The Future Of Fishing TV Shows…

future of fishing tv shows

Fishing television shows…

If you are anything like me, you grew up looking forward to the weekend where you could watch your favorite fishing television shows (back before there were 3,000 channels and the ability to record and fast forward on demand…)

I still recall my brother Luke and I as young kids watching Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, and Hank Parker on the old tube tv…

As we got older and started getting into saltwater fishing we gravitated to guys like Flip Pallot and Jose “The Spanish Fly.”

And over the past 15 years or so, we’ve loved watching everything from Saltwater Experience, Flats Class, Bass2Billfish, Into The Blue, Addictive Fishing, Carter Andrews, Reel Animals, and many of the newer shows.

However, a couple years ago all of that changed…

My wife and I and decided to cut the tv cord…

I mean, we really cut the cord…

  • No cable
  • No Netflix
  • No Hulu
  • No Roku
  • No Apple TV
  • No nothing (although we did recently discover that our Amazon Prime account has some pretty good content so we are occasionally enjoying Amazon content during the weekend via the one TV that we kept).

So I went from someone who consumed quite a bit of TV to consuming pretty much zero TV (along with millions of other Americans doing the same).

Which begs the question, “What’s the future of these fishing TV shows that rely on eyeballs watching them on TV when so many people aren’t consuming the content on an actual TV anymore?”

Will YouTube eventually take over?

Will Netflix or Amazon start producing fishing TV shows?

Will everyone need to subscribe to outlets like The Outdoor Channel to get our fix?

Will outdoor focused media groups like Waypoint TV win the battle?

Or will it be something new we don’t even know about yet?

Quite frankly, I had a bunch of questions on this, so I asked my friend Tom Rowland (producer of Saltwater Experience TV) to come on the podcast and share what he thinks is happening in the fishing tv space.

Click down below to listen in now. If you love fishing content, you’ll love this interview.


Have any questions or feedback about this podcast episode?

Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page!

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The Future Of Fishing TV Shows (PODCAST)

Click the play button to listen right here on our site or click either button below to go directly to iTunes or Stitcher to download the episode.

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Note: Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Fish Strong podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

What did you think?

Any feedback on what you think will happen to fishing TV shows in the future?

I’d love your feedback in the comments below.

In the meantime, enjoy a quick video from our private fishing community below.

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Joseph Koziol
Joseph Koziol
1 year ago

Yes sir. We went TV free in 1983 in our home. While we eventually had a screen and DVD player to view movies we have never paid for cable. It may have contributed to all 3 of our kids having a college degree. We played card games, board games, puzzles and fun crafts, etc.. However, all 3 of the kids are grown and have children. They all have multiple TVs in their homes. ????.

1 year ago

Great way to start 2019! Always had tremendous respect for Tom Rowland. Really appreciate the transparency and humility. Press on!


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