hey Darrell, thanks for listening and great question, that can vary widely based on conditions. Having said, ones I will not be caught without are 1. 09 2. 11 3. 01 4. 98 5. 31

Jamie Beadle
5 years ago

This guy is 100% Salt Strong – y’all need to figure out how to partner with/bring him onboard. Great podcast.


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