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Kaku Kahuna Paddleboard Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

Looking to get a new paddleboard? Check out this video where I break down the top three pros and cons of the Kaku Kahuna.
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5 Steps To Take Amazing Fish Pictures

Love showing off your catch? Check out this post to learn how to take the perfect fish picture on your kayak, paddleboard or even boat. Enjoy!
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3 Tips To Catch Redfish & Snook Before A Cold Front When Paddle Fishing

Want to catch more redfish and snook? Check out these tips to fishing the backcountry on a windy day before a cold front.
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Amazing Inshore Fishing Trip In Brand New Spot (Key Biscayne)!

This exploration fishing trip to Key Biscayne was a great example of how a good pre-trip plan can make even a very short fishing trip be a ton of fun. Enjoy
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The “Last Second” Fishing Trip Strategy [Exploring Biscayne Bay]

Want to see my three tricks to finding productive fishing spots last second? Then check out this recent trip to Biscayne Bay (and see what I caught).
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How To Fish Shallow Backwater Creeks [Real Time Example from St. Petersburg, FL]

Want to see one of the best ways to target redfish, snook, and trout during the winter? Then check out this backwater creek fishing trip! Enjoy!
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SUP Fishing Backwater Creeks For Trout, Redfish, & Snook [Insider Club Report]

This club report shows a dissection of the backwater creek that I explored including tips on how to most effectively plot out an exploration trip.
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L2Fish Paddle Board Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

This L2Fish paddle board review will show you the top 3 pros and cons of this unique SUP from an independant source so you get transparent information.
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5 Tips to Catch Big Fish from a Standup Paddleboard [With Bri Andrassy]

Want to catch loads of fish from a SUP? Then check out this new post where Bri Andrassy joins us to discuss standup paddleboard fishing, tips, and tricks.
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The “Hidden Lake” Fishing Trip [Exploration SUP Fishing]

This hidden lake fishing trip shows what I find to be some of the most fun types of trips to take because it combines the thrill of exploring new territory along with the fun of fishing. This fun video shows some cool footage of the trip and explains how you can plan these trips too.
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SUP Fishing With A Push Pole & Casting Platform [Sight Fishing Machine]

SUP fishing can be the ultimate one-man sight fishing machine if done properly. This post shows how to maximize your height and stealth to maximum results.
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How To Choose The Best Paddle Board For Fishing [Video]

Wondering what the best paddle board for fishing is? Well the answer depends on how and where you'll be using the board. See pros and cons in this post.
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Paddle Board Fishing: 3 “Must Know” SUP Fishing Tips [VIDEO]

Have you tried paddle board fishing? Thinking about it? Well, here are three must know paddle board fishing tips for anglers of all experience levels.
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Kayak & Paddle Board Fishing [St. Petersburg Fishing Report]

Are you looking for tips on kayak or paddle board fishing in Florida? This video shows the types of areas to target & top lures to use in St. Pete, FL.
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How to Fish from a Paddleboard – Saltwater Flats Edition [Video]

Paddle board fishing is one of the most rewarding types of fishing out there, but it can be the most frustrating when not done properly... click for tips.
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