Inshore Fishing Strike King KVD Wake Bait Setup [Rod, Reel, & More]


Here’s the ULTIMATE inshore fishing wake bait setup!

All summer long I have been crushing redfish on the Wake Bait and in turn, lots of questions have come in asking about the setup I use to fish this lure.

Find out more in the video here!!

Inshore Fishing Wake Bait Setup [VIDEO]

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Featured Equipment:

Strike King KVD Wake Bait

If you’ve seen some of my previous videos, then you know I love to fish with the Wake Bait A LOT.

Redfish, speckled trout, and more can’t help but strike the Wake Bait when they see it.

However, a lot of that success will depend on the rod & reel pairing you’re using with this lure.

The Reel

The Daiwa BG MQ 3000 is incredibly durable and one of the best inshore saltwater fishing reels on the market.

This reel is a tank and on top of that, it can handle plenty of splashes if it’s rinsed down with some freshwater later on.

The major impact of this reel is felt in the line pick-up speed.

You do not have to overwork your gear to retrieve the Wake Bait as necessary.

More often than not, redfish take a run right at my vessel once its hooked and being able to pick up that slack in the line quickly ins crucial.

The Daiwa BG MQ is designed to eliminate headaches and worry about gear response and flex in the reel as a result of its rigidity and clever assembly.

The weight of this reel is slightly heavier than that of a Fuego but that is solved when its paired with the right rod.

➡Learn more about the Daiwa BG MQ

The Rod

The TFO Professional Rod Series tend to run a bit more rigid and stiff.

However, that same rigidness is what helps you keep the Wake Bait right below the surface of the water.

That way the lip on the Wake Bait can’t dig deeper which would bring your lure down lower and in the way of potential snags.

Furthermore, the bend in this rod is much closer to the rod tip than in others.

As a result, the lure has more time to load to increase casting distance and gives you quick response time when a fish strikes your lure.

Fish have a much harder time shaking hooks with rigidity than those rods that bend further down the blank.

Moreover, the Wake Bait is one of the best lures for covering lots of ground in search of redfish.

The TFO Professional Rod allows you to really get the Wake Bait out far and fast so you can cover lots of water in a short time.

I use the TFO Professional 7’6 Medium Action.

I do feel that the TFO rods run a bit heavy which is why I prefer the Medium to the Medium-Heavy.

The weedless hook keeper down near the reel seat also lets you easily secure the lure and use it as needed.

Line & Leader

I prefer to have 15lb braid spooled up on my Daiwa BG MQ for this setup.

Oftentimes, the bigger redfish will eat the Wake Bait, and that 15lb braid gives me more comfort.

As far as leader line, 30lb monofilament leader is what I recommend.

30lb leader gives you the strength needed to reel in this big redfish.


strike king wake bait hook swap

The Strike King KVD Wake Bait is my current confidence lure when it comes to catching giant bull redfish.

When rigged up with the setup and gear explained above, this is an elite outfit for big redfish.

This setup will perform in just about every inshore saltwater fishing situation!!

Do you have more questions or comments about the inshore fishing wake bait setup?

Have you found any success lately with the Wake Bait?

Let me know down in the comments section!!

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1 day ago

Matt Lanier you should do a video on how to get good photos and videos from your GoPro that’s public

Glen Hayes
5 days ago

I’d like to know more about the speed clips also. I usually don’t use any type of swivel, unless on a spoon, because they tend to pick up floating grass. The speed clips you showed on the video look rounded enough that they might not pick up grass. How do they do in water with floating grass?

Brandon Griffin
5 days ago

You ever throw a regular crank bait? One of my favorite bass lures is a KVD 1.5 square bill crank bait in sexy shad.

Last edited 5 days ago by Brandon Griffin
kevin cliff
5 days ago


Great video, question on the hook changeout. Is this a personal preference to go with single line vs. treble ? Do you think this makes a difference in landing the fish ?
Thanks Matt,

Randall Phelps
5 days ago

I would have liked it if you had described the retrieve you found worked for you.

Daniel Lincoln
6 days ago

I see your preference is to use the wakebait with the TFO pro. How would it work with the TFO tac. I guess my real question is other than popping corks what lures would you recommend for the TFO tac,

Lance Lindsey
6 days ago

What is your preference for leader length when you run the speed clips. I find that I tend to run to long of a leader so I can switch out lures without having to replace my leader. Tying the FG knot in a kayak is to much for me. One trick I have learned is that if you are going to use the treble hooks take a micro size rubber band and place it around the front treble to hold the hook to the body of the bait. This keeps the hook from wrapping around the leader and will pop loose when he fish gets the bait in its mouth. Looks like you have a few banshee’s on board. What is the story with them. I have the 7’4” in the ml and the med. I mostly use mine for drifting doa shrimp in current and fishing trout tricks.

Rob Martin
6 days ago

Thanks for the ‘why’ about the set up! I bet a Rat-L-Trap would do well… ever tried one?

6 days ago

What would it take to get you are one of the other coaches to come to Panama City for some inshore fishing?
Give us your thoughts like all the other places you have been. If you already have then point me to the videos.

Mark Kenda
6 days ago

Definitely interested in hearing some more information on the speed clips that you’re using. Thanks for all the valuable information as always.


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