SUP Fishing With A Push Pole & Casting Platform [Sight Fishing Machine]


Paddle fishing has been near and dear to me since learning how to fish with my dad in the ol’ green canoe.

And if anything, I’m enjoying paddle fishing now more than ever with the advent of the stand-up paddle board (SUP).

Because my favorite style of fishing is via sight since it’s essentially a combination of hunting and fishing, and the advantages of sight fishing from a SUP are tough to ignore:

  • Stealthy movement similar to a kayak
  • Higher point of vision similar to a boat
  • Lightweight allowing for easy launching and loading

Now that great paddle boards like the L2Fish are available allowing for maximum stability while still cutting through the water for efficiently covering a lot of distance, my sight fishing opportunities have skyrocketed.

SUP Fishing With A Push Pole

I just recently began taking the casting platform from my boat along with my push pole on SUP fishing trips and I was shocked at how effective and enjoyable it was.

SUP Fishing for redfish

Because when a cast platform and push pole are added to SUP fishing, the ability to see into the water increases significantly due to the added height and the stealth is better since the noise from the push pole is place further back.

And a surprise bonus that I found when using the push pole while SUP fishing is that it enabled me to more easily control my drifts because the push pole essentially acts as a big rudder which you can move from side to side to control speed and direction of your drifts.

Cool Sight Fishing Footage On The SUP

I fortunately brought my GoPro along with me on my first trip fishing from the L2Fish SUP with a push pole because I ended up seeing a lot of redfish, snook, and trout while quietly exploring an area I’ve been to only once before.

Best of all, many of the fish were on sand/mud bottom which made them very visible on film.

Click on the video below to see some heartbreaker moments as well as some success:

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The advent of stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) has enabled inshore anglers who enjoy paddle fishing to see fish much easier than in a sitting position of a kayak while still being able to quietly move across the water.

And the addition of the casting platform and the push pole as shown in the video below takes it to an entirely different level.

I had a feeling that I’d enjoy it, but the difference in simply adding that additional 14+ inches of height was a huge benefit and that was compounded by using the push pole to quietly move across the flat.

On the trip shown above, I was only on the water for 2.5 to 3 hours fishing a spot I’ve only been to 1 time before. And I saw 30 to 40 fish (redfish, snook, and seatrout) given how clearly I could see in the water for such a large distance away.

So if you see a push pole sticking out from the top of a truck with a paddle board, you’ll know what’s going on… sight fishing!

To see exactly where I was fishing this trip (plus many more), be sure to join our Insider membership because I gladly share my top spots from all of my exploration fishing trips along Florida’s Gulf coast. And we’re adding East Coast spots too with some amazing footage from Mosquito Lagoon and the surrounding areas.

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Tight Lines!

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Glenn Lumpkin
4 years ago


I am looking at the Bote Rathman and the L2. With either, I would probably stand on a cooler and use a push pole. At 6’1”, what would you recommend the minimum height of the pole be? I really like the anchor Stick/push pole that Bote has, because it fits in the through hole to secure anchor stick, but its only 8ft and I’m sure that’s not enough. Also, looking at both boards, I love the accessories available with Bote, so am leaning that way. However, in SC we have big tides which comes with big current. Would you recommend the fin setup of the Bote or the L2 for tracking and to reduce sliding across the water?

Griffin Zwack
6 years ago

I also have an l2fish and love it. I stand on a cooler and use my paddle as a “pole” and I noticed the extra few inches the platform gave you. I was wondering what length push pole you were using and what platform you were using. Also, awesome video and it was nice seeing the fish follow the lure in.

John Martin
6 years ago

Swell review Luke. Love my new Expandable 16’ pontoon 24’ x 8 ‘ deck. Super stable, breaks down and fits into my little Civic. Take 5 minutes to get it together, no trailer needed 45 pound thrust bow Minn Kota, kayak rudder which is retractable,have a boat chair that Swiveling 360 degree. One can stand who have normal bounce. Have paddle cooler and my dog on board. 2” of water needed. Check it out . I am amazed how cheap I am on the water. Just love USA made stuff.

Mark DeLisle
7 years ago

Luke, I found if you use the stick-it pole, its nice to attach a clip on suction cup with L2Fish so you can just clamp it down on the board where ever you want quickly. It held pretty nicely in some fast moving water. you can see it in my video.

Seth Botkins
7 years ago

Luke can you please do a review of the power poll micro and mount for the L2fish? It seems like it would be amazing!!

7 years ago

My guess is that you could get away with a shorter, lighter push pole with a SUP board than a skiff.

7 years ago

Great video! Better to see fish and miss them (like the snook at the end) than to not see fish at all :-). I did a lot of standing in kayaks in mid-Atlantic smallmouth rivers before moving to FL, and this takes it up a notch with the platform and push pole. It’s nice that the push pole fits right into a rod holder.

7 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Got it. Thanks for that follow-up and info, Luke. BTW, an option for someone who wants to do this a lot might be one of the aluminum poles designed for poling a canoe (they are available in two-piece models for transport). Also, the Superstick push pole might work, which is telescoping and has an interchangeable foot. I’m sure there are others on the market as well. I keep a Superstick on my 18-foot aluminum G3 power boat.

7 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Hey Luke I love this vid can you go fishing in Charlestown South Carolina because they have some big monster redfish up in the marsh.

Julian Gonzalez
7 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I’m guessing you’re aware of a commercially available belt clip device, kind of like the old cell phone nerdy, but functional holder which standard Stiffy brand push pole snaps in and out of easily. I’ve yet to use it on my Beavertail skiff as I’m usually demoted to poler with one of my sons enjoying the boats front end. I am a bit afraid of the commotion the dragging end of the pole will make as the boat continues to move especially since most days are not as calm as the one in your fantastic video. If you’re not aware of this product I can get you more info.

Keep the good stuff coming!

Alex Murray
7 years ago

Great video. I love SUP fishing too, will be getting a platform for sure. Game changer.

7 years ago

What a great video! This seems like a revolutionary technique that could change skinny water spin and fly fishing forever. Thanks for sharing this. It has me second guessing my brand new Tony Acevedo inspired kayak purchase.;)

Alan Spolar
7 years ago

Great video Luke! I’m amazed that you were standing on a casting platform, fishing, on the SUP. Pretty good stability.


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