[NEW CASE STUDY] Scientific Method For Catching Inshore Fish In The Winter


This new case study fishing report is yet another example of the Scientific Method for catching inshore fish during the winter months.

Best of all, this trip shows a clear example that live bait is not required to get some fun fish catching action… even when winter time fishing in areas you’ve never been to before.

The inshore waterways just north of Marco Island was the target zone for this trip.

marco island fishing report map

I invited Greg Schuler, who is an Insider Club Member from that area, to join me for a fun day out on the water.

To make sure that this wintertime case study trip was valid, we had just 2 rules:

– Rule #1: I had to be in charge of picking the spots to fish because I had never been there before

– Rule #2: We would only use a select few lures so that we would get distracted from the fish finding plan [no live bait]

Marco Island Fishing Trip Report

The video below shows some fun fish catching footage from our day out on the water while we implemented the plan for finding fish in a new area.

This footage is in sequential order, so you can see how the species caught evolve over time and type of spot.

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This trip was a fun example that plenty of fish can be caught on those cold and windy days after a cold front has pushed through.

All that is needed is a core understanding of how the fish react to cold shocks to the water temperature and a few trusted lures.

For many years, I thought that inshore fishing after cold snaps was a lost cause, so I totally missed out on many fun trips because I didn’t even bother to go out.

If you find yourself struggling to consistently catch as many redfish, seatrout, snook, or flounder as you would like during the winter months, then I highly recommend joining the Salt Strong Community.

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And an added bonus of networking with thousands of likeminded anglers who are eager to help you out is that you’ll surely meet some great new fishing friends too.

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5 years ago

I love YOU GUYS!

5 years ago

I thought the ad said 1st year was free? It’s actually $147!?

Steven Free
5 years ago

Should be 58 to 59 degrees not 69

Steven Free
5 years ago

Yea I guess with my old age I have just turned into a dumbass because even though recently after becoming a LIFE MEMBER of saltstrong my catch ratios have really not increased at all and even though I believe everything you say and do and you have videos and pics to prove it for me it’s not working I do everything you say and go to the spots that the maps would suggest and once in a while I will catch some but very rarely will I get a slam I just don’t understand it it’s almost like I wasted my money and time I even followed a guides advice that is now helping saltstrong went out yesterday with a detailed plan and didn’t even get a bump saw fish and believe it or not plenty of bait but no takers ole capt Dave lunsford here in the northeast fl region had and does a very detailed report for the northeast fl region and i followed it to the letter but nothing and his advice not only sounded good but the fish I saw were exactly where he said they would be and i used the same lures as well and used them just like he said they should be used very slow because the water is very cold I was marking an average temp of about 58 to 69 degrees in the warmest areas I even tried an old trick that has at least saved the day on a lot of occasions trolling for trout but again not even a bump not a good Christmas day at all it was nice to be out but it’s a good thing my life did not depend on me catching fish for dinner because I would be starving to death anyways thanks for the advice????

David Stoots
5 years ago

Luke, come on down south to the 10K Islands or the Everglades National Park and we’ll do the same thing!

Mel Bledsoe
5 years ago

Went fishing today in the Santa Rosa sound in the gulf breeze area. Specifically from tiger point to Woodlawn beach. Used the gulp chartreuse swimming mullet in the canals and the mouth of the canals. Almost did a double slam. Reds, specks and flounder. Broke off on a minimum of a 36″ red.
Point is, I joined salt strong a year ago. Could not catch anything but water. One year later, I expect to catch fish. Rarely do I get skunked and I especially use jigs, soft plastics and owner hooks. Thanks for giving us the tools to do this. Merry Christmas to the Strong family and the membership. Tight lines bros.

Dennis Wheelus
5 years ago

How deep were you fishing?

Dennis Wheelus
5 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Love your site, having what you catch your fish with at the bottom of the page as you catch them is different from any angler show out their. You guys do a great job of teaching not just showing yourself catching fish like most fishing shows. Merry Christmas

Rick Colley
5 years ago

Hello Salt Strong People!

Luke, thanks for the tutorial. Very informative. Not sure if you’ve previously covered this or not, but, when trying to find the best map, ie. Mapquest, Bing, or Google, I have found that you can easily view historical mapping, that is, different lighting conditions etc., of whatever spot or location or region you are interested in. My go to source is “Google Earth Pro”. Download the program to your PC, (there is a mobile app but, I don’t think there are historical images on the app), find the spot you are intrested in, then, in the upper left-hand toolbar, click on “view”, then click on “historical imagery”. At this point a navigation “slide-bar” will appear in the upper lefthand corner of google earth. The slidebar will have a moveable choice/option all the way back to 1995! Just click on the arrow at either end of the slidebar and you can advance the picture through probably 15 or 20 different photos (different lighting, different angles, etc.) of the exact same location. Take care!!

Greg Batchelor
5 years ago

Great stuff, Luke! Merry Christmas.

John Martin
5 years ago

Luc, you casting skills are fantastic. I am practicing in your pond here, but that storm 2 days ago was the worsted seen in winter ever. Global warm. Join the Glads Bull Sugar complain focused on water condition in Florida and wish to go vireal to get are point across
Practice practice practice. Scientific method sure works.
Merry Christmas
John Martin


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