3 Tips To Catch Redfish & Snook Before A Cold Front When Paddle Fishing

By: Luke Simonds on February 20, 2019
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pre-front snook fishing

It’s pre-front time!

This winter we’ve talked a lot about how to fish the cold, clear days after a cold front, but we haven’t yet covered how to fish the unpredictable days before a cold front.

So this past week I took out the paddleboard the day before a cold front and did some exploring (and catching!).

Check out this video for three tips for pre-front fishing, plus:

  • How to retrieve your lure for more strikes
  • The hidden spot where I got 4 strikes in a row


3 Tips For Fishing Before A Cold Front [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used

Here’s a list of the equipment used in this video:


What did you think?

If you follow the tips in this video and make sure to hit the openings of creeks, fishing the days before a cold front can be pretty awesome!

Have questions about pre-front fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Manuel Arroyo

Can you share the area you film the video?
I mean the area, no particular spot. There’s a lot of people that do not know where to go, either east or west coast. I believe if we are members we should have that as a privilege. So many times I don’t know where to launch my Yak. Please think about it!!!

Bruce Somers

Loved it. Luke, Thank You for sharing this and for representing our SS Community by demonstrating environmental stewardship. Tight Lines. 🎣

James Wilkinson

It’s nice to see I’m not the only person cleaning up behing the slobs that leave trash. As a public figure and a person that puts out videos for public consumption, PLEASE stop pronouncing especially with a X. There is no X in especially. Geez..

Byron Quinley

Very constructive.

Adam Bailey

Nice report, Luke. It looked like a fun trip. It’s nice when trips finish on higher notes like that. I saw that you were using a Daiwa BG reel. I have had the 2500 size for only a short time, but so far I really love it.

And I really like your message and example of picking up some trash and disposing of it properly. In addition to helping our environment, you never know who else is watching (kids, other anglers) and will follow a good example.