5 Steps To Take Amazing Fish Pictures


A lot of people ask me, how do you take such great fish pictures?

In this video I’ll break down everything:

  • The truth about getting the perfect fish picture (it’s not what you might think)
  • The exact gear I use
  • How to rig the camera on your kayak or boat
  • The secret to keeping the camera lens dry and clean


How To Take The Best Fish Pics [VIDEO]

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snook fish picture

What did you think?

Do you have a similar setup?

Let me know in the comments!

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Timothy Leahy
1 year ago

Excellent video Tony, going to start bringing out the hero 8 on the solo skiff. This helps out immensely.
Also, learned recently if you coat your lens with Rain-X. You can dip it in and out of the water and the water rolls off the lens.

Timothy Leahy
1 year ago

Thank you Tony, love the video. Just got to go pro hero 8, I believe it when they say pictures don’t do them Justice.
Really looking forward to getting videos of my catches now.

3 years ago

for light I bought on amazon the Suptig Diving Light. It has high, medium and flashing modes and it comes with a gopro adapter. It is Super bright and it cost only $24.00

Richard Howell
3 years ago

I always learn a great deal from your tips & posts, but never as much as from the video instructions. All this time I thought you must have a camera crew along to get such professional shots. Thanks for the great photo tips.

Lara Delorenzo-Sims
3 years ago

Thank you for the helpful video

Ryan Hankins
3 years ago

Good video. I do the same thing, but was a much older GoPro and just the basic GoPro Studio. The pictures don’t come out as nice, but I’m just pulling the screen shots as mentioned. My camera is setup a similar distance, but lower and angled up and I have to learn to make sure it’s either angled up enough or my pants and bunched up to much. I now use my phone and the app to make sure my shot is framed where I want it before recording.

Ryan Hankins
3 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I’ve got a couple of those heavy duty zip lock pouches that are made for phones. They’re better than the Walmart ones so I trust them a but more. I pretty much just frame the shot, but still have my phone for keeping track of the time and incase someone needs to reach me. I keep it in my center hatch for an extra layer of protection.

Paul J Williams
3 years ago

As always, awesome tips Tony, now I just need to do some shopping!

Alan Whitworth
3 years ago

I like you review and suggestions. Good job Tony. By the way, glad to see that you actually do have eyes. (All I have ever seen before was sunglasses!) Smile!


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