How To Use Underspin Lures For Big Trout & Redfish


When you’re fishing dark water, you want a lure that will give off lots of flash and vibration to attract fish.

Paddletails are good for this scenario, but if you want to add even more flash and vibration, try an underspin lure.

The blade below the lure does a great job at catching fish’s attention, even when the water is roughed up and dirty.

And in the video below, you’ll see how I caught one of my biggest redfish with an underspin lure, and how you can use it to catch fish, too.

Underspin Lures [VIDEO]

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With the water already dark and the active mullet making it even darker, it might’ve been tough for a redfish to find my lure.

But with the underspin blade, my lure had a bigger profile and made a lot of commotion, so the red was easily able to hone in on it.

Have you tried an underspin lure?

If you fish in dirty water, give it a shot!

Get the underspin lure I’ve been using at the link below:

And if you want another option for a spinnerbait, check out the Strike King Redfish Magic.

Have any questions about these lures?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Casto
1 year ago

Colorado or willow blade? Gold or silver?

Asner Reodica
2 years ago

Oh snap a Justin video!!! Look at you slay. Now I get it… This is a video on underspins. But can I get the specs on your set up?? I’m going to take a guess. Star Plasma ll and a 3K Osprey? Suffix 832? Lol

Joshua Biever
2 years ago

Is the preferred method just a slow steady retrieve? or should you incorporate some twitches in the retrieve?

2 years ago

Trout magic with a slam shady paddle tail is hard to beat, been using them for the last year in all water clarity with good results in Tampa bay – there are times it out fishes my son’s live shrimp. Great article

John Ireland
2 years ago

Here in the Galveston area the water is for the most part dirty except for those special days when the water rolls in green. This isva great tip and works well here.

Teri M Cranford
2 years ago

Justin, which Hobie are you fishing out of? Thanks!

2 years ago

I am always looking for an edge to help me catch more fish. You guys make it look so easy but I still haven’t been able to catch anything with a lure, including the Slam Shady. Full disclosure; after watching my friends pull in a few keeper with shrimp, I give up on the lures.
I typically fish in and around Mayport/Jacksonville, FL., and I can hardly wait to get back out and try again.

Alfred Davis
2 years ago
Reply to  Ron

Iam Al haven’t had much look fishing in jax with lures i guess u guys have to come here and try your lures

Mike Gant
2 years ago

Use under spins a lot for white bass and white perch spring runs along with a Rooster tail , all I use for these fish

Jerry Dexter
2 years ago

Good Idea

Ted Hawthorne
2 years ago

Thx, Justin – like your outside the lines thinking! I’ve rigged a soft plastic on an old spinner bait rig, chartreuse head & skirt w/a willow blade in the past with modest success in the past. I like this jig head better since it’s purpose designed for these lures and will max out their action. Looking forward to trying this out!


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