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“I thoroughly enjoy getting away from the game and going out fishing because it’s so relaxing, so quiet, and peaceful. I mean, there’s no noise other than nature… and it’s so different from what I do in a tournament situation that it just eases my mind.” – Tiger Woods

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Note: Have you seen our Smart Fishing Spots App? Talk about a GAME CHANGER.

Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [September 23-25]

For this weekend's gameplan lesson, we tried something a little different... Here are Regional Weekend Gameplan Lessons tailored to...
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Inshore Fishing Strike King KVD Wake Bait Setup [Rod, Reel, & More]

Here's the ULTIMATE inshore fishing wake bait setup! All summer long I have been crushing redfish on the Wake Bait and in turn, lots of...
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How to Find Schooling Redfish Fast [Insider Report]

One of my favorite things about the upcoming fall transition is schooling redfish! Schooling fish can be both a blessing and a curse though… On...
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How To Fish In Areas With Big Tide Swings

How should you fish a big tide swing? What are the indicators of a big tide swing?Learn the answers and more in the video below!!...
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Exploration Trip In A New State [Insider Report]

It is time to move on and hit another state to do some exploring! Each time I move every location has its own set of...
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NEW Artificial Crab Lure In The Shop!! [Z-Man Kicker CrabZ Review]

They're now in the shop, so here's the Z-Man Kicker CrabZ Review!!! This won the award for the Best Saltwater Soft Plastic Lure at iCast...
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Late Summer Low Tide Redfish Trends [Insider Report – Exploring a New Area Via Kayak]

Fishing in a new area can be tough, especially if you have the weather and elements working against you. Approaching storms and very low water...
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Shrimp VS. Mullet (What’s The Best Bait For Each Inshore Species?)

Shrimp VS Mullet. Which is better? Which is the best bait for each species of inshore saltwater fish? Find out more here!!...
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Where To Find Fish In Early Fall Transition [Insider Report]

We have been getting the first taste of cooler temperatures and I wanted to see if the fish were beginning to stage themselves in their...
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How To Find Redfish On Low Tide (What To Look For)

Here's how to find redfish on low tide... I was out filming an Insider Report in search of redfish, but I was looking in all the wrong...
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The Toadfish Fly Fishing Rod Is NOW In The Salt Strong Shop!!

We're SUPER excited to bring the Toadfish Fly Fishing Rod to our online tackle shop!! This is the FIRST time we've had a fly fishing rod...
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A Juvenile Tarpon JUMPED Into My Boat While Fishing…

You won't believe it, but a tarpon JUMPED into my boat while I was fishing. That's ONE way to catch a tarpon...I couldn't believe it when...
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Foolproof Way To Catch Fish On Vacation [Insider Report]

On this trip, Matt and I wanted to fish in an area where we thought there would be feeding fish due to the wind and...
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Spot Dissection Gwynn Island Virginia [Member Request]

In this video I will break down an area to show where to find redfish of all different sizes and how to catch them. Slot...
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Phoozy Cell Phone Protection

PHOOZY allows you to no longer worry about dropping your phone or tablet off the boat and having it sink to the bottom, or overheat...
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