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How To Pick The Perfect Crab For Permit Fishing

Here's how to pick the PERFECT crab for permit fishing! You want healthy crabs and you want them to be the RIGHT size. Check more out...
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How To Sight Cast For Redfish (Or Any Inshore Species!)

If you're still struggling, here's how to sight cast for redfish!! Sight casting is so cool because you get to see the fish you want to...
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Best Lure For Sightfishing BIG Fish In Shallow Water

THIS is the best lure for sightfishing BIG fish in shallow water!! Lately, I've been catching big fish in shallow water situations thanks...
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Targeting Trout & Redfish Using Popular Bass Fishing Methods [Fishing Report]

Last week, I tried my hand at targeting trout & redfish using popular bass fishing methods! I found myself fishing in conditions I had not...
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#1 Beach Fishing Lure That Will Catch Any Species From The Surf

THIS is hands down the #1 Beach Fishing Lure!! No matter the species or weather conditions, this lure will trigger strikes...
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The ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Lure Retrieve For Sight Fishing Spooky Fish

This post will show you a unique lure retrieve for sight fishing that performs extremely well when fish are finicky when up in the shallows.
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How To Stalk Redfish On The Flats

How can you stalk redfish on the flats? What are some ways to get close to schools of redfish without spooking them off? If you...
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#1 Sight Fishing Mistake Anglers Make In Clear Water

What is the most common mistake most anglers make when sight fishing? Could it be they were too loud and the fish noticed them? If...
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Exploration Trip To Redington Beach With Otis [Fishing Report]

Do you fish the exact same spots or do you try others? Check out this on-the-water footage from a recent Redington Beach fishing trip...
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How To Sight Fish For Redfish In Murky Water

What are the best strategies for sight fishing for redfish in murky water? How do you know where the fish are and where to cast?...
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How To Catch Black Drum Using Fiddler Crabs

How do you catch black drum using fiddler crabs as bait? Fiddler crabs are an excellent bait for black drum, sheepshead, redfish...
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Exploration Trip On Super Calm Winter Day [On-The-Water Report]

Are there secrets to fishing calm water in winter? What opportunities or downsides exist when fishing super calm water during the winter?...
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Sight Fishing Snook In New Areas [On-The-Water Report]

Can you sight fish for snook during the winter in new fishing spots? Check this out to go sight fishing for snook on your next trip...
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Best Lure For Catching Tripletail From Under Crab Trap Buoys

What is the best lure for catching tripletail from under crab trap buoys? Check this out to learn what the best lure for tripletail is...
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This Is The Most Versatile Winter Fishing Lure

What is the most versatile fishing lure for wintertime fishing? What is the best winter fishing lure to use this time of the year?...
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