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Found A Hidden Lake Full Of Fish [And Crazy Pelican]

I found a HIDDEN LAKE full of fish! The paddleboard hadn't been out in a while and this was the perfect chance to put it back in action...
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Highlights From The First Ever Fishing Trip On My Newly Motorized SUP!!!

This was my first ever fishing trip on a motorized SUP paddleboard with an engine on the back and it was an absolute blast...
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Birthday Paddle Board Fishing Trip To Hidden Lakes [Fishing Report]

Have you ever fished off of a paddleboard? How do you know when to ditch the pre-plan and adjust to the conditions? On a recent trip...
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Birthday Exploration Trip To Hidden Lakes On Paddle Board [Insider Report]

This is one of my favorite ways to fish in the winter because it's always an adventure and can lead to some fun fish catching opportunities.
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 4-15-21 [Kayak/SUP Fishing Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: • 0:00:53 – Holding ground in deeper...
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How To Push Pole In Your Kayak Or Paddleboard (The Easy Way)

Want to learn how to push pole the flats when you're in a kayak or paddleboard? These 5 tips will make it much easier for you, plus will help you catch...
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Which Side Should You Install An Anchor Trolley On Your Kayak?

Thinking about installing an anchor trolley on your kayak? Check out this video to see the best side to install it on so that you don't...
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10 Kayak & Paddleboard Safety Tips Every Fisherman Needs To Know

Nobody wants their next kayak or paddleboard trip to be their last, so check out these safety tips to help you avoid injuries or accidents on the water.
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Simple Hack For Standing & Fishing From A Kayak Or SUP

Do you stand and fish in a kayak or SUP? This simple hack will help you quickly and quietly go from paddling to casting so you don't lose the fish.
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This One Lure Finally Got These Canal Tarpon To Strike…

Canal tarpon can be super fun, but they can also be picky eaters. I've been having a tough time catching them until I started using this lure...
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Targeting Open Flats in the Summertime [Multi-Species] Zman DieZel MinnowZ Test

In this report I was able to catch multiple species targeting a small open flat out in the middle of the river. Check the full report for tips and tactics!
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Before You Buy A Used Kayak Or Paddleboard, Read This

Are you looking to get a kayak or paddleboard? You can usually get a great deal on a used one, but first, check out these 6 tips to find a good one.
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Flats Fishing For FAT Springtime Trout

Want to catch FAT trout this spring? Check out this video to see how we did it. We'll show you what lures we used, the areas we caught them in, and more.
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The Kaku Kahuna Delivery Trip Analysis [Spot Dissection of Hudson, FL]

This page shows the detailed spot dissection report from the exploration trip with James Sauer to Hudson, FL. We had a blast out on the...
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Vibe Maverick 120 Paddleboard Review: Specs, Pros & Cons

Thinking about getting the Vibe Maverick 120 paddleboard? Check out this review where we share the specs and top pros and cons of this board.
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