Owner TwistLock Hook With Weighted Shank Review [VIDEO]


It’s fishing tackle review time!

And in this post, we are independently reviewing the weighted TwistLock hooks from Owner.

In many fishing forums and Facebook groups, there are lots of discussions about which soft plastic baits to use.

But one overlooked (yet extremely important) aspect of fishing with soft plastic baits is how to best rig them… in particular, which hook or jig head to use based on the depth of the water that an angler plans to fish.

This presents a serious problem for many anglers because if a soft plastic lure isn’t rigged properly, it will not work properly.

Soft Plastic Jerk Bait

So many anglers are actually using the right soft plastics, yet they come home disappointed due to the fact that their bait doesn’t appear natural to their target species since it isn’t rigged right.

And this is especially true for anglers who are fishing the shallow flats.

How do I know?

Because I was guilty of doing exactly that… I had an entire tackle box full of soft plastics, but I blindly trusted my go-to worm hook that I successfully used for bass fishing yet I couldn’t get consistent results while saltwater fishing.

Finally, I broke through my stubbornness and finally decided to try out a swim bait style hook that has a weight on the shank of the hook for use on a 5″ split tail jerk bait…

And since then, I’ve never gone back to the worm style hook… it was truly a game changer.

swim bait vs bass hook

Best of all, I’ve found that my bass fishing game picked up too once I perfected the use of the swim bait style hooks with the weighted shanks.

And they even enabled me to catch more fish per soft plastic bait which was a surprise bonus.

Which Hooks Are Best For Inshore Fishing?

As with everything, there is never a one size fits all answer to which hook is best for soft plastics.

The answer is dependent on a variety of factors… here are the most important ones:

  • Water depth
  • Lure size

And for fishing shallow inshore flats (under 3 ft) with soft plastic jerk baits in the 3 inch to 5-inch range, I have been a huge fan of the TwistLock hooks shown in the video below that are made by Owner.

In particular, their 3/0 sized hook with a 1/16th oz weight on the shank of the hook has seemed to get the best results in terms of fish catching and maintaining baits.

Owner TwistLock Weighted Hooks [Review]

Since the rigging of soft plastics is so important, we made an independent review video that explains the two core features that enable this hook to consistently outperform the worm style hooks.

Also, you’ll see the one very unique feature that the Owner TwistLock hooks have that set them apart from the others.

Click on the box below to see the video:

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As mentioned in the video, the only real negative about these Owner TwistLock hooks is that they are difficult to find in local fishing shops…

So we went ahead and bought some in bulk from Owner so that we could provide them to anglers who have enjoyed our posts.

Special Offer:

Get 5 packets of these hooks for the best price anywhere online

Note: This big discount is only for active Super Community members as part of your group discount opportunities.


Having the perfect soft plastic lure is worthless if it’s not getting rigged properly… and that, of course, includes rigging it properly on the right hook for the occasion.

If you fish with 3 to 5-inch soft plastic baits in water that is under 3 feet deep, then I highly recommend using weighted hooks.

And of all the many brands, styles, sizes, etc. that I’ve experimented with, these Owner TwistLock weighted hooks are my favorites.

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Judy Swoyer
5 years ago

Sorry to see that the Owner hooks have sold out.

Nick Nemeth
5 years ago

After using the Z-man EZ-Keeperz hooks I no longer like the owner twist lock. This new style weedless hook is much easier to rig and holds the bait absolutely perfect. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Joseph Young
5 years ago

Hi, I noticed that these owner hooks are sold out. Do you know if they’re going to be offering them again?

MICHAEL Drozdowski
5 years ago

Question about hook sets – do you get less of a percentage of hook sets using weedless hooks like these Owner Twist Locks with soft plastics (in particular, the DOA Cal Shad series) vs. non-weedless jig heads?

Richard Fiorentino
5 years ago

As the Gulp shrimp was mentioned, I have a question; Is there a benefit to keeping your non_gulp plastics in the Gulp container?
Thank you

Richard Fiorentino
5 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Luke – Thank you

Justin Silverman
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I know this is an old comment, but after storing different soft baits together from diff manufacturers hoping to get scent from one onto the other, I noticed sometimes one brand will melt into the other (happened in the past, and just made the mistake again recently). In fairness they had sat for months.

Just know that different formulas of plastic can be incompatible and the scents are a chemical too, can’t say exactly what was to blame. Wish I could remember exactly which ones were incompatible… Stinks when you have to toss a whole pack of deformed baits that will no longer have the right action.

Carl Bonham
6 years ago

Any drawback in keeping the hooks in the gulp bait while not being used? Just purchased some of the small Plano waterproof containers for the wet baits. Not sure if the liquid will do any harm to the hooks.

Carl Bonham
6 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

That was my concern. Thank You.

Gary Rankel
6 years ago

I agree – these are great hooks, however, I prefer using the larger 5.5 inch DOA jerk baits with the 4/0 hook, but trim about half of the 1/8 oz weight with a wire clip to lesson the overall weight.


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