Pro-Cure Bait Scent: How Many More Fish Does It Really Catch? [New Experiment]

By: Luke Simonds on May 22, 2018
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Pro-Cure Bait Scent Experiment

Does bait scent make a difference or not?

Many Salt Strong members have asked this question so I decided to do an on-the-water experiment to come up with answers to it that has some independent testing behind it.

And I wanted to share this first experiment with you to get your feedback about how effective this scent testing method is before I continue to do more of them.

See below for the overall structure of the experiment as well as a fun video of it in action… Otis sure was having a blast “helping” me out.

Bait Scent Experiment Details

This first scent experiment features a scented gel from Pro-Cure rubbed on a soft plastic jig (Zman MinnowZ).–

As you’ll see in the video below, I did my best to keep the variables as minimized as possible…

What I kept constant:

  • Lure
  • Rod
  • Reel size
  • Line size (different color to keep track of which one had the scented lure)
  • Leader line
  • Knots

Target variable:

The target variable was scent, so I applied the Pro-Cure gel to the lure on the rod with the yellow line, and kept the lure on the white line completely free of any scent.

And I switched rods every 3 casts while fishing so that I would have an equal amount of casts with each of the lures to see if there were any differences in fish caught.

Pro-Cure Scent Experiment Results

I had some time last week to start the testing, and I filmed the action so that you can see exactly what fish were caught.

Click on the video below to see the action from the first experiment:

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This experiment is just getting started, so there is a lot more analysis to be done before I can report any conclusive results.

I plan to test out multiple different Pro-Cure scents, and I’ll target a variety of species assuming you’re interested in seeing the results.

For now, I’m mostly interested in your thoughts about the following:

  1. Should I make changes to the testing format? or keep it as is?
  2. What type of Pro-Cure gel do you like best for inshore fishing?

Use the comments section at the bottom of this post for any feedback on these scent experiments.

Thanks for your time in checking out this post… Fish On!

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Timothy Greer

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to through out the idea of trolling the baits at the same time to see if one gets more hits.

John Provo

Informative even though it doesn’t support use of scent.
Thanks for sharing.


I have actually tried Pro-Cure Shrimp on a sabiki rig to catch pin fish in the marina and it absolutely positively makes a HUGE difference. Dropping the plain unscented Sabiki rig you’d get 1 maybe 2 every 5 minutes. Smear some Pro-Cure on each lure on the rig and you have all 6 hooks hit almost instantly. I know they arent game fish, but just comparing unscented to Pro_cure scented it’s night and day. The Pro_cure worked better than FishBites – Shrimp, Berkley fish strips (like FishBites) and was equal in attracting Pin Fish as small bits of fresh dead shrimp.

I have used Pro-Cure Mullet scent on a hard plastic lure and it seemed to make a difference on a slow bite day. However I am not sure that I tested under same conditions, etc.

Coastal Bend area of Texas

Carlos Bodden

Over the last 15 years I’ve used Procure (mullet) inshore and offshore. I have seen a considerable difference attracting fish when the bute is difficult. It’s more difficult to compare when the fish are actively feeding. However, over the last year I’ve seen Berkley gulp deliver better results.

Robert Jarrell

I have been using pro cure inshore salt and have not seen any real difference. However when you tie on a Berkley gulp there is a difference

Steven Free

Love that dog so damn funny i wish i could bring my pup fishing more but she whines and wants to go in anyways to me and I always speak for myself scent does make a difference I use scent and also tip my jigs, spoons, and spinnerbaits with a small piece of fishbites and you also have to realize it’s what your confident in using and the conditions that are fished in but think about it it only makes scence that when a scent is added that it now smells different and probably better instead of a non scented piece of plastic plus if you also think about it some fisherman have bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking adding non natural smells to baits and lures that I’m sure the fish find not natural but offensive lure and or bait scents help cover up those offensive odors anyways like I said before I only speak for my own beliefs what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all anglers thanks for the video and as always what you do😁

Richard Fiorentino

I’m pretty sure you guys talk to each other, but Tony says the Inshore is the best scent, and I’m sure if he says that, he has tried the other scents.

Walter Long

Don’t leave home without Pro Cure Inshore

Bill Gregg

I use Peo cure often. Best result is with shrimp.

Felix peckinpaugh Peckinpaugh

hi, i spend the winters in Naples , i fish the back bays and the 10,000 island area, started using a scented bait called Fishbites, it comes in strips, i cut with sisories into a piece as big as small fingernail, and pull it on a 3/8 oz jig with a 4 in. curly tailed grub, i’ve caught, rays, sharks, sand trout, spotted trout,pompano etc everything that swims, best bait i’ve ever used, buy it at walmart,EZ Shrimp. Try it you’ll love it felix

Marjorie Bray

Thanks for “working” so hard to make us better fishers! Just want to add my opinion on one aspect. Since no two people retrieve the lure exactly the same, I don’t think it would be totally objective to use two people (one with/one without scent). I think you’ve got to finish this alone!! I can also see this going on and on, e.g. which scent works best once you determine IF with Pro Cure works better than without. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

David Cass

What about counting misses as well. Do they hold onto or hit pro cure harder?


Seemed pretty legit

Jeremy Suelflow

Have two people sight cast on the same fish/school of fish in clearer water- one with procure, one without- keep it simple with a straight retrieve with exact tackle for control. See which one the fish prefers side by side and how they react to each. Hope this helps!

John Lim

Why don’t you test it out in a big fish tank? That way, you can control all the different parameters and obtain fairer results. It would be interesting to see for ourselves how the fishes would react under water.

Justin Alderman
Justin Alderman

In my experience, Procure Mullet and Ladyfish do work. I use Ladyfish on any white Zman products (MinnowZ, PaddlerZ, and Razor ShadZ) and Silver spoons and Mullet on any green Zman product. Mullet also works great in brackish AND freshwater (I’ve caught some of my biggest bass since I started eventing with Mullet).
For spoons, I apply liberally all over the spoon and it seems to stay on it longer than if it were a soft plastic. Another plus is that the scent coating helps protect it from rusting out. I applied some Ladyfish to my new spoon 2 weeks ago and haven’t even had to reapply. And no signs of rust (even though I do rinse off when I’m done).
With plastics, the scent does hold better to Elaztech than normal soft plastics. Also, water temperature can play a role on how often you need to reapply. Colder water allows the scent to stick longer and hotter water dissolves it faster.
Hope this helps!

Justin Alderman

Forgot to add that I also use Mullet on gold spoons.

James Sauer

Hey Luke, I mainly use procure in winter months when the fish are sluggish. It gives them a little scent to find bait and then when they strike it it makes them hold on a little longer. It was a major advantage in the winter months

Cameron Kemker
Cameron Kemker

A few quick tips to make your results more accurate:
Keep your spot constant, keep your approach constant (I.e. with or without motor and with or without anchor). Finally, keep the speed and tempo of the lure when retrieving constant. To find what tempo works best, you could throw out another unscented bait to see what works and if there are any fish in that area. You should also try using different scents in different conditions. You could even count time in between strikes to see which bait is getting hit the quickest. Hope these tips help you get more accurate data and I’m excited to see the results!

Cameron Kemker
Cameron Kemker

Just added a few things to my original comment that I thought weren’t clear enough.

Wayne Sanders


Kelly Ellis

Fantastic experiment, I suspect time of year and water temp could be important factors. Beautiful dog, BTW. But I feel sorry for him. Do you ever give him a fish? He seems to want them so badly.

Tom Kopec

I agree w/ Cpt DeHart, not much observed difference with active fish , but with neutral fish, scents seem to cause them to hold on a bit longer giving you a increased chance for a good hook set. In a tournament that could make a difference.

Capt. Bryan DeHart
Capt. Bryan DeHart

I’ve not seen where any scented bait will make much of a difference during an aggressive bite but on finicky fish or in tough conditions it will absolutely make a difference. It may be the difference of only a few bites but on certain days that’s a big difference. If you use it consistently, you’ll notice that you’ll get more nibbles from junk fish with it then you will without it and that clearly shows me that is working. Believe it or not, if I had to pick one fish that it makes the absolute most difference on up here where I am in North Carolina it’s flounders. It will probably take a variety of fishing situations and conditions for you to see much of a difference but come spend a week with me in North Carolina and I’ll show you the difference. LOL. Works really good on certain days on subsurface hardbaits as well. Again, more on finicky fish then aggressive fish. Long-winded, but as you can see, I’m a fan of scented baits.


Luke, howbout’cha?! at what point did you apply the pro cure to the bait. i never saw you do it, was it only once in the test run or did you reapply every so often?

Sam Craparo

Do fisherman use it on hard baits. I’m a plug guy and wonder if it will adhere to the hard plastic. Never have used it before.

Christopher Anderson

I went to a seminar here in the Florida’s panhandle and the guides said they use it on everything including plugs


I have used Mega Strike Original and Crawfish when fishing smallmouth bass on a clear streams. I have found no difference in fish behavior with scent vs no scent. I really wanted the scent to work but after multiple days of trying it I accept the results that some scents do not make a difference. Still would be nice to find something that works besides live bait.

Fuzzy Davis
Fuzzy Davis

I think fishing two Anglers at the same time would be a great test. One angler with pro cure one angler without Pro cure.

Brian Jones

I use the pro cure Inshore as well here in Virginia Beach, and I only notice the difference hardly ever… the predators are going to hit it no matter what. There’s days I leave it at home and do just as well if I had brought it… and there’s days I dont catch anything whether I use it or not… I’d say try making a test video if it’s a day you are getting skunked….

Nick Strickland

Good stuff but I don’t think targeting trout in pot holes is a way to test it. Some pot holes have fish,some don’t. Drop either one in on one with trout and both would most likely get hit. I think maybe snapper,flounder maybe redfish might be a better choice. Or maybe when the bite is kinda slow might be a better time. When they’re eating, they’re eating.
Just my 2 cent. Oh, and btw…..i use only pro cure shrimp and I swear by it. I’ve never caught a single fish on the mullet. There’s more flavors now like the inshore etc.. but I’ve never tried them. I just stick with what works for me and I have 4 or 5 to one often against my friend that refuses to use it. Lol but that’s cool. Just sit back and watch me lol

Chris Hicks

I found that it did make a difference when I was bass fishing. I would catch more fish when I first put on the shrimp gel on a doa but as it wore off it would slow down. You may want to try it when It hard to find fish biting especially when sight fishing. This may be a little tough to do go sight fishing with someone else and you both throw the same bait at the same time one with and one without pro cure see which one fish goes for first.

Cameron Kemker
Cameron Kemker

You should also probably keep the location constant if you didn’t already. You should also keep the retrieval tempo constant as well. I would recommend casting out an entirely different bait (preferably non-scented) first to find what tempo works best and to see if there is anything in the area. Also try different areas and different conditions to help determine what works best for certain conditions.

Ramiro Olvera Jr

I use the mullet but not on plastics u get a syringe and inject it into my cut baits when fishing for reds, and i
have also caught nice trout while doing this.

Nathan Durfee

I feel early spring mullet scent is the difference of no strikes or having a successful day. Plus if you do the test when fish are not bitting switching back and forth is the best way to do the test

Shannon McNally

I’ve found the shrimp flavor seems the best but it could be regional

Andy Oliver

I think that leaving out the variable of line color would help validate any data obtained. Perhaps just putting a label on the rod with the Pro Cure may help with that. But I do love the basis of the experiment.