The “Hidden Lake” Fishing Trip [Exploration SUP Fishing]

This hidden lake fishing trip shows what I find to be some of the most fun types of trips to take.

Because it combines the thrill of exploring new territory along with the fun of fishing.

Although some of these trips can require a lot of time and energy (like the one shown below), those are often the most fun because you know that hardly anyone has been to where you’re going.

This particular trip was unique because I ended up having to carry all of the gear across two land sections.

Here’s a picture of me carrying the SUP through one of the dried creek bed that cuts through the mangroves to the hidden lakes.

And I was able to find and catch some fun fish while enjoying the thrill of the adventure.

Here’s some footage from the trip:

Fun Exploration Fishing Trip

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Equipment Used

Here’s a quick list of the equipment that I was using that day:


Fishing in itself is always something that I absolutely love to do whenever possible.

But adding the extra thrill of adventure to the mix by exploring hard to reach hidden lakes and backcountry bays can make a day on the water even more enjoyable.

The trick is to spend some time up-front to plan your trip and make sure that you’re fully aware of the entry and exit points along with your ability to get in and out based on the terrain and changing tides.

Be sure to go with a friend or two and bring a cell phone and even a radio too in case you get into trouble.

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Because it’s the fastest and easiest way to learn everything you need to know to consistently catch inshore fish on your own even when fishing in areas that you’ve never been to before.

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Fish On!

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Dan Friberg
3 years ago

Hi Luke, Just a tip from an old Fl. boy . Wear shoes when wading ,I got cut really bad on a broke conch shell and ended up in the ER. Tip 2 always carry a fire starter ,if you get lost and night falls ,at least you can stay warm and eat ,and nothing will get you help like smoke in the day time ,when you are where not a lot of people go .

Gary Rankel
4 years ago

Great piece, Luke – I can totally relate. I notice, like me, you often use your paddle as a push pole. Most paddlers recommend getting the lightest paddle they can afford, and that may be a good idea for paddling only. When fishing, I prefer a heavier duty paddle that I can use to push off of oyster bars and over shallow areas, with no fear of breaking. The extra weight doesn’t seem to tire me out on while covering my longer fishing routes. Would appreciate your take on paddle weight, sturdiness for fishing kayaks.

Gary Rankel
4 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks, Luke…..I use the 9 foot Wavewalk Kayak paddle that has a fiberglass shaft and fiberglass reinforced nylon paddles. It may be the heaviest paddle around, yet I can paddle all day with it and not get tired (and I’m 77 years old). No need to be the least bit careful with it while pushing off oysters, as the hundreds of scratches on the paddle attest to.

I hesitated becoming an Insider, but the videos and articles you, Tony and C.A. deliver made me glad I signed up.

4 years ago

Great Video, Thanks for the effort, looking forward soon to retiring to the water

Jim Zappia
4 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Hi luke , Great video as always ., just one question, what make is your paddle board as Im from
Australia I
ve yet to see a twin board like yours ,
cheers , Jim.


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