Amazing Inshore Fishing Trip In Brand New Spot (Key Biscayne)!

flounder fishing florida

This exploration fishing trip to Key Biscayne was a great example of how a good pre-trip plan can make even a very short fishing trip be a ton of fun… even if fishing in an area you’ve never been to before!

In this video, you’ll see some fish finding tactics that we teach for identifying areas that are likely to hold feeding fish.

And you’ll see how quickly it all can happen when armed with the ability to do an effective pre-trip plan along with being quick at making alterations as needed once on the water.

Enjoy and tight lines!

Watch The New Video:

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inshore fishing florida


With today’s technology, the days of having to spend a ton of time on a given body of water to have success in catching fish are over.

All it takes is just the knowledge of how to effectively create a pre-trip plan along with having the ability to make slight adjustments to the plan once on the water whenever needed.

To learn how to do the entire process so that you can go to new areas without having to ask anyone for spots nor having to spend time or money on live bait, you should definitely join the Salt Strong Super-Community.

Because once you join, you’ll get access to the 3 Mastery online courses that reveal the details on exactly how to do the following essential tasks:

  1. Finding Spots Mastery
    • Find great spots faster than ever before and become skilled at on the water assessment of any spot you’re fishing
  2. Positioning & Approach Mastery
    • Learn how to approach your target spot and position yourself to maximize your fish catching effectiveness
  3. Casting Mastery
    • Discover unique tricks to getting more distance & accuracy in your casts (technique & equipment tricks)
    • Guaranteed to give your casts 10ft+ extra distance which equates to an entire football field length of extra water you’ll cover every 30 casts

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1 year ago

Luke, that was a fun, informative video. Thank you. I’m in the Land of Hard Water so seeing folks catching fish right now is enjoyable.
We can cut holes in ice & fish up here but that’s not my kind of fun in 10 degree weather. Enjoy.

Jim M
Jim M
1 year ago

Biscayne Bay is an amazing fishery. Several dozen species can be targeted depending upon where you are in this huge estuary. I’m fortunate to have this fisherman’s paradise in my backyard. And Wow, a flounder in Biscayne Bay. First I’ve seen of an actual one caught here.

Rich Black
Rich Black
1 year ago

What is the “cat-paddle boat” you are using in this video. Looks stable and am interested as a kayak fisherman. Perfect for quiet water fishing. Please reply with company name (Live? ) & web site.
I am here in Stuart, FL for winter. Catching some big Black Largemouth in the local lakes and ponds. This boat would be perfect.

Raleigh Thomas
Raleigh Thomas
1 year ago

Great video Luke! The Go-Pro setup is great for as-you-see-it instruction on what to look for. Was hoping to see a nice Snook tailwalking any minute there.


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