The Secret To Fishing Remote Areas Nobody Else Can Reach [Mothership Trip]


Dead low tide is one of my favorite times to fish.


Because it consolidates the fish into smaller areas.

When there’s only a foot of water on a flat, you know that most fish are going to be hanging out in the deeper potholes or creeks.

But there’s a catch.

When there’s only a foot of water on a flat, you can’t reach those areas by boat!

The solution to this is a mothership trip.

Mothership trips are when you take your kayak or paddleboard out on the boat with you.

You’re able to drive your boat to areas too far to paddle, and then you can paddle to areas too shallow for boats.

This lets you get on the shallow flats to those potholes and creeks that all the fish are in.

Plus, since few people do mothership trips, you’re likely to have these potholes all to yourself.

How To Execute A Mothership Trip

Check out this video for tips on how to perfectly execute a mothership trip.

We’ll cover:

  • How to anchor your boat so it doesn’t float away (many people will make this simple mistake)
  • What we were using to catch snook, redfish and trout
  • The trends we identified to find the feeding zones
  • How mothership trips allow you to find more fish (besides fishing areas nobody else can fish)


Mothership Trip [VIDEO]

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For more in-depth videos where we detail our whole pre-trip planning and share what used and where we were, check out our SUPER-Community.

Equipment Used

Here is what we used to get to the remote spots and to locate and catch the fish once we got back there:


What did you think?

Have you gone on a mothership trip before?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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Brian Biolchini
4 years ago

Low tide fishing always means shrick your bait the fish are feeding on smaller bait at this point

Jamie Beadle
4 years ago

Man – I need a couple of days like that! It’s been a long winter.

4 years ago

I can see that you took my comment totally out of context.
So to make this simple so that anyone can understand it!!!!
I am a almost everyday “fisherman” & it “urks” me to no end when it takes me an hour to get to my favorite when it used to take me 10 minutes.So,I’ll try to explain it in simple English. There are way too many poor man fisherman in the rivers & creeks who are “paddling” their way to a good spot.This means that I have to slow down(boat)every few minutes or less for the “freeloaders”. I’m 77 years old and have been fishing a lot longer than most of you have been off the baby bottle or whatever.I just think that the “new wave” today has changed drastically and that’s my 2 cents worth. I have a low “number” now & won’t be here much longer “but” would like to see what’s left of my waterways in a few years from now!!!!!

Jamie Beadle
4 years ago

Ernest – sorry that has been your experience with paddlecraft. Whether it is because of finances or preference, kayak and SUP fishing is a growing segment of our sport. I was a kayaker before getting into fishing and love that I can combine these passions and share it with my wife.
Not sure how tight the areas you are running are, but as a paddler I often prefer a powerboat to stay on plane as they pass me. I find the wake is easier to deal with than a mistimed deceleration and acceleration.
I hope you are able to enjoy every day on the water, continue to explore new spots and maybe strike up a conversation with a few of us freeloaders!
I think you’ll find our motivations for being there are the same as yours. Tight lines sir, you’ve earned them.

Great White
4 years ago

40+ years ago, well before paddle boards,
and kayaks were only used by the Eskimo,
I fished Mothership style with an 8’8” by 3’3” by 75# Bass Hunter.

The one man, sit down or stand up, PVC constructed Bass Hunter was an maybe still is made in, Vadodara Georgia.

I used it very successfully, for over 10 both fresh and saltwater adventures .

One tip not mentioned, that I’d like to leave your readers.

Always fish the shade of the mothership before you return to it. Whether it be fresh or salt water.

Killer, Cobia, Reds, Trout love the shade, and so do Bass.

Tight Lines ALL,


Jamie Beadle
4 years ago
Reply to  Great White

Great suggestion on fishing the shade. Thanks

Pat Ogletree
4 years ago
Reply to  Great White

I remember the bass hunter! When I was a kid I wanted one so bad. Great tip on the shade, never would have thought of it.

Greg_Cindy Batchelor
4 years ago

Good Stuff!

Mark Mcconnell
4 years ago

By the way take breath there Ernest enjoy what your’re doing you earned it dude.

Mark Mcconnell
4 years ago

Good points guys. Strategy down here in SWF includes use of boats like the 16″ Aluma Craft (5’wide, flat, 25hp 2-cycles). Keep them light go anywhere fast. ” Float through” works well catches both ways, in and out, at change of tide. Close to kayak draw. Simple pole keeps you any line w/o tearing up bottom. Good works guys keep at it

4 years ago

I have been fishing all my life,even before kayaks & paddle boards. If there’s one thing I hate is these two poor man’s way of fishing & an absolute menace to all other regular fishermen. You see,now we have to slow to almost a complete stop when these jerks are taking up the “runway” and 99% of them don’t own a boat or can’t afford one. I think I’ve made my point as I don’t want to get any more upset than I am already.

Rick Spangler
4 years ago

Kayaks and other very small wooden craft have been fished from for centuries, and in some cultures still today. Long before expensive plastic hulls and gas motors came along, the people’s that fished from those craft were and are extraordinary fishermen as apposed to the regular run of the mill type.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rick Spangler

And centuries ago there were “no” power boats. Now there are many more power boats than “freeloaders”(those who don’t pay ). This means that we all have to slow down(to no wake) to get where we want to go.

4 years ago

I can just imagine how you feel about schools zones and all the kids who can’t afford to take a limo to school. I really feel sorry for people in crosswalks with you driving in the vicinity. Luke you don’t have to be politically correct with anyone. (especially dumcan). A runway is any place duncean is. Land or sea

4 years ago
Reply to  Donn

Well dummy,if you can’t spell then don’t comment.

4 years ago

I spell just fine. If you can’t comprehend it. I am typing this slowly so you will understand. Dumcan = dummycan and Duncean = dunce can.

Nick Strickland
3 years ago

What makes you think paddle boards and kayaks are fished and purchased by “poor jerks”? What if they have 2 boats,a paddle board and 2 kayaks? What does that make them? I’m far from young and not that far behind you. I’ve been fishing since at least 1963 in fla. I’m old school and see things,attitudes etc…that have changed drastically. Some I despise but man…you need to chill. Nothing in or on the water was put there just for you.
Slow down. Chill out. Enjoy what you have left to enjoy. At 77 you may just need one of those poor jerks to help you out one days be it loading your boat or whatever.
Relax because we dont know what tomorrow brings. Any day you can still get out and fish is a great day. Hope you feel better.
( think I better spell chk this)????

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago

We are all fisherman sharing the same passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing from a kayak, paddle board, boat, pier, inner tube, pool noodle, or inflatable ducky. We’re all a family of anglers and we all need to learn to respect each other on and off the water. You may be in the wrong group if you think otherwise. As a boater, yes you are responsible for your wake and I appreciate that you slow down for non motorized vessels. I completely agree that non-motorized vessels should stay clear of marked running channels, however they do have to cross them at some point to get to where they are going. With that being said, if you are not running in a channel or you are burning across a flat, you should be slowing down for anyone that is stopped/anchored/trolling/poling etc. It’s common courtesy. Non motorized watercraft have been around long before boats have. And yes, I am someone who does not own a boat and I cannot afford one, so I choose to fish from a kayak or paddle board in order to enjoy the same fishing opportunities as others.

David Atkins
4 years ago

I have to say I was a bit envious and jealous seeing the video of you two fishing as it made me remember the times I spent with my father on fishing trips; we are blessed to have had the opportunity to learn how to fish from our fathers, I know mine had me out fishing around 4 years old, hung a huge stingray that was over 6 feet across the wing tips and I though I was going to be pulled into the water but Dad hung onto me and I the pole, of course Dad brought it along side the boat and then cut the line to let it go.

But that’s exactly why I am a Salt Strong member, you guys are down home great people that really care about those who are looking for help learning more about fishing, I’m here with Salt Strong for life and in the hopes that soon I’ll get the chance to come down to meet you guys in person.

Sorry for the long story, but I had to tell you and everyone who reads just how I feel! TIGHT LINES, everyone…

John Martin
4 years ago

Check out Expandacraft Luke, my craft is a boat / kayak ,which handles stormy waves and goes in 3” of water. Wish I could catch fish like you do often !
Best Regards


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