Berkley Vanish vs. Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Lines [Abrasion Test Results]

By: Luke Simonds on June 11, 2018
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berkley vanish vs seaguar

Berkley Vanish vs. Seaguar Blue Label Fishing Line Experiment

It’s line testing time again!

This test is an addition to our continual quest of finding the best fluorocarbon line to use when in need of abrasion-resistant leader line.

And this latest test had some shocking results…

Since we are not affiliated with any line company in any way, we have zero bias either way so you’ll see 100% transparent results.

To make sure that there is absolute transparency, we even film the testing process so you can see exactly what we are doing.

And you’re welcome to critique it if you see any issues or have any questions.

First, let’s take a quick look at the lines tested in this experiment.

Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon [Variant]

Berkley Vanish is becoming a very popular fluorocarbon line in the saltwater industry based on the number of recommendations we’ve received to test it recently.

Here’s a picture of the exact spool that we tested in this experiment:

Berkley Vanish Line Specs:

  • Strength: 20 lb
  • Diameter: 0.40mm
  • Yards: 250
  • Cost: $15.49
  • Cost per Yard: $0.06 (very inexpensive for fluorocarbon line)

This line is inexpensive relative to many other fluorocarbon options.

So the question now is how it performs relative to expensive fluorocarbon leader material.

That question is what spawned this latest line experiment… here’s the line that we tested Vanish against:

Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon [Control]

Seaguar’s Blue Label line is one of the most popular fluorocarbon lines for saltwater anglers.

Seaguar is known to be the pioneers of fluorocarbon lines. Their Blue Label series has performed very well in our past experiments, so I used this as the control for seeing how strong the Vanish line is.

The exact spool of Seaguar Blue label that we tested in this experiment is shown in this picture:

Seaguar Blue Label Line Specs:

  • Strength: 20 lb
  • Diameter: 0.405mm
  • Yards: 25
  • Cost: $15.99
  • Cost per Yard: $0.64 (upper-median for fluorocarbon leader line)

This Blue Label line typically costs a bit more than other fluorocarbon leader lines. But it has been known as one of the highest quality lines, so many anglers are completely ok with the higher costs.

Berkley Vanish Vs. Seaguar Blue Label

Had you asked me which of these lines could handle abrasion better last year, I would have been confident in saying Seaguar based on how many people use and recommend it.

But after being surprised from many past experiments, I am now always hesitant to answer questions like that until I’ve actually tested them because hype does not always translate to fact.

So here’s the abrasion test of Berkley Vanish vs. Seaguar Blue Label so you can see for yourself how they compared for the very important abrasion resistance factor.

Just click on the image below to watch the video below:

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The line testing proved that the general spool of Berkley Vanish can handle abrasion from rough sandpaper-like surfaces better than the much more expensive Seaguar.

And since that sort of abrasion is what I personally am in need of most while snook fishing, I am absolutely making the switch to Vanish.

Because not only did it prove to be stronger, it’s cost per yard is just 6 cents vs. the 64 cents per yard cost of Seaguar.

As for the visibility factor… both lines are 100% fluorocarbon, so their underwater visual characteristics should be very similar. Vanish may very well have a leg up given that it’s slightly thinner making for less refraction of light.

Note: I’ll be performing underwater visibility comparisons of these lines and many others soon.

Please use the Comments section to let me know about the following:

  1. Are there any factors in testing abrasion strength that I missed or any problems you see with this test
  2. Are there any other lines you’d like me to run through this test assembly

The quest for the ultimate fishing line will of course continue, so any feedback would be much appreciated so that we can ensure to make these as beneficial as possible.

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Gary Rankel

Hey Luke……..I wonder how the new Seagar Gold Label leader would stand up. It’s much thinner than the Vanish and Blue Label. I ordered a spool just for that reason.

Aaron Dean

Hi Luke,
New member here. So are you still using Vanish 10lb mainline fluorocarbon as your leader material now (I could not find any other post yet that tells what exact material you fish with). Also, were you able to perform a visibility test as the pink (yo-Zuri, and others) seems to be sold to us as the color that best disappears. On another note, do we really need that test given the amount of fish you catch, if in fact on Berkeley Vanish, then it’s good enough for me.

Bill Arkilander
Bill Arkilander

Traditionally the set up is to use braid as the mainline and tie on a section of fluorocarbon leader. Is the Berkley Vanish intended to be both the mainline and the leader line eliminating the need for the mainline to leader knot?

Roger Bonifield

I know in an earlier test, you tested mono vs flouro, and mono won, but in mono line themselves, in particular, did you ever test Trilene XT vs XL. I think one of your test was the XL mono. I would think the XT, “extra tuff” would preform better.

Sean Bradish

Are you using mono leader now?

Dave Risberg

Great test guys I will now go with vanish! Kind of tricky how both look equal by the package and price until you read how many feet you get. Way too disproportionate.

Richard Doane

When U guys get time would u test some of the Knot tying tools on the market. Are they really any good.

Joseph Brumley

I have been using the Vanish on my baitcasters with no leader for lures like crankbaits, chatterbaits, etc. I have found it to be very reliable. On my spinning reels with braid as main line I have been using the Seaguar Red as my leader. Now I know what to do with the leftover line on my Vanish spools. I’ll use it for leader line. Another great review that will save me some cash. Thanks Luke!

Eric Lhopitault

Wow! Seriously…I’ll definitely give it a try. I use seagar red leader and line and never noticed any difference only for the price

Thomas W German

I’ve bee using 20-lb. Yozuri. I find it to be a bit thick and a bit stiff. I’ll definitely try the Vanish.

James Woodmansee

Perhaps testing apples and apples Vanish leader material vs Seaguar leader material would have been a more equal test. You tested Vanish general line, not leader line, vs Seaguar leader line. The Seaguar is leader material which is why it is more expensive.

Henry Davis

I don’t believe there is a difference other than marketing and packaging. No difference seen in knot testing for the last 10 years or so using both “leader” and “line” in those tests. Most gear is marketed to catch fishermen not fish — and does.

Gary Rankel

If, indeed, it’s true that there is no difference between fluoro main line and leader in terms of abrasion, transparency , knot strength, etc., then many of us have really been getting ripped off. I’ve got inquiries to Seaguar and Berkeley asking for their take on this, but, so far, no response. I know I’ve read 1 or 2 articles somewhere stating that the leader material was superior, but I remain confused. I’ll keep trying to get answers on this.

John Simkunas

Great review! I’m switching!

Sam Craparo

Never a fan of Saegar. Had difficulty sinching down knots. Will definitely try Vanish. Thanks again.

Vernon Moore

Looks like it’s time to change I have used Segar for years


what about red label seagaur verses vanish any difference


Can I send you a fluorocarbon line to test?

David Dysart

You know how they did it, try it on all your lines

Chris Stanard

Thanks for the review. I have been using Vanish forever and remain really happy with it. Sometimes the hype is just that.

Roger Meyer

Keep it up Luke, you are on the right track of truth. We need that so much in everything.

Delbert Young

I loved and appreciate this test. I’m a long time user of Vanish. It does seem the cost factor changes to nearly equal after 20 pound, but now that I know Vanish is superior, I’ll use it for heavier line also. I always felt Vanish must not be as invisible as the other brands since it was so much less expensive. I was wondering if there was a way to actually test the visibility of fluorocarbon lines?

David Rossi

Great test. Like so many others, I’ve been springing for Seagar since I took up inshore fishing, being confident it was the best for the purpose. Looks like it’s time to give Vanish a try!

Marno Muth

Luke, Berkley labels Vanish in smaller spools as “leader material.” In bigger spools, there is no such wording. Does this make a difference at all? Thank you for the review!

William DeWeese

Pretty cool. I had switched from Yozuri to Berkley Vanish long time back, but then switched to Seaguar. I wasn’t disappointed with the Vanish line, but did like the packaging of Seaguar better as it prevents accidental de-spooling and protects the line better from moisture. Everything gets wet on the kayak and I had found that Vanish, in less often used sizes like 50# would swell and “corrode” on the spool if the spool got wet.

Time to switch back maybe. I can add a rubber band to prevent de-spooling and try to keep them dry.

David Dysart

use your empty Seaguar case and refill it with Vanish… that’s what I did, then the biggest part of the remaining Vanish can stay in the cool cabinet.

Marjorie Bray

Being new to saltwater fishing since retiring to FL 4 years ago, I tried several leader lines and Berkeley Vanish won out for me. It works great with Suffix 832 with an FG knot, and excellent hook connections. I noted last summer when I bought 10# Seaguar while fishing spooky fish, we broke off time after time. It performed far below my standard Berkeley Vanish. I would say 5 to 1. I have half a spool of Seaguar on the shelf that I won’t ever use fishing. Maybe I’ll use it for crafts! And I also VERY much prefer Sufix 832 to every other braid I’ve tried. Especially disappointed with Spider wire. Just sayin.

Henry Davis

I agree on both counts, vanish and Suffix, but I switched to copolymer instead of pure fluorocarbon because you get the advantages of both mono and flouro, and knots don’t seem to slip and constrict the line to weaken it as pure fluorocarbon does. Seems I’ll have to test it against vanish for abrasion.

Scott Thomas

In your testing please try some Power Pro Maxcuatro. Very thin and a great line. You’ll have to order it online, I’ve never seen it in a store.

Gary Rankel

Luke…….I’m not sure it’s fair to test a flouro advertised as being a leader material with one that’s made for casting. Obviously, the longer casting line will be much cheaper than the shorter leader material regardless of brand. I’m under the impression that the fluoro line made for leaders is less visible than the casting fluoro, and that, to me, trumps small difference in abrasion resistance.

Jeremy Velkoff

So Luke how about testing it against the Mono line which won the abrasion test against the Floro line in your earlier test ! which do you think will win?

Jerry Bergeron

I’ve caught a 46 inch redfish and 80 lb tarpon out of a kayak on 25 lb O’Hero! Both battles lasted over an hour! Besides that, I have caught hundreds of redfish, trout and snook all over Florida and LA. I have only used O’Hero brand fluro for the past 10 years. Never had a leader fail! The knots never slip (only use a slim beauty and a loop knot) and it cinches down tight. O’hero is supple and not hard. Besides that, I won the CCA 2015 STAR GMC event using 20 lb O’hero! Not even tempted to try anything else!!

Douglas Furnback

Berkley Vanish is marketed as a mainline and the Seaguar is marketed as a leader material only. Do you believe there’s any difference in the 100% fluorocarbon? I have been using Ohero leader material for years with good results but it is about five times more expensive than the Vanish. I think I will give the Vanish a try. Thanks

Steven Free I believe the Vanish is .005 mm thinner than Seaguar. Thanks

Steven Free

I have used Berkley products ever since I started fishing and while other people swear by there lines I always go with what has always worked for me you also forgot to mention that not only is Berkley cheaper but thinner as well by a near 0.5 in diameter Berkley being 0.040 and Seagate 0.045 I have always used Berkley lines from mono to now fluorocarbon in leaders and have never had any problems it also goes to show that not always is more expensive better thanks for the test and all you guys do😊

Corey Cobb

I made this same switch a few months back when a buddy gave me some vanish. I was inspired by your break strength tests and with my own testing found the 15lb vanish to match the 20lb blue label I had been using. Not saying this is true across the board – but good enough for me to make the switch.

Darryl McCalmont

Berkley makes Vanish Fluoro Leader on a small spool. I wonder if there is any difference between the Vanish leader material and the Vanish fluoro line. When I ran out of the leader material I just started refilling the small spool with regular Vanish. I like the small spool. It fits in my tackle box much easier.

Jordan Spidel

Knot strength comparison between the two?

Steve Klott

I’ve been using vanish for awhile now! Very happy with it!


Great video and test! I have only used Seaguar Invisizx for tournament bass fishing for the last 4 years and for the past year and a half, I have been disappointed. It seems the quality of production has dropped considerably. I’ve had more break offs and line twist than ever before. I will be sure to give Berkeley Vanish a try! Thanks again:)

Robert Glassen

Great test. Thanks

Robert Glassen

I’ve been using Seaguar AbrazX I wonder how that would do.

Paul Weeks

I would like to see a pull strength test after are abrasion to see if the diameter difference has any effect. This would be like a hard strike test after rubbing against a barnacle encrusted piling.

Justin Stack

Do you think the smaller diameter of the vanish would make it more likely the braid wouldn’t grab as good when using an FG? (I sure hope this isn’t answered in the video, I just read the conclusion 😬)


Wow! Great test. Please try out the “Seaguar Fluoro Premier” line when you get a chance.