The Science Behind Florida’s Water Quality Issues (State Of Denial)


It’s podcast time!

A few weeks ago we shared a trailer for the documentary titled, “Florida, State Of Denial.”

It was so heavy-hitting that we had to bring the creator of the documentary, Clay Kraski, on the podcast.

He’s spent the last few years researching the effects of pollution in our communities, what’s causing it, and how we can fix it.

We talk about this and more in this episode.

Click the play button below to listen to it here, or check it out on iTunes or Stitcher.


Florida, State Of Denial [Podcast]

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Florida, State Of Denial [TRAILER]


You can follow the documentary here:

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What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below!

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roy noblin
3 years ago

i agree the state is in a state of denial but i also know we did not have this problem before the 50’s. we had farms, cattle ranches and low lands but in the fifties we started filling in the low lands and built houses on the low lands, the farms and cattle ranches. we dug ditches and canals to divert the runoff directly into our water both inland and off shore. now add the slow release fertilizer to keep those yards green and you see what we have today. so no i did not watch this whole thing as i blame the uncontrolled growth being the problem. nothing more and nothing less. yes growth brings more jobs but also more people who live here year round. so the hand off is do we stop filling in our low land or do we blame farming so we can build more pollution makers.


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