Best Lure For Sightfishing BIG Fish In Shallow Water


THIS is the best lure for sightfishing BIG fish in shallow water!!

Lately, I’ve been catching big fish in shallow water situations thanks to the Slam Shady Jerk Shad.

It has become my go-to when shrimp are present.

Check it out!!

Best Lure For Sightfishing BIG Fish [VIDEO]

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The erratic motions and various retrieves of this lure trigger reaction strikes from hesitant fish in inches of water!

Be sure to pick up a pack of these lures in time for fall!!

What kinds of questions do you have about the Slam Shady Jerk Shad?

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Steven Free
2 months ago

OK to me that’s funny all you saltstrong coach’s talk about how great a shrimp lure the power prawn is so why wouldn’t you use that considering your trying to duplicate the action and looks of a shrimp? Because to me a jerkshad doesn’t look anything like a shrimp first of all its way to long it may act erratically like a live shrimp does but unless your trying to imitate the action of a very large prawn I don’t see how it looks like a shrimp and whatever I try and copy when it comes to fishing I use a lure that looks like what they are feeding on just saying🤔


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